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2020 Prayer request for lugerry/Barbara


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Our dear galsfriend lugerry/Barbara is in need of some prayers.


She's run into some trouble from a previous surgery and is asking for the strength of the Prayer Brigade.


Good thoughts and a note on her FB wall or here, will lift her spirits, too!


Thanks, GALS, it's great to know we can count on all of you! :hearts:




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Barbara has many medical problems and a long way to go to, but despite all this, she still has such a positive, fighting spirit.


She is in the Rehabilitation center in New Jersey, and bored!


She'd love to hear from her GALS friends. If you have the time, you can call the Spring Hills Post Acute Care in Woodbury, NJ -


her room phone is:  856/345-1270.


Barbara reads through the Facebook posts when she has the strength, and really appreciates the messages. She asks that we please continue

to send good thoughts her way, and prayers!


Thanks all!






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Hey Barbara,  I'm sorry we lost touch.  I'm mostly on Facebook site but I wanted to send you best wishes and prayers.  I was sick in November 2020 spent week in hospital.  No fun 


Luv you 


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