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In Memoriam: lugerry/Barbara Oryl


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It is with great sadness that we share the news that our dear lugerry (Lu)/Barbara Oryl passed away this week.


She was a long time member, known and beloved by many. Barbara (Lu) was a regular at the GALS Conventions and participated in many of the activities.  GAMES forum was her favorite area to 'hang out' in, and she was always one to share a fun story or joke.


Barbara made many friends via GALS. She was able to travel as far afield as Alaska and Scotland and always had a wonderful time. She treasured these friendships!  It meant the world to her to have her galsfriends keep in touch with her, especially during her last few years.


She met Gerry her story:  http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/topic/25556-my-gerry-wrap-up/


She always said that the best thing she ever did was discover Gerry, who opened up a whole new world for her to enjoy.


Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.


Rest in Peace dear Friend.


Barb lugerry and Gerry-Philly LAC.jpg

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Barbara (Lu) was the life of the party...  she will be missed.  But the last few years had been so hard on her and she was so sick ... I'm just glad she is no longer suffering.  No more pain, no more tears...Rest in Peace Lu. 


Barb, Lu never failed to mention how much she loved you and how one of the best things she ever did was drive up to your house right after joining GALS to a party at your house.  She said you made her feel so welcome.  :hearts:   I made this siggy for Barbara way back when in honor of her meeting Gerry in Philly.  I will miss her phone calls. 


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How I will miss Lu! So many years of sharing our life stories and especially discussing Gerry at length. Lu always saw Gerry’s movies in a theater, more than once. When we both saw the newest Gerry movie we talked at length at how great he was. How she loved that man and so enjoyed GALS, a great place to share her feelings. A great place to make life long friends. Sue reminded me of the siggies many of us made and how Lu enjoyed grabbing one. Sometimes she would ask me for a specific one and when I made it and gave it to her she was so appreciative. Those were the carefree days of Gerry fandom. In case you don’t know, Lu had a room in her home dedicated to Gerry with many photos and accumulated Gerry items that she was lucky enough to acquire at a Gerry Convention. It was a Gerry museum. She did an awesome job with it. A true fan. How I will miss her love of life and funny emails. Save a spot in heaven for me Lu so we can continue our conversations!  God Bless your soul, Kathy (Forbes Girl)

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Barb (Lu) was always so much fun to hang out with at the GALS conventions in Vegas. She and I frequently engaged in bidding wars in the silent auctions. She was a fierce competitor who took no prisoners in those auctions! 


I know that the past few years have been very difficult for her. I'll miss her, but am glad that she is no longer suffering.


Until we meet again....:hearts:

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