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We didn't get to see!

Think of it! How fun would it be, tounge in cheek, to write the scenes we didn't get to see! Those awkward moments! I guess I've watched this one too many times because I was literally laughing out loud w/ the possibilities! Lol! Here is a for instance....

What about the scene we didn't see where Christine and Erik are coming back after the mask removal scene. Surely that must have been awkward lol!


Erik: *Thiunking to himself* What to say what to say...?

Christine: I uhh hey sorry about that episode back there, dunno what came over me

Erik: Just....be quiet! I'm in one of my artistic moods!

Christine: No, really man sorry, I'll pretend i never saw!

Erik: Just...shut...up about it already!!

Christine: Now, just a cotton pickin' minute here, dude, you saw it coming I asked clearly did I not --"Whose was that face in the mask?" and I got No objections!

Erik: Chanting to self:"3...2...1 ...1...2.....3 what the heck is bothering me?"

Christine: your a total nutter!!

*She folds her hands and sits silently pouting*

Erik: Grumbles to self: Lousy therapy tapes...don't freakin' work...doh!


Or, what about the scene in which Raoul overhears Erik singing to her in her dressing room?

Roaul at the door: "What the deuce is this?? I go away for like FIVE MINUTES and she's with another guy??? What happend to the poor innocent waif I used to know?"

*Banging on door*

Erik from behind mirror: "I am your Angel of Mus...." Gosh, that Roual character sure sounds whiney! Better rope a lasso and knock him off early on in this game! I fear he's gonna be a real pain in the bum! Good thing I got here when I did!

Raoul: "Hey! Helllooo! Where are you woman!! You can't have forgotten all about me just yet. Hey--I may look girlish, but you used to dig me!!"

Erik: Grr...Just...shut...him up....what a wimp~


Or how about some unseen images of Madam Girry....lol, I think that could be funny as heck too!

Giry after seeing the phantom take key from Christine's dressing room door:

Posted Image

Giry: Hmm...Far better for her to end up with a hot crazy man, than that wusy lil rich boy Raoul...

Erik: Whistling softly to self and going to get that torch we see him with later on when he takes Christine down passage.


And then there's this random one I just made up for fun:

the caption of it would be: "Hmm drat Giry for getting me that Malibu Barbie for Christmas last year...where to put her where to put her? Bah, lemme just take Carlotta's head off and place it on Barbie's! There! Fant-a-bulous!"

Posted Image


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Lol, some more random insanity! Man i've got to get off this 'puter!!! I'ts sucking me in!


Avon Ad:

Skin So Soft!

It really does work!

Erik's caption for ad: "Mmmm hands so soft and smelly good!"

And this one I found from GB.net

Emmy: See?? He really is quite docile once he lets you hold the mask!!




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"Engard! The Red Death Goonie Squad wants YOU to be a part of the abduct the cute Soprano team! Must be fearless and ready to use Punjab lasso at my command!" *Thinks to himself, hey I'm gettin' desperate here, the movie's almost over and I haven't even gotten a kiss yet grrrr*


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My Scene is deleted just like No One would listen was deleted.

You see Meg watching at the gate or hidden somewhere in the water as Erik sings.

She tells him about it later..... Beyond The Broken Mirrors...

Erik: Here we will stay for the night, but my troubles won't be your plight.

Tomorrow off to your mother you will go. I know she must be missing you so.

I won't take her child. It wouldn't be fair. I could never hurt her. You must go back there.

Meg: How can I go when my my heart is with you?

Erik: I don't understand how it can be that your heart is with me in such a short time.

Meg: It hasn't been just a short amount of time. I have admired you from afar.

Erik: How? When?

Meg: You think yourself so clever that no one has ever spied on you?

Erik: You have spied on me?

Meg: Yes. Remember after the Masquerade when you came down to your lair and you sang this song.

*Meg sings it*

No one would listen

No one but her

Heard as the outcast hears.

Shamed into solitude

Shunned by the multitude

I learned to listen

In my dark, my heart heard music.

I longed to teach the world

Rise up and reach the world

No one would listen

I alone could hear the music

Then at last, a voice in the gloom

Seemed to cry "I hear you;

I hear your fears,

Your torment and your tears."

She saw my loneliness

Shared in my emptiness

No one would listen

No one but her

Heard as the outcast hears

No one would listen

No one but her

Heard as the outcast hears...

Erik: You heard that? *He is touched, but he doesn't let Meg know*

Meg: I did. I followed you down and watched you sing that to your graven images of Christine. It wasn't Christine who was listening, Erik, it was me. I ruined my ball gown and ending up catching a cold, but I heard every word. I wanted so to call out to you.

Erik: Why didn't you?

Meg: Fear.

Erik: See, you do fear me.

Meg: Sir, I feared your rejection. You were not singing to me or of me. The words, the images, all of it for Christine.

*Erik is taken aback, but he dares not let Meg know. He tries to be as comforting to her as he feels he can.*

Posted Image

Also when Meg goes back up after seeing Erik singing that she writes this...

Dear Opera Ghost,

No one would listen you sang,

but I heard every word.

You don't have to be an outcast

to recognize pain.

I wanted so to hold you and

comfort you, but I know it

is not me that you want.

Oh that it were, for I would

be comforting you and you

would be alone no more.

I ruined my gown. I think I

am catching cold, but I

don't regret being there.

I only wish I had the courage to

tell you how much I care.

Meg Giry



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Wow, Tracey. That was awesome. Very beautiful - I could see that in my mind clearly! Thanks for sharing that. Is it from something you've written?

Here's mine (remember, I'm not funny):

Upon waking in the swan bed, Christine realizes her stockings are missing . . . (ever notice that?)

Christine: I remember there was mist . . . hey wait, I also remember that I had a garter and stockings on last night!

Erik (deeply to himself): Hahahaha. She doesn't remeber everything!

Christine: Where the hell are my stockings? I remember a lake, and a boat, and a - MAN . . . Oh no, what did I do last night?

Erik (to himself again): What didn't she do last night?

Christine: How'd they get all the way over there by the organ???? Damn, now I have to walk across this creepy floor again . . .

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Wow, Tracey. That was awesome. Very beautiful - I could see that in my mind clearly! Thanks for sharing that. Is it from something you've written?

Yes, that is from my fan fiction that exists only in notepad. It is not even finished yet. Well, it is in my mind, but not in black and white. It is called Beyond The Broken Mirrors I love the funny stuff.

Upon waking in the swan bed, Christine realizes her stockings are missing . . . (ever notice that?)

I do remember that IMDB says it was just a continuation error. It put ideas in people's heads though eh? :whoa:

I wanna put some more of my serious stuff.

Meg: You know what I would like to have?

Erik: What?

Meg: I would like you to play that organ.

Erik: What would you have me play?

Meg: Past the Point of No Return.

Erik: Meg, that song is sad for me now.

Meg: Then we need to make it happy for you again. After all Don Juan is triumphant now.

Erik: He is isn't he?.......

(I had to leave a little out here.)....

Erik: So you insist on Past The Point of No Return?

Meg: I do.

Erik: Here you can sit on my lap. I can still play and sing. You sing Aminta's part.

Meg: Happily.


Passarino - Go away for the trap it is set and waits for its prey.

You have come here

In pursuit of your deepest urge

In pursuit of that wish which till now

Has been silent


I have brought you,

That our passions may fuse and merge

In your mind you've already succumbed to me,

Dropped all defenses,

Completely succumbed to me.

Now you are here with me

No second thoughts

You've decided


Past the point of no return

No backward glances

Our games of make-believe are at an end.

Past all thought of “if” or “when”

No use resisting

Abandon thought and let the dream descend

What raging FIRE shall flood the soul

What rich desire unlocks its door

What sweet seduction lies before us?

Past the point of no return

The final threshold

What warm unspoken secrets

Will we learn?

Beyond the point of no return


You have brought me

To that moment when words run dry

To that moment when speech disappears

Into silence


I have come here,

Hardly knowing the reason why

In my mind I've already imagined

Our bodies entwining

Defenseless and silent,

Now I am here with you

No second thoughts

I've decided


Past the point of no return

No going back now

Our passion-play has now at last begun.

Past all thought of right or wrong

One final question;

How long should we two wait before we're one?

When will the blood begin to race?

The sleeping bud burst into bloom?

When will the flames at last CONSUME us?


Past the point of no return

The final threshold

The bridge is crossed

So stand and watch it burn

We've passed the point of no return.

Erik:(in the same tune he sang it to Christine)

Say you'll share with me,

One love, one lifetime

Lead me, save me from my solitude.

Say you want me,

With you here,

Beside you,

Anywhere you go,

Let me go too,

Meg, that's all I ask of you.

Meg: (acapella in the same tune)

I shall share with you,

One love, One lifetime,

I shall lead and save you from your solitude.

I do want you,

With me here,

Beside me,

Anywhere I go,

You shall go too.

Erik, that is my answer to you.

* He looks so touched and their lips meet for a sweet kiss.*

Although I must admit ALW gets credit for the song. I just wrote Meg's response.


Tracy :hearts:

Posted Image

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okay...this was something that always lurked in my mind....

it's not so much comedy though! Just a scene I could picture in my head during the movie!

Unable to concentrate on his music, Erik stared down at the smooth keys of his pipe organ. Her presence, so close, pervading his mind and heart always.

I will not look over there. I will not think of how she slumbers in my bed. How near she is to me, no mirror creating an endless chasm between us.

He curled his hands into fists, averting his head from the direction of the gossamer black curtain which only served as a temptation rather than a barrier from what lies beyond. Christine.

Her name rippled though him-a melody like no other.

This may be the only time you have her here. What is the harm in watching her sleep?

He laughs at his minds persuasive arguement. If Christine thought herself to be enthralled by her Angel of Music, how shocked she would be to know of her power over him. Yet, the tug of sadness cannot be ignored as he touches his hand to his mask.

This was the true barrier.

Angry at his hearts vulnerablity, angry at the deformity which dictated his life with its cruel, ruthless hold, Erik shot to his feet, almost toppling the small velvet bench he sat upon.

He would go to her. He would gaze at his beloved and savor every precious second of time given to him to have her so close.

Perhaps he would place his lips against hers and whisper his love.

Yes, all of these things he would do.

Erik removed his mask and placed it on the pipe organ. This one time to be a man, not an intangible Angel.

After all, her eyes were closed.

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Brava!! All you ladies have great imaginations. I really wouldn't be able to put some of my thoughts down here! Besides I never really had a way with words like you guys do! I'll be back to read some more good stuff...

:wave: Fran

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Oh my Sebbied....now that I would have loved to seen!

me too!! LOL I was going to finish it....write the part where he goes to the swan bed.....hmmmmmm...perhaps explain the mystery of those stockings!

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Sebbied, you KNOW I love your writing - what a beautifully described scene. For anyone who hasn't read The Phantom Returns - you MUST (Sebbied is the author - Stefanie Cole)!!!
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