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Gerard Butler GALS

Romantic Get Together


Romantic Get together with Gerry  

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  1. 1. Which one will you choose?

    • Moon lit walk thru a scented garden
    • Picnic on a secluded grassy hill
    • Watching a beautiful sunset
    • Slow dancing to your favorite love song
    • Dinner at a romantic restaurant
    • Horse drawn carriage ride thru the park
    • Old-fashioned row boat ride on a pond
    • Convertible car ride along the coast
    • Sun bathing on a tropical beach
    • Skinny dipping in a private pool
    • Getting cozy by a roaring fire
    • Holding hands thru the tunnel of love
    • Site seeing Scotland's gorgeous landscapes
    • Skimming stones where DF was filmed
    • Train ride in Autumn

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:ohbaby: This is so hard!!!! I would easily choose all of these things -- just imagine, skinny dipping or slow dancing with Gerry???!!!! :heat: :heat:

I had to go with site seeing Scotland -- it would be magical to be able to enjoy Gerry as a guide...and a bit more :embarassed:

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I would really love the slow dancing to romantic music - but I chose sightseeing in Scotland - because it would last longer......maybe. I'd really like to just make out with Gerry for a few months, years.................but that wasn't a choice........This was fun - thanks.


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Sight-seeing in Scotland. Or sight-seeing anywhere....he's been all over. I'd love to see some of his favorite spots. My favorite place to sight-see is Gerryland! So as long as I'm with him the scenery is great!!!! Posted Image

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  • 9 months later...

Reading through the choices, I thought it would be hard to choose just one.

Then I saw Scotland.

Yes. Definitely. Absolutely.

I've wanted to go to Scotland even before I first watched POTO and became a Gerry fan. I've ALWAYS loved seeing the sheer beauty of it in pictures and in movies/TV, and the fact that I'm part Scottish(and Irish, and Welsh, and English, and Native American) makes it even more towards the top of my list of dream travel destinations.

Let's just say I love traveling. If it didn't cost so much, I'd do it a lot more often.

But to be in Scotland with Gerry as my tour guide......Yes, please! Posted Image

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