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Gerard Butler GALS

I Present to you, Miss Jolie...

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Gerry: "And here it is, my big yellow ball! I told you I had one and it's yellow! I win the bet nya nya nya!!" Smiling!

Angelina: "You sly little devil of a Scottsman! I thought you meant....well, never mind!"

Hands over 20$


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Terry: Look what I bought on E-bay...it can tell you the future!

Lara: Does it say that I'm gonna kick your butt??

Terry Er...no but I'm gonna get some serious kissing :pointy:

Lara sighs...

Cheers Priscilla

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Terry: and i thought fireball was a good game! c'mon Lara we did a best out of three but you're just not cut out for ball games

Lara: oh really? you weren't complaining last night!

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