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CLOSED: Favorite Gerry Character

Favorite Movie Character Gerry has played.  

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  1. 1. Poll as of April 2006

    • Beowulf
    • Frank Borghi
    • Gerik
    • The Stranger
    • Andre Marek
    • Terry Sheridan
    • Dave Creedy
    • Johnnie Donne
    • Jackie Junior
    • Attila the Hun
    • Geracula
    • Yasha
    • Sam
    • Gus
    • Archie Brown

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15. Mrs. Brown

:mopboyerik: for me.

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I think Creedy(not that i knew he had a first name, shame on me) will always be my fav because he is the character that made me fall in love with Gerry. I noticed Drac, but i fell for the best buddy with a sense of humor and love of star wars that is tragicaly(sp?) murdered by a big ole nasty dragon. Bad Dragon, no eating gerry, he's too sweet fot you blood pressure...apparently i'm chaty tonight :bleh:

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This was sooo hard!

The first time I ever set eyes upon Gerry was :mopboyattila:

So I will always be in love with Gerry as Attila.

I also melt every time I see Gerry as :mopboymarek: from Timeline.

He was so gentle yet strong, a romantic hero!.. *dreamy sigh*

But I must admit, the Kinks in me loves :mopboyjackie: and :Draculababy:

I do so love it when Gerry is nasty! :cunning:

But, when it came down to it, it was between my sweet Marek, and my beautiful Attila.

And since I can only choose one.. I chose Posted Image

Reason being..I want a man like Marek in my real life.

I looked at the question like that.

But as far as the character of my dreams.. it's all :mopboyattila:



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First laid eyes on him in Mrs. Brown but that would be a no in the looks department. I'm with the Stranger although Attila is a close second then Erik.


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Though it is a difficult choice, I'll always go with The Phantom. Although we can't *see* Gerry as much, I will never get past his singing. I melt...just melt...when I hear him sing. Put him in some black tights, slick back at the hair, and slide on those black leather gloves! :gerrygasm:

I only wish there was more kissing (heck, I wish it was an R movie :cunning:).

There are many close seconds, but I gotta go with my tortured singer:

:erikrose: :mopboyerik: :mopboyreddeath:

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Ok some contraversey here

I am in a beo mode (see below :lol: ) but as of yet have not seen the flick, this day next week :yippee:

So I have to go with my origional love which is Johnnie, My fav Gerry character so honest and raw not to mention easy of the eyes love him!!

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well since sometimes off of this site i am a bad girl i chose Terry. i meant when i am not on the computer.

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Choosing one character is dang near impossible for me. There are aspects of so many of the characters that I love for different reasons.

Ultimately, I picked Johnnie Donne in this poll for a few different reasons. The vulnerability that Gerry portrays makes my heart absolutely fall to pieces. He shows such a range of emotions throughout that I think it captures his ability as an actor in its purest form. Also, the fact that he took on the role as a recovering alcoholic after his own personal battles makes me admire him all the more.

All right then. Here's my argument for some of the other choices that I struggled with.

Phantom-Good Lord. This one still makes me :swoon: every time I watch it. He is absolutely incredible in this role and I admire the fact that he took on such a role probably knowing he wouldn't be accepted by a certain crowd because he wasn't Michael Crawford. The pure sensuality of this role coupled with his singing just makes me :spontaneous: when I watch it.

The Stranger-Another worthy contender and a role that will always touch my heart. My only complaint is that he wasn't in the movie enough. But then 12 straight hours of him on film wouldn't have been enough, IMO. :lol: Again, a magnificent role for Gerry that showed his ability to be completely masculine and completely vulnerable all in the same breath. I love this movie with all my heart and could watch it over and over again and never be tired of it.

Marek-Because we all love a hero and because he's just so dang cute in this one.

Attila-You can pillage my village anytime there, Big Guy. Good lord. Pure sexiness and raw power with eyes that burn you through to your soul. Holy Moly.

Terry-That bad boy personality coupled with body to kill. :pant: I could go on but the fantasy I'm having at the moment is interferring with my brain activity.

Beowulf-I'm sure this one will be another that will rank right up there. I just haven't see it yet. A problem that will be corrected by this time next week. :yippee:

Ok, I could go on. But, let's face it. Choosing a favorite role of Gerry's is like choosing a favorite song or a favorite child. It's just not possible for me!

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