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Gerard Butler GALS

My story for Gerry


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Dear Gerry,

I figured that since I read the story by Swansong I figured I should do one. I posted stories like this in the general fanfiction forum. Here it goes

It was a dark and cold evening outside. I was riding my horse Spirit. I would love to ride during the day but I do not enjoy the company of others. So I tend to ride at night. All of a sudden Spirit starts to act up. I dismount him and tell him "Spirit, please, steady." I take him back to his stable while I was singing a part from Roxette's "It must've been love" I start to feel strange like someone is watching and stalking me. Putting Spirit's riding gear up quickly, I rush back into my home. I tell myself "Paige, you are going to be ok." I keep repeating this saying to myself. After awhile I start to calm down. Then I hear the sound of a swishing cape. I start to really freak out. So I decide to head outside with my dog and find out what is out there.

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