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Hello Tonya,

Having heard such wonderful things about you Tonya, I am really, really glad you are back taking care of him. GB seems to always work so hard and traveling as much as he seems to do I'm certain it is a relief having someone from "home", someone with whom he has history, to trust and help with all things 'Butler'. You are, of course, now the MOST envied woman on the planet by all the ladies here! ::D: I'll be in Las Vegas and will be looking forward to hearing what you have to say and meeting you. Take care, congratulations and welcome to the States!

Ardeth Brodie

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Welcome Back Tonya,

I didn't want to monopolize you this morning at the Vegas B&G screening, but it's good to know that Boo has someone working with him that he can obviously trust, work with and depend on. In that business it's rare, and quite a compliment to you and your abilities. It was a brief conversation, but I was glad to have met you, and hope to have the pleasure again ... and more time to talk!

All the best,


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Guest Aislinn



I am so happy to have met you. You are just as sweet and darling as I knew you would be. I am also happy to know that you are with Gerry and looking out for him. We worry about him, you know. And I think it is so important in an industry that seems to be inundated with phoney, superficial people -- that Gerry has someone who not only knows him as a person, but loves him and is looking out for him.

I loved how you said you don't like his smoking and refuse to buy him cigarettes and when he asks where his lighter is you just shrug and say, "I don't know."

You are such a lovely, intelligent, caring young woman. Thank you for taking the time to come to the B&G screening and meet with us. And thank you for bringing your "Special Friend" to the Dracula Ball.

I never thought I would ever meet Gerry in person and to see him walk out and be so sweet and funny and caring -- as a dream come true for all of us.

Take care of yourself and keep smiling that beautiful smile. You are just a ray of sunshine.



PS: I hope you like the sash!

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:inlove: G'mornin Tonya!

:rose: I just wanted to Thank You SO much for making the time to come to Vegas and be with us :fans: at the screening of Beowulf & Grendel! What an AWESOME movie! Your being there to take care of our special man is wonderful! :whome2: but no more wonderful than YOU are! :tens: I hope you had as much fun bringing our surprise to us as we had receiving it! You are the GREATEST and I can NOT thank you enough!

God Bless!

:hearts::yourock::cheer2: :goodjob2:




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Guest greyeyegoddess

Aloha Tonya,

Thank you for making the weekend extra special with your appearance. It means so much to all the fans when someone as sweet as you, takes time out of your busy schedule to meet and join us. You were an absolute thrill to have and a lovely person. Thank you for taking care of Gerry for all of us. Hope you had some time to enjoy Vegas.

Have a safe trip.


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I loved how you said you don't like his smoking and refuse to buy him cigarettes and when he asks where his lighter is you just shrug and say, "I don't know."

LOL, Aislinn, that certainly was a great moment!

Tonya, even though I didn't get the opportunity to say hello, thank you SO MUCH for coming to Vegas, you are such a delight!


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Tonya, thank you for all that you did for the convention.

I'm so glad that Dayna introduced us after watching B&G.

Thanks for taking a photo with me afterwards as well.

You are a delightful woman, and I can see why the Big Guy can't live without you.

Thanks for sharing some of your favorite moments with Gerry with us at the convention.

You're amazing!

Many thanks!

Stop by GALS anytime..

We'll leave the light on for you.



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Please allow me to add my thanks to you Tonya! Thank you for coming to Vegas. It is so nice to see and hear that Gerry has someone so special in his corner. Someone he obviously loves and respects. He is a lucky man to have you!


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Thank you Tonya for coming to Las Vegas. Gerry is certainly very lucky to have you looking out for him. This was a very special weekend for me which I will savor forever.


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Good to hear that you're back. I didn't get a chance to be at the convention, just stumbled across this website from GB.net last week actually. You just made everyone's night with your sweet surprise! Hope you like LA. I just moved from there myself and my sister lives in Pasadena. I hope to get to meet you someday. You seem just lovely on the inside as well as on the outside. You know what they say, "behind every good man is a stronger woman kicking is butt".....oh, wait a minute........that's what I say! :;):

Take care and just PM is you ever need some help getting around LA, my brother-in-law pretty much knows where everything is! Take care and God bless!

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Gdday Tonya,

I am still kicking my fat butt :bonk: that I didn't make Vegas, but, as I was on set at the time, it's a half-excuse.

Just a quick question re. 'Therese Raquin'.

I can't get any current info re shooting schedule etc. and am wondering if and when.

Laurent is the perfect role for Gerard and it breaks my heart to even imagine him missing out on this one. It's a great script and he is definitely the perfect choice for Laurent.

Happy about the vampire hunter role, but the acting chops would definitely get a way better workout in TR.

Luv you, and the Gerryman,


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:wave: I am slightly new here but I also want to say WELCOME back Tonya. You have a heck of a job looking out for the G-Man. He can't always be the easiest man to work for. He is intelligent and strong more often than not and he likes things done his way. Hard job lovely, HARD! But Gerry is the most wonderful, fantastic and not to mention, most incredibly gogeous man on the face of this earth and he works so hard, he will not always be easy to work with, especially when it comes to his long hours and devotion to his craft. He is finally getting a little of his due. He is a wonderful man and I know he will be good to you as you are good to him. So welcome back Tonya.

Hugs Gal,


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