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Gerard Butler GALS
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Hi...need help!

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Hi all....I just did my first few posts and am having trouble with finding a place to reply and also an avatar came up that I didn't want and don't know where it came from. :bonk: I usually don't have this problem so I beats me. When I reply, everyone's post ahead of me comes up and I don't know how to reply and get rid of the previous posts. In other words, I don't know where you reply. Then, an avatar called Archie's Ocean Gal came up which I have to clue as to where it came from and I need to get rid of it. I tried under the control section but no luck. If anyone can help my cluelessness, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


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Hi! Gingersnap! :wave:

The Archie avatar is really a ranking icon.

It changes to a different Gerry character when you reach a certain number of posts.

When you want to post on a thread click on > POST REPLY.

Make sure you are not clicking on the "REPLY" tab.

That is how you quote others and it comes up in your post box or it

seems like their all ahead of you. Is what I'm gathering from you.

Click on > POST REPLY

A large empty blank box appears.

That is where you will type your message.

When your ready to post it...scroll down a little bit

and you will see > ADD REPLY.

Click on that and it will post it to the board.

If you need anymore help you can post it here or send me a pm. ::D:



*ps* :Welcome2:

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Down below the reply button that is on the post itself is a few buttons. One says fast reply and you can click on that and a little box appears below it to type your reply in. If you want to be able to post emoticons and color and such you have to hit the button next to it that says Post reply. Then your reply screen will show up for you. The avatar that is on your post is part of the GALS ranking system. The more you post your avatar changes to different Gerry charecters. Hope this helped a bit.


merge Zany

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Hello, Admins! I have a wee question....today the board was reacting slowly *!* (a bit of excitement, aye?)

and I consequently posted a topic twice. I didn't think the first one had gone through, so I did it again.

I would rather the second one remain, and delete the first one....

How do I do that?

Thanks, Lori in atl

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AWWW..Thank you, all of you, who answered my question about how to post a reply. I don't know how I became so brain dead. Also, thanks about the avatar being a rank.

One more tiny question! Can that be replaced with your own avatar? It seems I have seen others with avatars but dont' know if it is a rank or not.

Thanks ladies!!! You're the best!

Ginger (snap) :dance:

Gads..yes, the board is running slowly. I hope I don't do 2 replies.

Thanks to everyone who answered my question about how to post a reply!! Bye George, I think I got it...thanks to you all.

Hugs....Gingersnap :inlove:


GINGER :confused: :wub:

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