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Gerard Butler GALS

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This report will have to come in bits and pieces. I returned home sick and exhausted but exhilirated too. After almost no sleep for 2 nights in a row and never eating when or what I should my body rebelled and I came home today with a fever. THANK YOU to my wonderful roomie Pam who helped me with meds so I could function well enough to get home and crawl into bed.

I must start out with a couple of HUGE thank yous. To Dayna - who made every bit of this happen thanks to one little thread that she started last year that spread into this huge successful site filled with amazingly talented, beautiful and huge-hearted fans of a man who seems to fit that description to a tee himself. Dayna, I get tears in my eyes thinking about how huge your heart is and I just wish that I could make everything perfect in your world. You do so much for so many and expect absolutely NOTHING in return, except maybe the reward of seeing what we have all managed to do for one another.

To Jenni St. Giles - you are the personification of grace and beauty and class. I am so glad to have met you. I know you were the driving force behind the convention plans and details and I can see now why you are usually missing from the site - because you are working 24/7 (or what seems like even more) behind the scenes making wonderful things happen for all of us.

Annette (Dr. Batista) - what a joy it was to spend time with you and see the talents you possess. From making incrediby beautiful jewelry to taking amazing photos, to the ideas you bring to Dayna and Jenni and together you all make happen. You are a true Renaissance woman.

To Mo from GBUSA - thank you for the generosity of you and your site for the amazing auction items which you donated (yes, fully donated) so that ALL funds raised would go to the deserving charities. Charitable hearts abound among fans of Gerry.

To THE Tonya - how can I begin to say thank you for making the dreams of so many come true. Though I never got the opportunity to speak to you personally I will post a separate message of thanks to you in the appropriate thread, and hope you see it. What a gift you are to Gerry and to his fans.

To Jeremy the videographer - you were such a sweetheart all weekend and we loved it on Friday night when you FINALLY conceded to our repeated begging and put that camera down and got up on the dance floor and boogied with us. And thank you for telling Gerry that he just HAD TO come and meet us!!

Finally (for now) - to Gerry. I told my friends going into this convention that if I had one dream where you are concerned it would be to see a few certain people I know get their opportunity to meet you face to face. The first person on that list was Swansong - a woman who exemplifies that profound affect you have had on people. Her writing, her music, her creative spirit shine thanks to you and if there was anyone I wanted to see come face to face with you it was Swan and I was right there to see it on Saturday night. My heart just filled to bursting. The second was our Bethy who wanted so much to be able to thank you in person for the call you made to her on Christmas. I was standing right behind her when you got her up on stage for a few private words and a hug. Again I was overwhelmed with emotions as I witnessed this special moment. The third person was Dayna, our wonderful Dr. Em. She has worked tirelessly on this site and on this convention, she has played mother hen and best friend to every member who has experienced a problem or personal crisis all the while dealing with her own life issues which could and would easily have overwhelmed a lesser person. She never expected any recognition for any of it, she never desired or would have attempted to receive anything whatsoever from it. Had it not been prodded by Annette insisting to Gerry that he had to know that Dayna was the one who was responsible for all of us being there together this weekend, she never would have put herself out there to be noticed. To be able to see her get noticed despite that was heartwarming.

Abrock - you are such a sweet and talented young lady and I was so pleased to see you get the longest hug in history from Gerry, and to have your video talents acknowledged publicly. You do amazing work and it just keeps getting better. Thank you for teaching me how to make videos at the workshop - I hope I get a chance to make some soon!! It was so great to see you and Mousie together up there on the stage forming a Gerry sandwich!! You deserved it too.

Chris - thanks for the shoulder. Your "payment" for its use will be sent shortly.

Nancy - thank you for playing chauffer for my excess baggage! Hope your drive home was safe and we will get together very shortly.

To my "tattoo sisters" - Holly, Celine and Carrie - rock on!! I love my new tattoo and getting to experience it together, though pricey, was also priceless. Holly, what a gem you are - your humor knows no bounds and your spirit just takes everyone around you higher and higher.

GALS - I don't ever want to hear (or read) any of you putting yourselves down again. I have now met you, I've hugged you, I've seen you sing and dance and love and laugh and you are truly BEAUTIFUL inside and out, each and every one of you.

To anyone I didn't get a chance to meet personally I send you a hug and a hello over the net and will try to get to even more people next year. To anyone I didn't get to give a farewell hug to - I send one now.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a million things and I have much more to post, video and photos which will be coming to you in the next few days. For now I just have to get some sleep!!



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Aw, Susan..you are such a doll.

*strangle hugs*

I love this FANmily so much!!

If I could have stayed longer in Vegas, and my skin stopped

hurting, I would have gotten a tattoo a well.

Glad you like yours.

We'll need pics!



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Awwww Susan....:erikrose:

I just love you to pieces, my sweet sistah of my heart!!!!

Here's a bunch of healing hugs and my hopes and wishes that you will be feeling better very, very, verrrrrry sooon!

Looking forward to talking to you for longer than 35 seconds (darn and drat to dinner and cellphones and icky fevers!!!) sometime soon,

and in the meanwhile.....just *know* that while I was greeeeen with jealously for about a half a second, I was overjoyed and just giddy with thankfulness that this very special time of sharing the Gerry *love* :hearts: was made even more special by the gift of *time* with that *bearer of all kindness and good stuff*...Gerry himself.

I know you know (just like I do) a bunch of reasons *why* this was so amazing and just overflowing with *serendipity*..... and reading the stories of Bethy and Swan especially turned me into MUSH....and I was reminded (for about the bazillionth time!!!!) of how beautifully *connected* we **all** are, with our hearts joined together in a bond of love, through the incredible Heart of this one of a kind, never to be duplicated , beyond-my-ability-to-express-it-all-in-mere-words human being~~~Gerry Butler.


Girl, I am stunned senseless by him~ as usual ~~and am now babbling so I think I better quit trying to come up with the pairrrrrrrfect adjectives to describe Gerry...cuz my brain keeps telling me the word that describes him just doesn't even exist. :woah:

okay....here's one!!!! :gerrylicious:


Love you ginormously!!!


who is in emoticon heaven!!!! teeeee heeeeeeee :headspin:

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Hi Susan! :wave:

I loved reading your post about your experience at the convention. I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well but with all THAT excitement, who wouldn't be worn out and sick!!?? Nancy (AG) called and left me a message to let me know she arrived home OK. That's the last I've heard from her...she's probably sleeping non-stop!! and resting those blistered feet! :prescription:

I love it that you got a tatoo while you were there....can't wait for you to show it off.

Just through your words, I have an insider's view of all the special people who made your convention a complete success. I haven't had the opportunity (yet) to meet any of the GALS except for our own TARTS who are also over here from our local group of crazy CA girls. Someday soon, I hope to meet and enjoy more GALS here....after all, we all have that one thing in common.....we all LOVE our :gbflame: :inlove:

Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest so you can recharge your Gerry battery! :funnyface: Hope to see you on the 8th at the POTC opening weekend in Aliso Viejo! Check out the updated post over on the CA Get Togethers at GB.net when you have a chance.


JUDE/Judy :rose:

Reminder: OPENING NIGHT :beo: Beowulf Friday, July 28th in L.A. at the Westside Pavillion

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You were the first person I thought of when I heard that Gerry had made an appearance.

I've looked at so many of the photos, but didn't see you. No wonder. You were being generous and letting those who'd never met Gerry have their chance.

Can't wait to hear the rest of your story!



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Hi Susan-

So sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Hope you are feeling better real soon. It was so great to read your post about the convention. What a thrill for everyone. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to your pics.

Take care. Hugs

Punkin (Sandy)

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I will do my best to get some photos up tonight. My video is on its way to Stef as we speak and she should have it in the morning. I have NO photos of Gerry since I was videotaping while he was there, but I have photos of others over the weekend, including some of the tattoo pictures (mine included). Thankfully I'm feeling much better today, though after eating my first real meal since Sunday night my stomach is protesting a bit again (hush I say, hush!!) I did get a good night's sleep, still feel a bit light in the head and soft in the knees, but it will improve I'm sure.
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For those who missed it on the picture thread here is my new Vegas tattoo. It is actually only a little over 2" long (someone told me in the picture it looks bigger than what it is). I'll ask my husband to take a picture of it from farther away so you have more perspective.

Posted Image

This is not the one I planned to get - I found out I'd have to do just about my whole upper arm to get that much detail. So this is a Celtic "S" - for Susan, Sporran, Scotland, seahorse...

I also added a link to my POTO costume pictures last night, on the photo thread.

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