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My Thanks and Admiration


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Dear Tonya,

I would like to extend my personal thanks to you, for all you did to make the Vegas convention an experience I shall never forget. Your kindness in whatever arrangements were made to include Gerry in our celebration, are so much appreciated. I do not know how it all came about... I only know that you and Gerry made us all feel special and valued. We never expected to do more than celebrate our favorite guy with our friends, but the two of you showing up just made it feel like family... at least to me.

I am so happy that you are taking care of Gerry again, because I will admit, that some of the recent photos of him scared me. He looked so tired and drawn in some of those photos, and there seemed to be something lacking in his eyes that we are all so used to seeing. As someone who suffers from back problems, I understand how that pain can effect one's outlook.... but I was so relieved to see the Gerry I know and love at the convention, and those eyes once again, lit up with fire!

Thank you also Tonya, for the special attention you gave me, your extra hug meant so much on a night when my emotions were so dizzying. It was so lovely to know that you really do understand the love and affection we have for Gerry, and that we can connect with you on that level.

I think that as much as Gerry wants to understand why his fans are so loyal, and why we love him so... we his fans want to be known and understood by him. It seems to me that you are a great help in that process.

I shall never forget the kindness you showed me.... and believe me, when I told my son of the events of that night, he smiled bigger than I have seen him smile in 3 whole years!!!! You cannot imagine what that smile means to me. Oh.... and the next day he asked me what track for the "Gerry CD" we are working on next, and today he was down in his studio working on a new composition for himself!

He and I will begin work next week on more music.... and I could not be more proud!

So the "Gerry Joy" is contageous, and how wonderful that you get to play a role in distributing some of that joy!

With love and respect,

Bonnie Anne (Swansong)

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I want to add my sentiments and agree with Bonnie Anne...

Tonya, when I heard you were coming to the convention, I was beyond excited! I'm so glad I was able to put a gorgeous face with the name I'd heard about for the last year and a half. I love your wit, excitement, kindness and generosity you shared with all of us. I wasn't able to introduce myself, which I'm quite sad about, but I hope you felt the collective love for you there. Oh, and I'm still laughing about the, "Where's my lighter?" *shrug* line! :lol: So glad you're around again, girl...you are one class act!



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Tonya, anyone can say, "Thank you!" better than I, but I do appreciate the effort you put out to be with us and to bring Gerry with you. You can't imagine the joy we experienced at Vegas. It was so much fun...always something going on. And having fun with Jerame (sic???).

I met some really nice and fun people at the convention. We are all connected! We are as Gerry said...a team. We will always be supportive in anyway we can. Don't hesitate to call on us if there is ever anyway we can help.

My sincerest thanks,


~Gerry makes me smile~

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Tonya I have not been with GALS long but you are a super woman. I wrote and so did my granddaughter to Gerry we hope to hear from him but we understand if we dont'. You have a heavy load and I wish you the best in all you do . It has got to be wonderful to be with Gerry so much. I wish you all the best in everything you do and we are here for you all of us. Gods riches blessing on you and Gerry in your busy days. hugs always Posted Image

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