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Video and images of the interview of Pascal Vicedomini to Gerard Butler for the transmission of Off Hollywood (a television program) of 20 July 2005, on occasion of the Ischia Global Fest, in which Gerry was promoting “Dear Frankie”, in witty remarks in those days.

Heartfelt thanks to Dru_it and Gio for providing the material from which we received the video and images (the interview will go on the air in the evening, and this speaks highly of the consideration Gerry has in Italy—personal opinion of the webmistress.)

And this is the transcript of the interview, if someone wants to translate into another language…

Summer, a time of novelty/latest news, but also an ideal time to go over again and analyze some of the most beautiful productions of the year. That which we are seeing is “The Phantom of the Opera”, the most expensive independent production of all time. A film directed by American Joel Schumaker, liberally inspired by the opera of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, which is the first absolute take among the musicals, and interpreted with great defense/protection (care) by the Scottish actor, Gerard Butler, known to thousands of fans as simply, “Gerry”. Now we’ll enjoy a little more of Schumakers “The Phantom of the Opera”, after which we’ll meet his protagonist.

Gerry: “The ‘Phantom of the Opera’ was for me huge and sweeping, fantastic, an incredible experience—an experience that I will never forget. I believe, however, that when you find come across a film like “Dear Frankie”, it’s like you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum, something small and human, that speaks of insight, of human emotions and sentiments, a different type of love, a love at the center of the family, the things you would do for a loved one, and also the different opinions you can have about love. A film which speaks of the father-son, mother-son relationship. I believe, therefore, that “Dear Frankie” is a film more delicate, sweet, and human, and this is what people will take home with them after having seen the movie—a universal theme. I’ve seen it watched by audiences all over the world, and even audiences who couldn’t understand it, but they could feel the emotions of this film and of the story.

Vicedomini: .”also….also!” (laughs)

Gerry: “What?! (smiles) I know that this is a difficult question!”

Vicedomini: “We speak of seduction. We have said in the past, “Gerry, the heartbreaker”. How is that situation in this moment?”

Gerry: “No, I am not a heartbreaker…I am just me, a puppy dog….I find that question difficult. What am I supposed to say to that? (laughing) No, I truly don’t see myself as a heartbreaker…I see myself as “Gerry”….

Vicedomini: how many girlfriends do you have at this moment?

Gerry: I don’t talk about my personal life, especially not with you!!

Vicedomini: when you are around, there’s no girl left for the rest of us…. It’s not fair! It’s not right!

Gerry: It’s, it’s……come on!

Vicedomini: Unfortunately we noticed that! Listen Gerry, how do you live this life being chased, truly one of the stars that is most loved among the international female audience.

Gerry: I find myself in a strange position: a lot of people know me and have seen my work but they don’t recognize me that much on the street because I tend to change in each of my films. But, for example, if there is an event in which it is known when I am arriving, yes, people do approach me, but when I’m walking down the street they don’t disturb me, which is great for me. I like to go out, I like to see my friends, but I’m quite a tranquil/calm person. When I’m not participating in a festival like this one, I like to do things on my own without going crazy.

Speaker: the freedom to walk about without having to endure the affectionate assault of his fans, is a privilege that Gerry Butler still possesses. After the experience at the Ischia Global Fest, he is calmly spending these days between Pompei and Naples, an advantage that Tom Cruise certainly can’t enjoy, the number 1 star of the international cinema, who these days lives surrounded by an army of bodyguards while he parades himself on a boat….

Thanks so much for all your hard work in translating this!

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I agree, and of course, I prefer to believe it's the latter.....he's too intelligent and aware to be that naive--I really believe he's just that down to earth--let's pray that he never changes. He is truly a treasure for the ages--one in a million!!

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I believe Gerry is fully aware of his charms and the effect they have on women but there is a part of him that is somehow able to remain humble about it. It is another of the dichotomies of the man - he is a study in contradictions, lovely contradictions all. For instance he talks often about his need for solitude, his comfort with melancholy, yet outwardly he seems fun-loving, gregarious, a bit of a party boy, an outrageous flirt who is also incredibly intuitive, he can be bawdy and polite in the same breath, he can be self-effacing and yet throw outrageous double entendres, he is just plain incredibly amazing ~ it is what makes the word HEXY apply so well to him because there definitely seems to be something supernatural about him.
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In every interview I've ever read, Gerry always seems very humble. I am so thankful that he is not one of those high maintenane "Hollywood" actors. He has stated on numerous occasions how he enjoys the quiet times and solitude. I for on am very proud of the way he is handling his fame. :cheer:

I really believe that Gerry is enjoying living his dream. :dream1:

Sometimes I wonder if he realizes just how incredibly sexy he is?!? I don't think there is another actor anywhere who can compete with him. The man is the epitome of the "pairfect" man!!!! :gg2:

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