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Gerard Butler GALS

I'm Watching You!!!!


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Okay... I know this is too big, but I grabbed it from another site... after it TOTALLY freaked me out! I was just reading along on a thread... and then suddenly this pic showed up......

Posted Image


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HOLY GUACAMOLE, woman!!! :bouncydrool: Are ye tryin' to poosh me over the edge?? After a weekend Phantom Phest featuring POTO as the main attraction :erikrose: and 4 other Gerry movies as bonus films, :mopboystranger: :terrymuscles: :frank: :JOTS: I'm still in a weakened state. This just about did me IN!!! YIKES! :spontaneous:

Now I NEVER want to come back to the REAL world!!!




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Swan - I sent that picture to a friend of mine who is a fellow Gerry fan and member here but doesn't post. I think she fell off her chair when she got it. I wondered what the scream was that I heard and she lives 30 miles away. I love sharing those moments, don't you?! :inlove:

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Discoveringme...I unnerthand tompetely....dith mite thound thrange, dut I dit my tund when I fell on the thloor. :heat:

Woohoo, thanks for sharing. :pant:

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Jumpin' Jesus Holly Cow! That photo knocked me sideways! :heat:

I felt my stomach dip or flip? Yikes!

What a good job. How'd she do that? Whatta country.

SlimChance here

GreenEyedGirl there

That photo manip was reason enough to stop in. Swansong, that made my day. Thanks!

Pug Kisses for you!


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Hey... I did not make this gorgeous giff... I just borrowed it from another site!

And ladies... even my favorite photo shoot of Gerry... this Martin Pope series, does NOT capture how good looking the man really is in person. Hard to believe I know... but true!

I guess Gerry is just a creature whose beauty cannot be fully appreciated unless in his full fleshly glory.... face glowing with vitality... and eyes bright with mischief!


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