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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry in Negotiations to Star in "Priest"

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Gerry and Craig Ferguson would make a FABULOUS buddy team on screen

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Have they said where Priest will be filmed? I haven't found anything, yet.


They are suppose to start filming on October 1st in Mexico and the film is a "go".

Cailleach, are you permitted to give us the name of the full-length film you have just finished?

Congratulations and good luck on your next audition.

:Erikunmasked: Erik's Ebony Eyes :reddeathsword:

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Ebony, Thank you for the info on location. Gosh, it will be Oct 1 is less than three months.

I wonder if Gerry will have to stop smoking, again. *Ohhhh, putting that on my prayer list, just in case!*

I love the costumes, the covered and uncovered ones..., but I'm not sure about that hat though. I've never thought Gerry looked good in hats, helmets--Yes, but not hats. *just one person's opinion* I Love Gerry bareheaded... with a few other bare... erm...essentials. :lol:


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Gerry and Craig Ferguson would make a FABULOUS buddy team on screen


I with you on that!!!

And just think how much fun they'd be off screen. :omg:

I'm there for you boys!!! :ohbaby2:


:claphands: Way to go Gerry!........will there be robes?..........Gerry in a robe of any sort is enough to make me sweat. :heat:

Cailleach........that's really terrific........I would love to see those films. (acting was always my secret dream.)

Thanks so much Celadon2.

Gerard in a robe :headspin: :headspin: I'm over the edge just thinking about it. Easy entry.............

I can't wait to see the films either, although I hate to watch myself. Butterflies.

Acting was my secret dream till Gerard convinced me to 'get off your fat arse and do it, woman' and now I'm getting so busy I have to quit my day job.

God Bless Him, I'll thank him and love him forever.


Congrats Gerry! Can't wait to see what you bring to the role!!!

Cailleach, congrats on your movie roles! My husband wants to act so bad. He did a couple of extra roles on TV shows and movies when we lived in CA last year and he fell in love with the whole process. To bad we don't leave closer to where they film anymore. Maybe one day....

Let us know how your audition goes....break a leg!!

Thanks so much Sassenach!!

I just spent the early part of this week as background. Was running around a Marina amongst million dollar yachts. Kept looking for Gerard but no luck.

Naturally, I got sunburned and I look like a red faced racoon, but the cheque is in the mail, yeah!!!

Will do my best at the audition, breaking legs.

Can't wait for Gerard's next films to be released. Was hoping for '300' at TIFF, but don't see it yet, and 'Butterfly' should be great, but then everything Gerard does is 'great'. Am dying waiting for my copies (2) of 'Beowulf and Grendel'. Always get at least two copies of all of Gerard's stuff, need a lending copy and one copy to never leave my home.

Love the man forever,


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I'm so excited about this new role!! I would support Gerry in anything he does, just to further his career. He will bring something entirely new to this role as he does every role he takes on...what a man!!

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