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Gerard Butler GALS

A Swiss country girl heads off into the big wide world

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My story is tightly connected to Cat's (Terry's Witch). Obviously, as we spent most of the time together.

So I won't repeat what she already has mentioned, unless she has forgotten something. Just in case here is the link to Cat's story.


On the 28th June it is exactly a year ago, since I joined this website - at this point it was just the brand new forum we had. There was already talk about the convention and it was out of the question for me that I would go to Vegas. How mistaken I was!!! During the months that followed, the site became my second home, the people like a second family, sharing with them my life and all the love, lust and admiration for Gerry Butler.

I remember that I hardly ever looked at the Las Vegas Convention threads in the months that followed, why should I, I would not be going. The thought of travelling so far alone, frankly scared the s...t out of me. I can't really say, what made me change my mind. A certain Dr.Em had definitely her hands in it. (love you Danya :kiss: )

It was a slow process, sometime in late autumn I started to consider it, but just hypothetically. When it turned out, that the wedding party of my sister in law would be nowhere near that date and I anyway wanted to take a vacation, I decided to take it from the 3rd - 18th June.

At the beginning of this year, I started to ask around, if anyone would be going longer.(still hypothetically) When Dayna told me, that we would have the chance to see B&G, I was really starting to seriously consider it. As fate would have it, Terry's Witch from Australia mentioned, that she would stay for a week. Now Cat, I must tell you something. I still hadn't decided to go, but must have sounded that I wanted to. Anyway, one day I got your PM in which you told me, that you had booked the rooms for us in the Sahara. And I thought, ouch, now I have to do something. 2 hours later I had booked my flight, shaking inside and not knowing what had gotten into me.

The rest, so to say is history. I prepared myself well, had a lot of fun getting my costume together and slowly over the still present dread of the trip, I started looking forward to it.

Thank you Barb (becozy) and Dayna for your neverending patience, when I was once again whining about being scared.

Like Cat, I had a very rough time at work and in the end I could hardly wait for the big day.

To make it short - the flight, immigration, customs - everything went perfectly well. The flight was boring - I had an aisle seat, watching King Kong, Last Holiday and Incredibles. Beside me was a couple from Fort Worth, who drank about 3-4 Bloody Mary's, beer and white wine during the flight. Stopover in Dallas, I got my first taste of the heat, as the aircondition in the connecting dock from the plane was out of order. At 5.30 p.m. after 15 1/2 hours of travelling I arrived in Las Vegas. Stepping out of the airport, it was walking like into a wall of heat - but it didn't bother me too much. I was there.

After the taxi took me the long way to the Sahara - I just consider it a little sightseeing tour, I had to walk through the whole casino with all those blinking and blinging slot machines, to the reception desk.

I presented a copy of Cat's reservation, and handed over my passport.

"Oh, you are from Switzerland, and Mrs.Sheely is from Australia, how did you meet, did you study together" the nice man at the reception desk asked me.

"Well, actually we haven't met, I know her from a website" I answered. I got a slightly worried look from the guy. "You mean, you don't know her at all, just over the internet, but this can be dangerous".

I put on a cheerful smile and said - "well we have talked several times on the phone, I'm sure she is okay, besides we are with the GALS". He still looked quite worried at me, but upon printing out my confirmation, he saw the GALSCon the sheet. "Oh, so you are with a group then".

"Yes, we will be about 100 by Friday". That seemed to ease his worries. He apologized for having to give me a smoking room and booked us right away in for a non-smoking from Monday on.

With a slightly amused smile on my face I headed off in search of my room.

After settling in, taking a shower and unpacking a little, I turned on the TV and tried to relax on the bed. Sleep eluded me and I was hungry. I was silently praying, that Cat would be hungry too, by the time she arrived, and willing to have dinner/breakfast with me. I didn't feel like going alone.

Star Trek was on TV, so I watched it - having always liked Scott Bakula as Capt.Archer. But it was a weird episode (Cat, I'm sure you remember which one it was) and there were no Tribbles in it.

It was around midnight, I was almost asleep, when Cat came. I can only confirm what she told, it was like meeting an old friend, I hadn't seen in a while. And luckily, she was hungry, starving and I loved her for it. So we went to the Caravan Café for an early (1am.) and actually very nice breakfast, including a glass of wine.

We chatted about Gerry, about us, about Vegas and ended up in bed around 2.30 am. after being awake for more than 24 hours.

More to come.... maybe I'm catching up with you Cat ::D:

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Oh, so now it all comes out. Still undecided when I booked the room huh! Ohhh, I had no idea. But I am so glad Dayna and Barb worked on you to come. I would have been sooo sad not to have had to opportunity to meet. Life would have let me down sadly I believe.

Looking forward to the next episode.

Big Hugs


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Well Cat, we had to meet, I had to go to Vegas, I know that now. Hugs back to you.

a little bit more here...

The next day, after getting the tickets for Zumanity, Thunder from Down under and Grand Canyon, and a desperate needed coffee from the Grind, we headed for the strip.

I'm not going to repeat everything here, Cat basically covered the facts. For me everything was just huge and loud and glitzy and shiny, and at some point I must have felt like Alice in Wonderland.

After skipping the Gondola ride as well as Madame Tussauds and being quite tired from all the walking and the heat, we took the Monorail back. As it was still quite early in the afternoon, I suggested to go to the Trekkie thing, knowing that Cat wanted to. I can't say I'm a Trekkie, but I have watched quite many episodes of the different generations during the course of my life. Having had a thing when I was very young for Captain Kirk and later I rather liked Scott Bakula as Capt. Archer. So here we go, and I swallowed empty at first, when presented with the entrance fee. But then I thought, what the heck - this is fun.

So we started our tour following "the behind the scene tour"guide who was explaining everything from the beginning, and in a way that all sounded like it really happened. Cat was rattling away then, giving me her own tour and dear Cat, I never thought that I was with a mad woman, I'm mad myself ::D: and I did enjoy it.

We screamed our lungs out when we almost got assimilated by the Borgs - I finally had to take off the 3-D glasses, because I feared I would be getting a heart attack. So still a bit rattled from that experience I was in for some comfort. What better than to squeeze and cuddle something fluffy. I think I almost squealed in delight when I saw the basket full of fluffy tribbles, and I just couldn't keep my hands away. Well the rest is history. ::D: - see Cat's story..... it was definitely not blood curdling my scream - but loud enough to have everyone's head turn towards me.

I thought Cat would sit on the floor with laugther - well I would have done the same. :rotflmao:

After the Klingon photo and the Captains chair pic, it was almost 5 p.m. and we had to hurry back to the hotel to get ready for Zumanity.

The banana thing will definitely stay in my mind, as well as the male stripper, who was just about to do the full monty, when a female hand popped up from the floor, carrying a pompon and covering him.

Our 50ies dressed housewife explained at one point of the show how "Scottish Tits" worked. "No need for expensive surgery and silicon, this is the thing, just take two small plastic bags, fill them with Scotch whisky and voilà. The young man she had called for assistance from the audience, had to hold the bags over her breasts while she taped them on. He was standing behind her and of course she had to remark, that something was poking into her back. The poor guy was jumping away from her, going red.

Cat, you forgot the contortionist. That guy was creepy, contorting his legs and arms and ribs and everything. It was slightly disgusting to watch. So when he was finished, I couldn't help asking Cat, "do you think he can do those things with his Billy too". Before Cat could answer, the woman who lead through the program stepped on the stage"Now ladies, I'm sure all of you are wondering if he can do this also with his.... yes ladies he can."

Cat and me were laughing tears and then a bit later almost crying because the performance of the blonde woman and the small guy was so poetic and beautiful.

The rest of the evening we spent with talking and Cat managed to set up her Laptop, where she learned that she had become a grandmother during her flight to Las Vegas. We were actually contemplating to go down again and having a glass of wine to celebrate, but decided against it, as we had to get up at 5.15.a.m.

The next morning, after crawling out of bed, getting dressed and then finally settling down in our tour bus with Luana, we were handed over our breakfast, which included a banana. Cat and me started to giggle like mad when we saw this.

Thank you Cat for filling everything in about the trip to the Grand Canyon - nothing to add there - and yes the coffee or whatever you wanted to call this was horrible.

to be continued...

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We screamed our lungs out when we almost got assimilated by the Borgs


Trek rules!

I'm a Next Generation girl myself.

Lt. Commander Data...Mmmm good!


Love your saga!

Can't wait for the next episode!



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Of course I had to leave stuff for you to tell Risa. What kind of friend would I be otherwise LOL.

So Bethy, I love Data but am a Capt Jean Luc woman myself.



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When we arrived around noon at the parking lot of the south rim, I was filled with anticipation.

We had decided to walk the 3 miles or so to the Bright Angel Lodge, along the Canyon. So we followed the path that led us to the edge. To say that I was impressed by the view that opened before my eyes, would be an understatement. I stood there for a full minute, hardly able to breathe and just staring. It was one of those moments, when you realize how tiny and in a way unimportant you are in the whole picture of life, nature and universe. It helps sometimes to put things back into the right perspective.

We leisurely walked along the rim, taking our time, admiring the vast beauty of the Canyon. Watching one or two Condors drifting over us, and laughing about the cute Squirrels. I had warned Cat, that I might start to cry - just being overwhelmed, but it didn't happen - that came later.

There is a saying, I think by the Icelandic Nobel Prize winner Halldor Laxness, something like "when you travel so fast today by plane, your soul is not able to catch up with you on time". Although I admired the beauty and was stunned by the vastness of it, I kind of felt like not yet there. Something was missing.

Arriving at Bright Angel Lodge, we awarded ourselves with a delicious ice-cream and some shopping.

Luana and the bus were waiting for us. Despite the long trip back of 5 hours, time passed quickly.

With listening to Gerry singing, chatting and a bit of nodding off, we arrived back at the Sahara around 8.30 p.m. We ended the evening with dinner at the Caravan Cafe (the buffet was closed by 10.p.m.) and we were both very tired. Of course we chatted in our room, checked e-mails and GALS and so again it was after 1a.m. until we finally slept.

This was the only night, I slept fairly enough - around 7 hours.

Waking up, I was excited to meet Dayna and Pam, who I knew should be here. I still remember the moment when I knocked on the door of their room. Dayna opened, for a moment we looked at each other and then just screamed and hugged and I probably cried. Pam came and we hugged too, giddy and just hardly able to believe that we finally met.

We spent the day more or less together, meeting later on the lovely Jenni and the warm hearted Annette.

Bonnie Anne, Libby, Kimberley - all those wonderful GALS and as Cat said, there was a feeling of sisterhood, a connection between all of us and most of all acceptance. We all could just be ourselves.

In the evening we dressed up and took the monorail to the strip. We browsed through a fashion store and I fell in love with a corset style top. As almost everyone was urging me to try it on, I did. It was a special experience to open the changing cubicle and being confronted with I think 8 women, giving their comments (and I think all of them were positive). So I had to buy it. Our next stop were the fountains at the Bellagio and even now writing this I'm having tears in my eyes.

I believe that the moment I saw the fountains my soul arrived, and everything what had happened during the last 3 days caught up with me. Beautiful Dayna was there, holding me in her arms like a little child and Cat giving me additional comfort. There are hardly any words to express what I felt in this moment. But in a way it was a bit like a homecoming, coming home to myself. All the crap I had gone through for the last 2 years, the pains, the ups and downs, the self choosen loneliness, fell away because in the end it had all lead to this. There was no other place in the whole wide world I would have rather been in that moment. Dayna - again, thank you.

We walked an endless way through Ceasars Palace and had dinner in the Cheesecake Factory. As everyone was tired, we headed home before midnight.

Hey Cat - your turn :funnyface:

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See, I knew you would remember things I forgot. Tht lovely top, which you wore so well, and it was between you and Dayna as to who would buy it. You got lucky cause the was a bit short on the $$ at the time. And yes, it was unanimous about how good it looked. Oh and weren't we both tired. I think much of it was emotional rather than physical. Oh, living it over again writing about it and sharing it is soooo good.



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Wow Risa,

I am sitting here all choked up reading your words. It was so fun when you tried on that corset, and you had all of us around you, encouraging you to buy it, because it looked like it was made for you. I'll never forget how your face glowed as you purchased something special just for you.

It was an amazing dream-like time... the whole trip, and I love reading your account of what moved or amused you. Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you Swan, it was really a very special experience and writing down everthing makes it come back to life again.

So here it goes..

The next morning, Thursday, after another mere 5 hours of broken sleep, Dayna called us around 10 a.m., asking if we could help with carrying some stuff for the Con. So we quickly dressed and headed to the lobby. There we met Jen (Stagewomanjen) and Jodi (BlackOperaMask). More lovely GALS.

We ended up carrying 100 bags to the ballroom.

I think we hanged around a bit, and went up to Dayna's room, then finally had lunch with Jen and Jodi around 1 p.m. or earlier. Nancy (Attila Girl) had called, while we had been away from the room, telling us that she had just left home around noon and was expecting to be in Vegas around 4.30 p.m.

After I got a bit of a tan - due to Pam's Aveeno lotion - I was desperate to buy a shorter skirt and Cat also wanted to buy something for Friday night. We left Jodi and Jen and took the Monorail to the Fashion Mall. After 2 tiring hours of looking at prices, which we both didn't want to pay, we were ready to give up. It was already after 4 p.m. and we wanted to be back to welcome Nancy.

But then I saw this shop, Black and White and after 30 minutes we both found something nice and not too expensive.

Tired and thirsty we hurried back to the Sahara, finding a message from Nancy on the phone. She had arrived, but they hadn't let her into our room. So I went downstairs, looking for her, asking unknown women, if they were Nancy. ::D:

After another half an hour, we found her in Pam's room. It was a delight to meet her, and we told her that we had a ticket for Thunder and she just had to come with us.

Nancy brought us wonderful, lovingly put together gift bags - a special one for my birthday, which had been end of April.

We chatted and then had to get ready for dinner and meeting the other GALS, who wanted to see the Thunder show. At Paco's we met Celine from Ireland, yipee, probably the only other European beside me. Dawn, Jill, Katie, Cassie, Carimia and many more. Please forgive me if I don't mention all. Meeting everyone of you was an absolute delight, but my poor, by then already severely sleep deprived brain, couldn't recall all the names. Swan and Libby as well as Kimbo were there too and of course Jen and Jodi.

After a light dinner, Jen, Jodi, Nancy, Cat and myself took the monorail to the MGM, I think and had to walk about 30 minutes (it seemed) until we reached the Thunder showroom at the Excalibur. Some of the other GALS were already there and we got our tickets and waited until we were allowed to enter the showroom by 10 p.m. Honestly I was pretty excited and a bit nervous for the show. I had never been to a show like this and had even sworn to myself, not so long ago, that I never would go. Last year after the Chippendales had been here in Switzerland, there was a report in the newspaper about some of the women who had attended it. And I just thought, no I never will be one of those, screaming, giggling women. :bonk:

Well, never say never :doh: I have already tickets for the Chips show in November, here in Geneva.

We got our seats center table, me at the front, the other GALS were at a table in the row before us.

Well, what to say, it was kinky, sexy, funny and the guys were really hot, especially Ben, who remained fully dressed until way after half of the show. But he was so charming and had a great personality - not to mention that he was cute and sexy as hell. I prayed silently that they never would drag me on the stage, I would have died of embarassement.

The highlight certainly was the big O contest with our own GAL Katie (Songbird). She was one of 3 women who were asked to do a fake orgasm. The first one, a blonde with jiggling breasts ready to spill from her top, sounded like a cat who had somebody step on her tail. Katie was the last and to our screams of "Think of Gerry" she gave a splendid "Meg Ryan" performance.

After the show we could have our pictures taken with the guys. Cat was already rushing forward to stand in line, while I was still undecided. Until Nancy grabbed my arm and dragged me to the stage beside Cat. We had our photos taken all three of us. I ended up sitting on Leigh's (I think) lap and just remember him being sweaty and hot and that I was holding his hand. :bonk:

More waiting afterwards for them to come out and sign our photographs. Dressed and close up, Ben was again the most charming - although David was not bad either. And Leigh had a beautiful smile - okay I stop here, otherwise I will start drooling over my keyboard. :heat:

We actually wanted to meet with Dayna, Pam, Annette, Jenni and some others at the Voodoo Lounge in the Rio. They had gone to see the Chippendales. In the end Jen, me and Cat walked over to the Flamingo for about 40 minutes only to learn that there was no shuttle bus to the Rio. Jen had been wearing high heels and at some time during our walk had taken her shoes off. As it was already 1.30 a.m. we decided to forget the whole thing and took the Monorail back to the Sahara. Nancy was still awake I think, we chatted a bit and so again, we probably ended up in bed by 2.30 a.m. or later.

Cat - I'm sure you can fill in some spaces, when you have time.

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I do love my Aveeno lotion! :inlove:

OK Risa, keep going! I am soooooo loving this story! I can't begin to put into words the feelings I had on this trip, the feeling of connection that I felt with each new person I met. The feeling of love and acceptance, sheer joy, giggling, understanding.... I'm mucking it up just trying to explain. You are wording things perfectly for me. Keep going! :claphands:

Now I particularly loved your night with Thunder :dance: I never thought I'd be one of those giggling, laughing, screaming girls either, but wait until Bethy doctors up my slice. I really have a little fantasy for my Chippendale Nathan, who has taken the lead to head of the list of men to be my next husband. I never thought I'd truly enjoy a male strip show. Like you said... Never say never! ::D: I have to go to Vegas in July for a wedding, and Dayna and I are already planning on getting tickets to see them again! Good Grief! :doh:

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Pam, Aveeno rocks - the stuff that I'm using now makes me still look like a zebra. ::D:

I know what you mean with the feeling of being connected - it was like meeting people we had known all our lives.

So you are going to see the Chips already again - :bonk:

Just between you and me - I might go an see them twice in November, because another friend asked me if I would come with her. So I might see them twice within a week. :rotflmao:

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Go see them twice? I vote YES! ::D: I think we corrupted this Swiss country girl! :rotflmao: Sexy clothes, Chippendales? I love it! I wish I could go with you! You need to wear your new sexy top! But doesn't it feel wonderful? I left Vegas knowing I'd never be the same again.

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Go see them twice? I vote YES! ::D: I think we corrupted this Swiss country girl! :rotflmao: Sexy clothes, Chippendales? I love it! I wish I could go with you! You need to wear your new sexy top! But doesn't it feel wonderful? I left Vegas knowing I'd never be the same again.

Corrupted, me nnnooooooooo way - honestly I have to bite my tongue sometimes when talking with other women, because my mind travels easily into the gutter :rotflmao:

You bet I will wear that top - I might take it out to the opera next Saturday. A long lost flame of me is singing, maybe he will notice me this time :bonk: Not that I still want him ::D:

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What can I say but WOW...

Reading all the personal stories has caused many a tear. I just can't believe I didn't make the trip because I didn't know anyone and didn't want to fly all the way from Texas alone. What an idiot I am, especially after finding out that Risa flew all the way from Switzerland alone. :bonk:

Well, I am now looking forward to LV2007. Also, I will be going to Scotland next July. :scotland: Maybe I'm coming out of my shell knowing I'll meet so many lovely ladies and new friends. :fans:



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Hmmmm, reading your Thursday I am beginning to wonder where the gaps are. Ok, I can at least think of one. So I will fill in tonight.

Loved chatting last night. BTW got 4 job offers today. Now need to decide what to do.



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Friday morning after again only about 5 hours of sleep, I dressed up in my Sink the Boat - Ride the Phantom T-Shirt, then called Dayna's room, asking if they needed help. I went up there about at 10 am.The celebrity suite was open and I helped unpacking the auction items. Barb (becozy) came, who had been my lifeline during my pre-Vegas scares. It was so good to meet her finally and she brought me a belated birthday gift (thank you so much, Barb) and a very special pen in the form of an eggplant :kisswink: .

I remember looking almost reverently at all the auction items and thinking, no I can't afford anything. We chatted, drooled over Gerry photos, Annette brought some coffee. Shortly before noon I went down to register for the Con. I think it was then, walking through the lobby, when somebody called my name. I looked up, seeing two girls, one dark haired, the other light brown. My sleep deprived brain checked through all the files in my head and came up with the right solution. ::D:

"Mel"(Abrock) I cried and her sister Mousie. We hugged and chatted for a couple of minutes. Then I continued to the ballroom. I got my convention bag with the yellow towel, which is now in regular use in my bathroom, and the B&G ticket. I met other GALS - sorry if I can't remember all the names. I remember taking pictures with Flat Gerry, and chatting a bit. After some time Jenni came and asked if I could go up again to the Celebrity Suite.

Cat and Nancy had gone back to the Fashion Mall, to get Cat's credit-card, which she had forgotten in the Black and White Market store yesterday. Sometime in the early afternoon, they came back. By that time I still hadn't had time to eat something proper. (as Cat had mentioned, food was not high on our schedule, I actually lost about 3 pounds during that week).

Suzy, the event organiser came and she brought Jeremy. Now call me stupid or just tired. Of course I knew that Tonya would bring someone to film the whole thing, but somehow I didn't realize it was someone so close connected to Gerry. So when he started interviewing us, first Cat and then me, I was quite relaxed.

After agreeing upon what Cat had stated about Gerry's acting abilities, I told Jeremy my little Phantom story. The difficult times I had gone through, then seeing Phantom and that it was Gerry's performance that gave me "a kick in my arse" to move forward and to let go. And even though it is obvious, I had to mention that Gerry is of course gorgeous.

I then learned from Dayna, that Jeremy was actually Gerry's videographer (or whatever this is called). My heart dropped for a moment to my feet, just thinking, that Gerry might actually see and hear what I had been babbling there. (I was really tired). I think Bethy and Stef arrived then - and I think also Susan. Three more GALS I had really been dying to meet. I can't remember having lunch, but I think as Cat mentioned, we went to the buffet, the three of us, Nancy, Cat and me, where I finally could get something to eat around 3.p.m.

There was a buzz of excitement filling the air. Tonya was due to make an appearance in the evening - and well, one could always hope for someone else to appear. :kisswink:

Back in our room, we got ready, dressed up - and then off to the ballroom to meet and greet, hug and be hugged, take photos and trying to remember all the faces and names.

I sat with the other Mods and Admins at a table. Mel set up a Gerry slide show on the projection screen and every new picture was greeted with aaaaaaahhhs and oooooohhhs. Dinner was served which was - well, okay, then Dayna informed us, that Tonya couldn't make it for tonight, but she would certainly be with us tomorrow.

The talent show started, all of the participants were so talented - the girl from GB USA - sorry I can't remember her name, Jen - who had to sing A Cappella, Swan, Kimberly, Katie, Ina.

Swans and Kimbos performance had me in tears, like many others.

This was followed by the fan video contest - everyone's videos were fantastic - but Abrocks was just outstanding.

Heading for the dance floor, I finally got to dance with Dr.Em (yay). It was great fun and the evening was over too soon. Around midnight the DJ played the last song. Some of us went to the celebrity suite and I ended up buying all the Gerry movie charms from Annette. I had to have the B&G one for tomorrow. We chatted, I think watched Jewel of the Sahara together, looked at the auction items again, but as we had to get up early to be picked up at 7.45 a.m for B&G, my two roomies and me went to our room around 1 a.m.

Of course we ended up chatting and speculating - and being just generally excited to see B&G the next day - and maybe something more...

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I am so loving reading this.

Risa you have a wonderful way of writing.........I can truly feel the emotion and excitment...........and there is a sweetness to your story that brings a tear to my eye.

I truly hope to make Las Vegas in 2007

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Yep, we are now going to have to deal with "The" day. Don't know if I can yet.


Cat, I know what you mean - I think I have to do it in two or three parts, B&G itself was an emotional rollercoaster - not to mention what followed later.

I am so loving reading this.

Risa you have a wonderful way of writing.........I can truly feel the emotion and excitment...........and there is a sweetness to your story that brings a tear to my eye.

I truly hope to make Las Vegas in 2007

Thank you Cel, writing it does make me cry sometimes - but in a good way.

And I keep my fingers crossed for Vegas, for you and me and everyone who couldn't attend.

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I've enjoyed reading about your Vegas experience.

I really enjoyed meeting you. I couldn't believe that you remembered my JOTS vid from last year. That cracked me up.

I'll never forget speaking with you after Gerry left that Saturday evening. You were in tears and I was near tears. Through your tears you explained how hard it was for you to make the journey. I came away with the sense of how important it is for us to do things that take us out of our comfort zone. I sensed that you felt you had been rewarded "beyond your imagination". I understood that it wasn't just about getting to see Gerry but about the whole experience and the friendships you've made.

I'm glad you had such an enjoyable trip.


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Nadine, thank you so much and you really nailed it to the point. For me this trip was first and foremost something I had to do - it took a long time for me to decide, but when I had made up my mind it was final.

To step out of my comfort zone was very hard - but as you said, it is important and helps us maybe to get a step further in our lives. I can honestly say, that it changed some things for me. I just have to hold on to it and not slinking back into the old ways again.

As for my reward - well it was truly beyond my imagination - even without Gerry showing up it would have been.

I remember our talk and I wish we had had more time - and that I hadn't been so tired - exhausted really.

Next time I try to get a little bit more sleep - maybe I have to stay longer than a week and try to sleep about for 2 days. ::D:

I hope we meet again sometime.



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Here it goes - Saturday I have to do in parts - B&G showing

Saturday morning /Beowulf & Grendel

The alarm clock went off at 6.30 a.m. on Saturday morning and three very tired GALS cracked their eyes open. I think by Saturday morning I was running more or less only by adrenalin, coffee and just the sheer will not to miss anything. We dragged ourselves out of bed and got ready. Cat - bless her - ventured to the Grind and brought us coffee. I felt excited and nervous - and therefore awake again. We left Nancy to get ready and went to the lobby, where already a lot of us had gathered and were waiting for the bus.

Despite being so early in the morning, it was already hot outside and we gratefully climbed into the air-conditioned bus. At some point I was getting worried about Nancy - as I hadn't seen her getting in. She came in the last moment. I was sitting beside Cat and she was nervous as well. She had told me repeatedly that she had a gut feeling that Gerry might show up (before I even mentioned the possibility). Somehow I thought, if then it would have to be now - or after the movie. I just couldn't imagine him coming to our Convention - well how little did I know, brave man he is.!! ::D:

We arrived at the Brenden theatre, where at this weekend also the CineVegas film festival would take place. Therefore we only could get a morning viewing of B&G.

It took some time until we could get into the theatre and the excitement in the audience rose with every passing minute. Dayna introduced the representative of St.Judes Ranch for Children, where the proceeds of todays viewing of B&G would go.

And then, finally Tonya came and was greeted with a big applause. She is a lovely beautiful woman, a bit shy even. She was telling us that she had never seen B&G and that Gerry had told her to see it, especially as she had been with him on the set in Iceland most of the time. She sent greetings from Gerry "He loves what you all do, and is very much aware of it".

Her comment seemed to hint, that Gerry wouldn't show up, at least not now, but what did I know. ::D: In a way it calmed my nerves and I just settled down to really enjoy the movie and not trying to think about if's and when's. I must admit, that in a way I almost was afraid of Gerry showing up, afraid that if he did, I would be disappointed, that he wouldn't match the picture I had of him, and I think many of us had. Looking back now I'm almost feeling a bit ashamed for having had doubts. :bonk:

The lights went off and the movie started. It was a unique experience to watch a film with Gerry in a theatre full of his fans, something I wouldn't have wanted to miss. The too short love/sex scene comes to mind, when a disappointed sigh went through the audience ::D: when it was cut off quite brutally, and of course Gerry's first appearance on screen.....

I have been to Iceland numerous times and I know the country probably better than some Icelanders. To see that beautiful landscape, places I knew so well, the rocks in the sea close to Vik, the waterfall Skogarfoss, the glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon, pulled me right into it before Gerry even showed up. The stunning music (is it by Sigur Ros or one of the members of this band???) was haunting. And then Gerry, from the moment he appeared on screen, he became Beowulf. With one look, with one gesture and with his voice he captured me. Despite the bloody and sometimes gory scenes the multilayered story and its characters, with their so human flaws touched me deeply. The ending left me in tears, for Grendel, for Beowulf and everything he possibly left behind.

I had some difficulties now and then to understand everything, due to the heavy scottish/irish accent. But thankfully could discuss the movie at length with Cat on our way back to the hotel. Too soon it was finished and we went back to the bus. I was emotionally worn out, and sitting beside Cat, discussing the movie, I couldn't hold back tears - neither could she (sorry Cat). :kiss: TNLW

to be continued...

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Yep, I cried. So much for my "tough" exterior LOL. You are prefectly right, the whole story was so multi-layered. And the ending left so much for discussion. I know Cailleach has seen it 17+ times and I can see why. It is, in my view, Gerry's best work to date.

I will try to catch up sometime today on my story.


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Risa - I'm so enjoying reading your story of Vegas. I've had a hard time getting through trying to read everyone's story but I'm glad I've been able to read yours. Lots of emotions still over the weekend. It was such an experience. I'm grateful that you made the long journey from Switzerland. Cat, too, was partially responsible for me going to Vegas even though she didn't know it at the time. When my own fears popped up about going, when I read that the GAL from Australia was going, I thought I certainly had no good reason not to go. (Hmmm, not sure if that came out right. :lol: ) If she can do it, so can I. Thanks Cat!! I will be always grateful that your courage to go inspired me as well to step out of my comfort zone.

I loved getting the chance to talk to you, Risa, up in the celebrity suite. It still amazes me that Gerry's performances can touch people in so many ways.

Can't wait to read the rest of your story!

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