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Gerard Butler GALS

A Swiss country girl heads off into the big wide world

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Ooooh! Ooooooh! Can't wait for the rest, Risa! I am SO :fook:-in glad you made the trip!!

I think it was then, walking through the lobby, when somebody called my name. I looked up, seeing two girls, one dark haired, the other light brown. My sleep deprived brain checked through all the files in my head and came up with the right solution. ::D:

"Mel"(Abrock) I cried and her sister Mousie. We hugged and chatted for a couple of minutes.

Ah yes indeed!! I recognized you from the photos you and Cat had posted from Vegas earlier that week, especially the red highlights in your hair, and then the "sink the boat" shirt...I was so excited!

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Did I all tell you lately, that I love you (TNLW) of course. This trip was one of the best things that I ever did in my whole life. To have met all of you is such a precious memory.

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Saturday 10th June, afternoon.

Back at the hotel, we had lunch - which was a good thing. It would be about the last food I would get into me for the rest of the day. In our room, Cat checked e-mails, I posted something and we still discussed B&G. I joined Cat in the ballroom at 1.30 p.m. for Mel's workshop. As I basically didn't understand a thing she was talking about (which has nothing do to with Mel, just my own ignorance ::D: ) I joined Swan and Jen for a chat. We discussed B&G and Gerry - favourite subjects.

Later on up in the celebrity suite, the auction was still going on - and would be closed by 4.p.m. A couple of GALS were there, watching Gerry movies. I think one of them was Jewel of the SAhara. I stood beside Jill and we had a nice and long talk and just got to know each other better. Thank you Jill for listening to me - miss you.

It was so fun and also droolicious to watch the Gerry scenes from Phantom together. I had almost an Erikgasm during PONR - well all of us had. I hadn't been able to resist and had placed a bid on one of the B&G posters. Cat also bid on one of the signed Gerry photographs - the TR2 premiere pic.

After the bids had been collected, and a bit more of Gerry movies, we slowly headed for our rooms to get ready for the evening. We had some sewing to do and Cat thankfully did this for me on my top. I wanted some cleavage, but seeing now the pictures it was not enough. :doh: .

Nancy looked lovely in her black dress and Cat's handsewed costume was amazing and sexy. I ended up being the last one. I couldn't decide if I should glue on my fake eyelashes. :bonk: . I didn't. In the last second, Cat painted my nails.

I looked at myself in the mirror and had to admit, that I liked what I saw - very much. The mask my sis in law had cut out, looked fantastic and thankfully covered the bags underneath my eyes.

I was excited and nervous, but honestly didn't believe anymore that Gerry would show up. Just the thought of having Tonya there and just be together with everyone was enough. Therefore I only had 14 pictures on my film left. :bonk: .

It was fun walking through the casino with heads turning and people staring at us.

Evening - The Ball

We met Dayna and as Cat mentioned she was all jittery and nervous. Muttering that she wished the whole Q+A with Tonya was already over. Well as it seems, she knew by then what was going to happen....

The ballroom was beautifully decorated - in black and red with red roses everywhere. We admired each others costumes, hugged and laughed, took photos, chatted until it was time to take our seats.

Suddenly I noticed that my camera was so light and it turned out that the battery had fallen out. On all fours I was crawling underneath the table, looking for it, and thankfully finding it, just before Dayna announced Tonya.

Cat, I remember when we discussed the questions, I can still see us sitting in the Caravan Cafe on Wednesday afternoon.

It was an absolute delight to listen to Tonya and her stories how she met Gerry. As Cat had mentioned I noticed as well her repeated remarks about "Getting fired" but I didn't think anything of it. Her announcement that Gerry had acquired a puppy was greeted with cheers. I think I stood, taking a picture, when Tonya pointed at her watch and Dayna announced that we would give the Butler award now.

Swan was named as the winner in the talent show and she stepped up to the stage.

What followed then is burned into my memory. Tonya's little speech about the Butler Award being so heavy and that she had brought a special friend.

I was repeating silently in my mind - "this can't be, this can't be". while I was walking slowly towards the stage in a daze. In the next moment everything turned upside down, when I saw that tall slim man walking in and 100 women were shouting and rushing forward. I must honestly say, that I did not realize what was going on around me, I was just blown away by the fact that he had come - and that I was here too. (again thank you Dayna)

It took me some long moments to process the fact, that he was there, really there in person and that he looked more gorgeous, more vibrant,energetic, boyish - than on any picture I had seen. Somehow the next thing I thought was, that Swan was up there too and I remembered her Fantasy Fan Encounter Story she had written a couple of weeks before......

Then he started to talk, Cat has mentioned everything, about the impression he left. And he was everything that I had imagined him to be. (Risa wonders if she sounds like a lovesick puppy. :inlove: )

When Annette made him aware of Dayna, being the one who had brought us all together, I lost it the first time, tears streaming down my face, when he hugged her. And I couldn't stop when he asked for Bethy. I cannot explain what I felt there, I was simply overwhelmed and I think holding on to Stef, while bawling my eyes out.

His expression, while looking at Bethy, listening to her, was saying more than 1000 words can ever tell. He was honestly touched and moved and almost teary eyed himself. (ah, here we go again, tears running down my face..). And to know what this meant to Bethy..... I hadn't time to recover, as the Fan Video Award was announced and the winner was Abrock.

Then he is leaving and I can't remember who I was hugging first - probably Stef, who was standing beside me most of the time. The next thing I know is me running almost across the ballroom into Cat's arms.

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Ah Risa. Reading this just brings everything back so clearly from that evening. I'm still overwhelmed by the rush of emotions that went on that day. And that was before Gerry showed up. You captured everything beautifully.

I'm trying not to cry at the moment since I finally got my makeup on for the day. My daughter has a friend over and I don't want to have to explain while I'm sniffling. Dang kids. :lol:

I so enjoyed getting a chance to talk to you that afternoon. I'm still amazed at how Gerry's performance in POTO touched so many of us to our very souls and sparked major changes in so many lives. There's just so much more going on inside of him that he radiates in his performances and in real life as well. He just goes right into the core of things. I'm grateful that you felt you could share with me. I will always treasure that.

:hugs: to you from another part of the world that is still feeling the GerryJuice.

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Jill, the chat we had together and getting to know you is one of my fondest memories. As well as drooling together over Gerry, while watching POTO.

I can honestly say, that seeing Gerry in POTO has helped me to change my life and to open up again.

Big hug to you from the other side of the Atlantic

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Ahh yes.... what a night.... one none of us will ever forget. Reading again brought tears to my eyes and here I am sitting at work.

I'm so glad I was able to share it with you Risa. It was so good talking to Jill and Katie afterward too.

Ok Cat... Bakc to work *sigh*

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