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Need Assistance with Avatar

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I have been trying to load my avatar from Photobucket. About a dozen attempts! I keep getting error messages. I have checked all the info re: this and believe that I am following instructions correctly. One point I did notice is that the image URL on Photobucket is not in the same order as the example given in the instructions. Could this be the problem? Please advise. marianne

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When you're copying URL from Photobucket, make sure you copy the first one, the http address, NOT the image URL that starts with .

So the URL you copy and paste into the avatar box should begin with http:// and your photobucket address.


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There's an informative 'tutorial' post from Cleobethra on the forum here:


If you still have difficulties, shout for help from one of the Mods that might be on the board when you are next on!



P.S. will also pm the link to you

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Hey yall..

Anoter helpful hint regarding avatars.

Make sure the file name is not that long.

When you save it to your photobucket, make the name 1 or A

or something.

Make the avatar name a single number or letter.

That way the total code of the avatar..you know the http://yadayada

is not that long.

EXAMPLE: Click this link to see my avatar.


Notice in the address bar of your internet page that the title ofthe avatar is "3"

That is because the photobucket code will add your user name and the folder where the picture is found to the code.

To make sure the code will fit in your avatar area here at GALS -

your best bet is to make the name of the avatar on your image host, a single letter or number.

Hope that helped.

Wo Ha!




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