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Vegas Con Finances

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I know many of you are anxious to know how much money was raised for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation at the Vegas Convention and we are excited to report that amount to you, however, we are still awaiting receipts so that we can give a full accounting to our members and to our charity.

Please be patient with us while we dot every "I" and cross every "T." We feel a great deal of responsibility to our members and to our charities and when we have been given all the information we need, we will immediately post the amounts for our most generous members.

On another note, I hope to be back online in a couple more weeks! Thanks to my fabulous Admins and Mods for filling in for me so competently."*



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THANK YOU ... Hol :kisswink:

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Great to hear from you Dr. Dayna, even if vicariously through Mistress Stef!


Katie Bird

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Thanks for the update Dayna and Stef. Can't wait to hear the amount!!


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Hiya GALS!

I have to do this quickly as I'm supposed to be at church right now...GAH!

Just so you know a little history. Because Jenni has spent so much of her own cash toward the convention, it was decided GALS would handle all the convention funds - including the raffle. Because Mo spent much of her own money on auction items, it was decided GBUSA would handle the auction funds. Additionally, because B&G proceeds would be benefiting the charities, we gave that was also given to Mo to handle. Please remember we had two charaties.

Here is the breakdown:

Auction proceeds were $3,800

subtract mannequin fee $150

$3,650 went to Mo.

Then Mo, who secured most of the things for the auction was to subtract her cost for the items. (ie. She paid 50 for the DRACULA axe and 200 for DRACULA cape and sandals on e-bay) So I do know that she had actual cost that need to be taken into consideration.

Proceeds for B&G showing were $1400.00

subracting the cost of

Brenden Theater rental fee $200.00

Bus Rental $487.50

Shipping for film to us $178.00

Return shipping $228.00

Proceeds ended up being $306.50

Add that to the auction proceeds $3956.50

So the most we could have gotten for charity without Mo subtracting anything was $1978.50

I received a check from Mo for $1,100 for our charity. We are awaiting receipts from Mo to clarify the difference.

That's where we are folks! Sorry it has taken so long, but we want to make sure everything is accurate.

Love you all!


Dayna aka Dr. Em

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