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What is a Round Robin?

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What is a Round Robin?



In terms of writing, I believe it refers to a piece of work written in the following fashion:

A group of people will each take turns writing part of a story; the first person will start out and begin a sentence, paragraph, chapter, etc., however much they desire/are required to, and then leave it off at a convenient point for the next person to pick it up and add their own part to it. Stories like this can be quite entertaining, as with so many different authors and viewpoints/writing styles/ideas, things can go any which way imaginable, and even some that aren't.

I'd love to see how one would come out...With all the creative, intelligent, funny people on here, I bet the GALS could write one heck of a story... hint, hint ;)

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Thanks for explaining Virgolady! :lol:


You're very welcome :D If you want to check one out, or join in on one, it looks like one just started up yesterday...it's in this section, under the title "What happened to Erik?" Can't wait to see how it turns out...Yay for Round Robins! :cheer:

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