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Very belated THANK YOU from Gerry and Tonya


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Dear all, (there are WAY too many of you to mention personally),

I just wanted to write and say thank you all so much for all your wonderful support, for coming to Vegas, for supporting Gerry so much (I know it means so much to him), for raising so much for charity and also for your wonderful gifts!! (I didn't see Gerry for almost three weeks after the convention so it took a while to get through it all, and we're still reading mail now!) But in the meantime, in the absence of personal letters, I wanted to say thank you on his behalf (and from me!). Honestly, you all take my breath away with your thoughtfulness - he loves his manbag!! And everything you sent, from the Celtic cap, the mugs, the towels, the amazing jewellery, even the leather cleaner and protector was so amazing and so perfect for him I think you must read his mind sometimes. As I've said before, I think you all know him better than I do and I think I've known him ten years now!!

I also wanted to say thank you for being so welcoming and supportive in Vegas. I was a little bit nervous (couldn't you tell?!!) and worried, walking into a room of so many wonderful women who I didn't really know but you were all so welcoming and lovely. Thank you. And I'm still in awe of all of you - I think Ger has the most talented fans ever! Jennifer's books, Annette's jewellery, all you amazing video makers and singers out there, Lisa's incredible jewellery, Ashley and her jewel gang, the computer whizzes who work on all the great sites, Dayna (and Maureen and Stef), of course, for organising it all, Annette (I think) who won all the news awards for broadcasting - you're all amazing and so talented it's almost embarrassing!!! It was a pleasure to meet you all and I'm just sorry we didn't have longer with you.

I'm not with Ger at the moment, he's been away for a while, so I just wanted to say sorry if you don't get a personal reply to your wonderful letters and cards (the management have someone else in the office who deals with mail, so it will probably all go there at the moment). But I just wanted to write a personal thank you from him and I and tell you how much it meant to us. I hope you're all keeping well and wonderful and I look forward to seeing you all somewhere again one day,

Best wishes always,


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How lovely to hear from you! Believe me, you were among friends when you were in Vegas with us, because we just loved you! You were so warm and gracious, and you made us all feel special.

Everyone will be so relieved to know that Gerry received his gifts... because many of us worked very hard on what we gave him. He means so much to all of us, and we are so limited in how we can personally express our thanks to him for how he inspires and enriches our lives. It is lovely knowing that he really does appreciate not only our gifts, but also, the love with which they are given.

Thank you, Tonya, for taking time to stop in here. This will mean so much to all the GALS!

My best to you and Gerry!



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Dear Tonya

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I can only second what Swansong said, you were among friends in Las Vegas. Your presence was already more than we could have expected, and then bringing Gerry was just unbelievable.

Gerry has brought so much joy, laughter and happiness in our lives, bringing us together from all over the world. Our gifts are only a small part compared to what he has given us.

His appreciation of them means a lot to us.

I'm endlessly grateful that I could be there in Vegas - there are no words for it.

I'm wishing you and Gerry all the best, from the bottom of my heart.



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How nice of you to drop us a note.

It was also great to see you in Vegas, nice to meet you from a slight distance.

You made us smile just by coming to say hi, even at the B&G showing.

Thanks for everything you do to make us happy!

:hugs: to you & Gerry!!


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Wow, hey Tonya! So great to see you here!

Thank you for your post! Like Swan said, you were definitely among friends in Vegas, I was so delighted to finally put a face with a name! You're an absolute doll, and you looked fantastic, especially at the ball!

Very glad to hear Gerry received and enjoys the manbag...I didn't add my gift until we were in Vegas, and it was stuffed full of wonderful gifts, I had a bit of a hard time finding a place to put mine...I'm so amazed at the artistic talent and craftmanship of my fellow FANmily members (I can't even so much as toll paint).

So, Tonya and Gerry, here's turning the thanks around to the both of you...for taking the time you could to visit with us and make us even more devoted fans than before!

Much love,


(I answer to a lot of names, apparently...)

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:hello: Tonya,

Thanks so much for posting! Vegas was amazing, and it was all the better for the time you so graciously gave to us! It was wonderful to be able to talk to you after Beowulf and Grendel, and pass along Robin's message. :thankyou:

You are so sweet and kind, and the look on your face when Gerry came in at the Ball was wonderful! (Although I will admit, I only noticed it afterwards, looking at all the pictures! I kinda had my eyes on only one face that night!) We are happy to know that Gerry has someone as caring as you helping him, and please know that you are welcome at any of our gatherings, anytime!!

Please pass along many thanks to Gerry, for... EVERYTHING!!! :rose: :thankyou2:

Isabeau (Michele)

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You are the one who deserves the thanks, Tonya. It was so much a pleasure for us all for you to join us in Vegas, and I'm sure we owe a lot of appreciation to you for encouraging Gerry to drop in and surprise us. What a surprise that was, too! I hope that you will always feel welcome amongst any of our gatherings. I know that the members of GALS are an extraoridinary group where love and companionship abound, and I just hope you and Gerry were able to sense our devotion to him and to each other.

Thanks for stopping by on my b-day, I feel honored!

Love and Hugs,


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Dear Tonya~

Thank you so much for your lovely note, and for letting everyone know that their gifts were received and appreciated. I know that means a great deal, especially to those who pour their heart and soul into their creations. It was such a treat to see you at the convention though we never actually met face to face. You are a delight and were certainly among friends with us. Please feel free to join us any time, at any gathering anywhere. You are ALWAYS welcome. Thank you for encouraging Gerry to make an appearance, I don't think you or he will ever know how much that means to all of us.

Hugs and gratitude~


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Hey Tonya Sweetie!!

Thank you so much for this! It's so nice to hear he loves his bag.

You were so wonderful in Vegas, so sweet and thoughtful. Your Q + A was a scream, great craic!

You truely are a lovely person and I hope you can make it to next years, just you and us Gals, hold onto your hats Vegas it's party time!



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I'm tickled -- I can "almost hear" you speaking the words. Personally, I'm humbled by your gesture of making this post. In response to a fellow Gal's pondering whether or not Mr. Butler had received her heartwritten letter, I've written the following reponse in another thread:

...I have never written an fanletter outside of the fundraiser for Vegas. However, I do not expect a reply ...I use this little fantasy to help myself "accept" the resignation that I will never "know" whether he read my note or if it got shipped to the warehouse. Here it goes:

Gerry's WAY old. Maybe even on his deathbed (EEK). Grandkids are visiting him -- pilfering through his "When Grampa Gerry was a MovieStar" crap stored throughout the house. They run across fan letters and start to read. Lil Jill runs down to Grampa's side and starts to ask questions? Gerry is confused. Lil Jill yells to Lil Katie to "BRING DOWN THE FOOKIN' FAN BOOK OF LETTERS!!" Lil Katie and SwannieAnne carry down one big BOX and sit at the end of the bed. Lil Jill starts to read to Grampa. Katie and Lil Simone wait patiently to read one to Grampa, too. Meanwhile, Lil SwannieAnne puts in an old "CD" she's found in the box and it begins to play. Lil Sporran, Barb and Suz gather at the bedside, listening intently to the stories, while the CD plays softly in the background. Grampa is moved -- simply recalling the days of yore -- FINALLY after all the years, "understanding," acknowledging and ACCEPTING the impact he had on fellow human beings. He smiles at the precious faces looking up at him. Suddenly grateful to his fans -- as he'd always been -- that even at the end of his life, his fans have managed to convey to his offspring his legacy....Awed by the PRIDE reflected in his grandchildren's eyes... Grandchildren proud to have descended from such a man that could impact people from AROUND THE WARLD so profoundly ... simply by being his little "fooked up" self.

Although I don't think any of us would venture to dream of you attending Vegas 07 (it IS only 45 weeks away, you know ...) -- in all honesty, I would hope that you (and Gerry) DID truly feel welcomed (and safe) amongst us and that, just perhaps, you would consider joining us for "more time" next year.

I had the opportunity to say, "Thank you for Vegas" to Mr. Butler as I was pushed through the autograph line at the comic-con a couple of weeks ago. I would hope that one day you'd be able to peruse our "Vegas" threads and make him realize that almost every person that left Vegas returned home a different person-- for various reasons -- not the least of which is your sheer generosity in making an appearance. You played such an integral role in that, and for that I/we owe you a debt of gratitude, also.

Hopefully, you can tell that your post is extremely gratifying and "utterly appreciated." It goes without saying that if you ever needed anything -- personally or professionally -- you've got a whole lotta women ready to lend a hand!

It would be a privilege and an honor to someday do for you, what you have done for us.

Holly aka Spot (gosh, I was never embarrased by my screenname before ... somehow knowing that you may actually "read" it ... has me sorta blushing. EEEK!!! (Those who "know" me will have trouble imagining such an event! LOL) Oh, well ... it's the "truth." (Please tell Mr. Butler that his "Phantom" has been one helluva "marital aid!!!" "Big Mike" (who is a Pal on this site) would love to look Gerry in the eye and say "Thanks, man! I don't know what you did. But THANKS!" )

(Oh, and if you ever talk to "Jeremy," please tell him we have a whole thread dedicated just to him. We'd get quite a honk out of his making a post, too!!)


Thanks, again! Holly

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It's always great to hear from you Tonya! Thank you for taking time out of your day to say hi and let us know about the gifts. Personally, I wasn't at Vegas but reading all the Gals' stories and encounters with you and Gerry. . .I was touched beyond words. Thank you for all that you've done Tonya, you truly are a blessing to all of us. . . as weeell as Gerry ::D: .



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First of all let me say that I am picking myself up off the floor because Spotty said she was embarrassed. I didn't know such a thing could happen. I love you Spotty.

Secondly, I was not able to make the Vegas Convention. I did however get to hear Gerry speaking because my dear friend Spotty called me and let me listen. I wish I could have been there in person but I was there in spirit. Thank you Tonya and Gerry for what you have done for us GALS. We love you both.

I am so happy to hear that Gerry got the man bag and that he liked it. I poured my heart out in my letter and am just tickled that he could have possibly read my words.

Thank you so much Tonya for taking the time to post. Please come visit us more often. We love having you on our site.

Hugs to you both,


*Streaks through Tonya's thread just because you know I had to*

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You can tell alot about people by those around them. If GALS is any indication, you and Gerry must be extraordinary people. I am so impressed that you took the time to say thanks, and to know that Gerry and those closest to him don't take his fans for granted.

The size of the heart is not measured by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

You are loved very much here.



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It was so fabulous to meet you and so fantastic of Gerry to come and speak to his fans and give out the Butler Awards to such talented women. Any gifts sent to you, Gerry, and Jereme are but a small token for the way Gerry's deep talent has touched our own lives. We will always be grateful that he took the time to share with us.

We can only hope to share with us again some day.

Much love and many thanks

Jennifer St. Giles

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Thank you Tonya for finding the time to post such thoughtful words re: the Vegas experience, the gifts and just the GALS in general. Although we personally did not have words it was such a pleasure seeing you there. Of course your "friend" was most welcomed also. ::D: There are several talented woman on this site it just brings a smile to my face knowing that Gerry appreciates them and all that they do. I guess we can only hope to see yourself, Gerry and Jeremy in Vegas 2007. I figure a GAL can dream can't she.


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Hi! Tonya!

Thank you for taking the time to post and letting us know Gerry received his gifts.

You have touched so many of our lives by your thoughtfulness and kindness.

We here at GALS appreciate all that you do and wish you the very best!



*ps-I added your GALS name to the list* ::D:

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Thanks for taking time to post!! ::D:

You've made many of us very happy with your kind words!

I surely hope Gerry will have time to look through the large black binder with the

correspondence and mementos that I compiled on behalf of the GALS gals and the small booklet with the names of all the contributors to his manbag, with the white and blue/green designed cover.

Thanks again to you for working with GALS Admin to make Vegas so special...

your participation at the B&G showing and the Dracula Ball was delightful...we enjoyed hearing your stories, and

having you answer some of our questions.

Gerry's commitment to his fans is so special...he was a dear to take time from his

pressing schedule to spend a portion of it with us that evening!

Big hug and with thanks,


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Even though I am new to this sight and I was not in Vegas, I just wanted to tell you that it means so much to us fans that you have taken the time to send us a message.I signed up in Jan over on GB.net and took part in the Chicago Beowulf and Grendel event.(my first) It was amazing. All of these ladies are so incredible and I have made so many new friends, and it's all because of our man Gerry. Please et him know how much we love him(as if he doesn't know).Give him a big hug and kiss for me OK! Thanks again. Hopefully I will have to opportunity to meet you in person someday.(Gerry too, I pray).You both are very special people!

Amy :rose:

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Tonya, just a quick note: I do hope Gerry received mine and Nathan's CD of original music; Chanson de L'ange.

Nathan worked so hard on composing those 6 tracks, and getting the CD put together in time for Vegas. Had I known Gerry was going to be there, I would have traded him the CD for the Butler Award, and given it to him in person!

Oh well, it's all good! One of the most memorable nights of my life!


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Tonya, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit us and post today. We appreciate so much hearing the news you posted and of course we were elated that you and Gerry joined with us in Vegas. Thanks to you especially for being so courageous and generous to put yourself in the public eye with the fans. I had such a wonderful time meeting and talking with you.

Thank you,


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Tonya, I may be a relative newbie, but I am so encouraged to hear from you and to hear that you and Gerry enjoyed your time in Las Vegas, and that Gerry got his gifts.

Thank you for thinking of us!


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Tonya, though I didn't get to speak to you personally, I wanted to say just how much your sweet, genuine and caring attitude meant to us. You truly are beautiful inside and out. It just goes to show that Gerry is a class act and your presence there proves it! Thanks so much!


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All has been said before I got on, but we do thank you for all you do for us and Gerry. I was so looking forward to meeting you, but hadn't a clue that you rascals were planning on bringing the Butler Award with you. Thanks so much! I can die happy now. Thought I was going to that night!!

We appreciate you!!


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