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Round Robin:What happened to Erik?


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The PI continued stroking his chest, and opened 2 buttons of his shirt.

"So, shall we go then" she said with a saucy smile. "I'd really would like to know more about this Music of the Night".

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Erik sat down in the chair as she continued to stroke his chest.

"Er okay, my music of the night then," Eriks eyes were foggy and he just leaned back.

She continued to unbutton his shirt, She stroked his chest more. She looked at him. He grabbed her by her hips and pulled her in for a kiss.

Erik had never been affected by a lady this way either. What was going wronge?

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As the PI leaned in to softly kiss Erik's lips, he suddenly remembered why he was here. "No, you shameless hussy" he roared and lept to his feet. "I need you to find Paris Hilton, she is the key to my happiness."

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The PI was on the floor she looked up at him with tears in her eyes, He recalled the same incindent with Christine.

"Yes sir," She said getting up.

"Wait, maybe you can be my happyness for a while." He said winking at her.

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She sighed.

"What the hell is up with you? You don't want me, then you do. Then you back off, then you want me again. You know what, just explain what you want about Paris and I'll get my kicks somewhere else! I should go visit my ex..he's a sexy Vicomte that lives somewhere nearby. You're sexier than him, but I don't think you'd be better in the sack..."

With that, Erik cursed and slammed his fist down on the desk.

"Enough!" he shouted angrily. "Just tell me where to find the rich blond slut, ok?"

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Rolf!!! I am having the BEST time with this!

The PI glared at Erik. "No, I won't" she spat. "You controlling freak."

Erik glowered at her "What??" he demanded. "I have paid you the money, you had just better be careful, or it will be the punjab for you!"

The PI laughed at him. "The what?? Speak English man, besides, you don't scare me" she said.

Erik slammed his fist again on the desk, and roared

"You will curse the day you did not do, all that the Phantom asked of yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu."

(Sorry - couldn't resist.) :p

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The PI looked at Erik."What was that" she asked Erik.

Erik laughed and said "That was piece of my Music of the Night. And now for the last time , tell me where I can find Paris Hilton. Make your choice"

The PI laughs and says ........

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"Music of the night hey?? More like Music Outta Sight! That rocked! Where can I hear some more?"

Erik paused, and reconsidered his earlier tantrum. He had always been prone to rash decisions. Should he give this strange PI a second chance?

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pro: he'd find paris hilton

con: he had to put up with more crap from the her (the PI)

pro: if the paris thing didn't work out, he still had a chance to shag SOMEONE

con: she was whiny and irritating as hell

pro: he would find a new lair in which to dwell

con: he wouldn't be able to strangle the irritating hoar-slut

he went over these for a second in his mind, and finally he decided.....

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"Actually" said the PI, correcting him, "3's a crowd, so it's her or me, big boy."

Erik stared. "What? How can you hear my thoughts?"

The PI looked at him strangely. "Dude, you've been saying them all aloud."

Erik blushed...living alone for years, he hadn't even realized that he said thoughts aloud before...what else had she heard?

"Well, I heard a bit about a blond slut and some rope...that's all I need to know, I think" she said softly, grabbing him and forcing him onto her desk.


i'm sorry, this thread just cracks me up :SmileNose: i know, the gutter's getting the best of me at the moment :P0king:

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She pushed Erik on to the desk, and straddled him, then with amazing quickness, opened the desk drawer and extracted a length of rope.

"Like rope, do you?" she questioned.

Oh dear - I can see this having to be moved to the naughty spot soon!

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Suddenly it hit Erik that he was being lead astray by this ho bag..AGAIN!

Furious, he grabbed the rope away from her and threw it around her neck.

"WHY do you keep trying to distract me?!?!?" he roared. "Tell me where to find Paris NOW!" For emphasis, he tightened the rope.

The PI sobbed softly, and in spite of himself erik felt guilty. He slowly removed the rope and to his suprise she hugged him.

Quietly she said "I don't know what it is about you, but...."


i'm sorry, i like to participate :p

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Erik stood in amazment, "You what?"

She pushed him off of her, "I wanna have your babies" she said winking at Erik.

Erik stood there and kissed her smack dab on the mouth.

She stood there enjoying every second.

She finally tore away and pushed him back onto the desk and straddled him again. Her shirt unbottoned more.

"Damn your good at those mind tricks," Erik said.

She laughed, "its just what happens."

Erik layed back.

*lights dim on desk*



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i dunno why i bother tryin to clean this up, libbey just makes it dirty again :P0king: anywayz, i'm having typing probs cuz i fell over laughing at the 'babies' comment...NICE ONE BEANIE!!!! :D haha, just to make libbey mad i'm gonna fast forward the story 2 hours :)


*2 hours later* (see, time travel is a snap)

Erik got up and stared out the window of the office. He couldn't believe how happy he felt...someone loved him! HIM, for himself, not 'faking him out to secretly save the pussy vicomte' love him, but really LOVE him! He sighed softly and looked at the PI sleeping on the office floor. he was about to join her when suddenly the door burst open to reveal non-other than Raoul de Chagny himself.


i'm sorry, i just wanted another plot twist to the already twisted (but remarkibly entertaining) story. :bond:

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"What the fook are you doing here!" Erik exclaimed.

Raoul took in the scene before him. It was obvious he walked into the aftermath of some very kinky stuff.

"I'm here to hire an private investigator. And shouldn't you be in a cave somewhere?" he answered back.

Erik grabbed the noose on the table, Christine wasn't here now to stop him.

The PI suddenly woke up, so Erik put the rope back down. She proceeded to get up and straighten her clothes.

"Um, hi. Can I help you?" she asked when she saw Raoul standing there.

"Yes, I need you to find my wife Christine. She's missing."

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"And I think I know who is responsible.." The FOP continued, glaring at Erik.

"What??" demanded Erik, "You suspect me...you soppy long haired git. If I was going to trouble myself kidnapping anyone, it would have been you - and I would have used my punjab on you."

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Erik continued angrily "Do you really think me that sloppy that I would kidnap your hot wife without getting rid of you first? You brainless twit! She most likely ran away because she was sick of your crying and bad love making!"

"you didn't kill me last time" Raoul protested

Erik thought for a minute "well pretty boy....you uhhhh...YOU HAVE A BAD HAIRCUT!"

The PI sat up suddenly exclaiming "You kidnapped someone!"

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Erik looked sad, "yes i did only because i thought she could help me make the music, but she sucked so i let her go with the sissy raoul"

The PI smiled at him, "How sweet in a weird sort of way, So this PUSSY here took your first love eh?"

Erik nodded.

"Well, then, he cant be helped, Im sorry sir, I cant help you, Try a different PI and get out of my office NOW!" She spat in Raouls face

Raoul ran out of the room crying.

Erik kissed the PI long, finially he asked, "Whats your name miss i seemed to have missed it."

"Katheryn, my name is Katheryn."

She lay down on the floor and Erik joined her. They both lay there, her head on his chest and his eyes looking at her all he could to soak up her love.

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What was Erik to do now...did he still want to find Paris Hilton?? After all, he had got what he always wanted and what he came in search for in the first place. He had now experienced the touch of another woman, he was no longer a boy but a MAN!

Next, the unexpected happened...in came CHRISTINE! BAH BAH BAAAH!

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"Angel! What are you doing here?!" Christine cried out.

"Christine!" Erik shot up from the floor.

"Is she the singer you dumped?" Kathryn asked.

"Excuse me? Who the hell are you?"

"I'm his girlfriend" Kathryn said, wrapping herself around Erik left arm.

"It isn't true is it? Angel I was wrong in leaving you. I was young and stupid. I never really loved Raoul, I was blinded by his really pretty hair. Give me another chance and I promise to be yours and only yours."

"Oh please! Look honey, he finally found a real woman. Tell her to get lost Erik."

Erik open his mouth and said.....

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"I can't decide. We must have a contest. Whichever one of you snogs me the best shall have me for life...the other, i shall visit on the weekends."

Chrisitne and Kathryn glared at each other for a second, turned to Erik and nodded vigorously. Erik grinned. If someone had told him 24 hours ago that he'd have not one but TWO women head over heels in love with him, he would've strangled them for pulling his leg. Now, he felt so overwhelmingly happy that this wasn't a dream..or was it? DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN :spit: (hehe, POTO music..sorry, continue the story, me cheeky wee donkeys)


:rotflmao: i love this story. libbey, u r a genius :poke:

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