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Round Robin:What happened to Erik?


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But no -- it wasn't a dream!!

" Pucker up, baby," he heard the Kathryn the PI say, and was bowled over by her as she planted a wet one on him. It was nice. It was hot... it seemed like it was going on forever.... and ever.... and - hey, he could really get used to this!!!

Suddenly he felt Kathryn being pulled away from him. "Step back, you hussy" Christine shrieked at Kathryn. Christine threw Kathryn to the side and leapt into his arms. OMG, he thought.... this is it......

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It had been a long time since Erik had felt Christine's lips on his. She slowely and tenderly kissed him, making him recount the feelings he had felt in days past. Erik had a choice to make that he thought he would NEVER have to make. He had to choose between two sexy women, and damn he felt good about it! This kiss from Cristine was different from the last one. Christine was not holding back...perhaps because Raoulie wasn't watching.

But wasn't he wrong....

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Christine suddenly realised why Raoul never loves her...he likes men! Raoul obviously knew that when Christine went missing, she would be looking for Erik, therefore HE would find Erik. He couldn't pretend anymore!

The whole thing had been a masquerade on Raoulies part. He had only taken Christine away from Erik last time because if he couldn't have him, no one could!

Erik, after he realised what was happening, pushed Raoul off of him.


(this is an interesting turn in the story...I always knew Raoul was gay)

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Well, now that Erik knew that Raoul was gay he turned him down right of the way.

He turned to Christine and back to Kathryne, could he ever choose. He had to thoe, so now he took a deep breath in and said the words that just came from his heart.

"I choose Kathryne, Sorry christine but you gave up on me so i give up on you. Take your gay lover and leave me!"

He took Katheryn up in his arms and hugged her and took in every last scent of her. He new he had made the descion that will make him tha happiest. She loved him from her heart. Not from a hypnotized heart and he knew it well..

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Christine was not happy, but knew Erik was right. She burst into tears and threw her ring at Raouls head. Raoul ran after her. Erik felt a glimmer of pity for Christine, but he couldn't live with her changeable and abrupt ways.

"Katheryn, lets get out of this office" he said while kissing her on the forehead.

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He lifted her up and carried her off to Castlegard in 14th century France where they lived happily ever after with his good friend Andre Marek.

The End? :huh:

do these ever end? do we keep going or does someone start a new one? i have no idea :poke:

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