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Trivia Scoring


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The private tournaments have essentially two scores:

The individual quiz "score" which is: ( total correct * 100 ) - time where time is in seconds

and the

"award" which is based on your ranking with the above score and 'n', the number of players for that day.

First place gets an "award" of 'n', second place gets 90% of 'n'


1 = 100%

2 = 90%

3 = 80%

4 = 75%

5 = 70%

6 = 65%

7 = 60%

8 = 55%

9 = 50%

10 = 45%

11-20 = 20%

21-30 = 15%

31-40 = 10%

41-50 = 5%

Ex. If there are 23 players, then 1st place gets 23 points, 2nd place gets 90% of that, or 21 (rounded to nearest whole number) and so on.

You can see there is a huge premium to placing in the higher positions.

More info:

First of all, the individual is scored by receiving 100 points for every correct answer, minus the total number of seconds he takes to complete the quiz.

So a player taking 45 seconds and getting 8 correct will have 800 points, minus 45 seconds for a score of 755.

The total tournament points available to first place depends on the number of players, for example, if there are 15 players, first place gets 15 points.

Second to tenth place receive a percentage of the total points on a graduated scale.

11th place through 20th all receive the same percentage, but there is quite a drop-off after 10th.


Ties are unfortunately not dealt with well - apparently handled somewhat arbitrarily.

Q = In our group trivia tournament, ties seem to be handled arbitrarily, with one player being placed ahead of the other (and given more points) for no discernible reason.

What's the method behind this madness?

A = Ties are dealt at random.

Update - April 21, 2007

Ties now go to player playing first.

I'm getting all this info from the Feedback Forums on FunTrivia .com.

Were not the only ones wondering about the scoring.

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