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Guidelines - Picture Posting-Updated Jan. 2011

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Now, continuing with bandwith issues, and out of courtesy to our dial-up members, there is a picture/graphic post limit of 10. No post will be allowed to contain more than 10 pictures/graphics.

Do not post large pics or graphics. Small pics and graphics, not exceeding 250x250 pixels are acceptable, along with thumbnails. Oversized posted photos will be changed to links by a Moderator or removed if a link cannot be found.


There are several image hosting sites that are great to use. theimagehosting.com and Photobucket.com creates thumbnails for you to post onto message boards.

For PhotoBucket accounts it will make clickable thumbnails for you.

1. Next to the name of your picture there is a little box

2. Click on the box to make a green check mark appear

3. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a button that says Generate HTML and IMG code

4. Click this button and it takes you to a page of codes

5. Look for these words IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended

6. Copy the code and then just paste it in the REPLY window on the forum

It gives very clear images.

I really hope that helps some of you, I tried to break it down enough so that some of you could understand. I know that we are not all COMPUTER Friendly so I did my best! : :D: IF you have any other questions ask a MOD and we would be happy to walk you through it!!

1/6/2011: Ban on quoting images w/i posts has been rescinded. You may now quote images from previous posts when replying.

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