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Gerard Butler GALS

Lucky Sweet 16.


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From webshots:


Some lucky girl on her 16th Birthday:

me and jennifer love hewitt at the newsroom!! she was talking to gerard butler and when he left we went up to her. she was like im not letting u leave unitl u tell me wat that guys name is i totally forgot! so we found out his name was gerard butler and during our lunch we went to jennifer love hewitt's table and told her wat his name was. she was like oo yaa!

Pic of girl and Gerry:

Posted Image


me and gerard butler. he's the phantom from the phantom of the opera. doesnt he have the most gorgeous blue eyes! he was so sweet. he was like its her 16th birthday get her over here! on his autograph he wrote "a big birthday kiss" aww


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He's so adorable, and his eyes do look totally blue in that photo. Love didn't remember his name? Well very soon, they'll all know his name!

Guess Love was kind of blown away by our G-man... wonder if she'll look him up? Anyone know how old she is? They would make a cute couple! BTW, wasn't she the first guest on Ellen when Gerry was on? I suppose they met before filming, and she still didn't remember his name?


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Beats my 16th hands down LOL

Same here! Actually.....................................I don't even remember my 16th. :huh: I guess it was quite a while ago.....

I WOULD have remembered it if something like that had happened to me. ::D:

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Guest greyeyegoddess

You had sweet 16 parties???? Geez, we just moved to a new city when I turned 16 (b-day's in September...new city, new school...really SUCKED!)

My query is "Where was this gal that she saw all these celebrities?" I'm in L.A. and Hollywood all the time and I don't see anyone!


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