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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (GALS) Continued...

Dr. Em

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:rotflmao: Naughty, MOI? No way Jose...lol.  Um, yeah, gonna see Gerry, might even see the movie somehow...tickets seem to have sold out, even the people at the festival can't understand!!! LOL, we understand don't we gals!

Having fun, Beanie's gonna be freakin' all day Wednesday, and of course, that doesn't amuse me at all right?  :pointy:


Mmmm Gerry..

Now..let's say you have a very quick moment with him.

Be sure to say.. "Tell Billy, the girls at gerardbutlergals.com say hi.."


Speaking of Billy!

I forgot to start the whole naming body part thread!!


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Hiya GALS ~

I am alive and kicking but still recovering from Vegas. Stories to come...I promise.

Today is my daughter’s birthday - not Tierney - her older sister who is now 21! (I had her when I was young - really.*wink*) She and her husband are coming over for cake and to play cards so I won’t be on until later tonight. Happy Birthday Ashley!

Dawn ~ Will you PLEASE tell Gerry he is overdue for his physical with Dr. Em! Just like a man to put off his physical! :ripoffclothes: Oops! How'd THAT get in there? *wink*

Tierney and I have tag-teaming on the Ultimate Hottest Gerry Character Game. Go Stranger!

More chestage pics!

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Dr. Em

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shhh...don't tell!

Happy anniversary of the birth of you oldest daughter!

And happy Birthday to her!!


Barb :kiss:


Ok! I give up! No more game for me! :rotflmao:

I'm going to follow Bethy around the boards and talk about Gerry's body parts and so on!! :dance:

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Holy fook GALS, I finally finished and posted my new chapter on the GB.net board, and now I'm gonna email it for the Mods to approve so I can post it here! I feel like I've been through a huge battle.... well I have, the battle in my poor Erik's mind.

Okay so Dawn, where are you going to see Gerry? And please don't hate me if I'm jealous.

I hope you'll fill us in on all the details!

Phew GALs, I'm beat!

Swan :kiss:

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Gooooooood evening GALS!

Just got back from a Tart gathering outside of Chicago in NW Indiana! Very fun! Crazy pictures from Black Opera Mask Tart (Kissed by the Butler at gb.net) and got to see Sporran's tits being signed in her album.... :clap:

I just get back, and I got to check on Ethan and Charlotte, and there are 80 bazillion more posts! Hot hot HOT! :drool1:

And new emoticons! I have been missin' OUT girls!

Sporran...just found out that I'm on the Burns day tour with you....so I'll meet you in Scotland! Woot! There is a rumor that the G man will be in the UK when we are because he's doing the Marlowe movie.....OMG I won't be able to stand it if it's true... :gerik:

Anybody know when The Game Of Their Lives comes out on DVD? I'm DYING HERE! And B & G not premiering until 2006....gees!

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Hi everyone! Quick Sunday evening post!

BEACH- Thanks for the vid props! That one's not doing as well as my previous ones, but I'm so glad you liked it.

Candy- Get better, hun!

Dawn- We DEFINITELY want a detailed account.... *waiting with bated breath*

Swan- Just copied the newest chapters...can't wait to read them!

Okay, I'll see ya'll a bit tomorrow!

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Okay. I have so much to do, so I am putting off having this woman

work on the laptop. Maybe Tuesday I'll give it to her, but I have lots of graphics to do tomorrow.

My mom is going to work tomorrow, so I want to make sure she gets enough sleep and is comfortable.

We are going to have another look at this new apartment we want to get.

We have a huge moving job to do. We have to move a 3 bedroom apartments worth of stuff into a one bedroom. So tons of stuff needs to either go into the apartment or get tossed.

Ugh..I hate moving. Just packing stuff is insane enough.


Well I hope everyone has a good night.

I need to get some sleep.

Thanks again for the prayers.

Right now with all the stress, I need them.

Love yas


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Night Bethy! Take care of yourself, too! Hugs to your mom.

Hope you can get all the graphics done to your satisfaction!

Night Abrock! Good to see you post!

Night everyone else! The silly game was fun! Sorry, I had to quit!

Off to read some of the second DG Outlander book.

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Wow... so much going on here.

Dawnie, ya are trying to KILL me woman. Yes, I am going to be sitting here with my heart in my throat every time my cell rings on Wednesday, wondering if you've managed to get Ger-bear in your radar and have handed your phone to him. :scared: Although, I'm wondering if maybe it wouldn't be safer if he didn't hear about me from you... :lalala: I am in such big trouble. :rotflmao: I'm saving my money, Dawnie... I think ya are gonna need that bail... :bleh:

Ok, must get my mind distracted from that and onto other things.... CHEST!!!

Posted Image

^Looks like Gerry is very busy pumping up for 300!!! There I feel better now.

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Congrats on finishing the book Jenni! Yummmy tummmy he looks HAWT!!! Can't wait to read it!

Jen ~ that is cool that we'll be on the Burns tour together. When I tell people I'm going to Scotland in January they give me this :huh: look and say - January? Why? If they aren't Gerry fans they just don't understand. I'm not getting any expectations in my head about whether Gerry will be anywhere within 3000 miles of Scotland at that time. I'm the "NO EXPECTATIONS" GAL and it works out just fine for me that way. It still cracks me up that I'm infamous among Tarts and GALS for my tit-signing moment. I used to live in almost your neck of the woods - north-EASTERN Indiana (Fort Wayne) thru high school and college. Haven't been back there in nearly 20 years.

We saw Little Women, the musical tonight. Maureen McGovern stars but she only has 2 songs in the show - I wish she had more. The sound was not correct and the microphones weren't tuned with enough volume (we sit in the nosebleed section) so some of the voices were too quiet for such a huge theater. It was a good show, not great, but good.

Well, I must get to bed after a print a couple of things out.

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Thought I'd check in one more time before going to bed...alone. :(

Ashley's birthday went well. Tierney baked her very first cake for her - by scratch - frosted it and made a "21" out of candles for her. It was so sweet. Tierney was so excited. She did a fabulous job and Tyler and Sean (my boys) gobbled up several pieces, then Sean took some home to his apartment. Ashley and her husband just kept raving on and on about what a good job Tierney did. It does a mom's heart good.

Ashley's hubby redeamed himself this year for her birthday and bought a very nice present for Ashley. Last year he "didn't have time" to get her a present. I was NOT a happy mother-in-law. I tried to explain to him that birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day are big deals to women, but he said, "No, just the women in your family think they are big deals." The discussion was on. The women won and he ate crow. :nanana:

We played cards until 10:00 and had a great family time together.

Now, I'm watching Attila and I'm a very contented woman. :yippee:

Jenni ~ :woo: :woo: :woo: and double :woo: How can I reward you for a job well done? Please give yourself a treat and don't start the next book for a day or two.

I think I need more chestage pics...

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Dr. Em

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Woot Woot Woot! Happy B-day Ashley!!! :throw:

So glad you had a good day at the house of Dr. Em! :wave:

I am excited because I just got off the phone with our Australian vixen, Sarah. What a wonderful woman -- love ya Sarah!!! You are just as amazing as you are in your posts here. Muah!!! :rose::kiss:

Will be looking forward to Attila later this week, along with The Jury. Yay! :drool1:

Let's see.... do I have any more Gerry goodness to add to this thread?

Well, this is much more Black velvet than most of my other links, and he is pretty fully covered... but I still think of his wonderful chest underneath that lovely white shirt.

Posted Image

Have a Gerrilicious morning, GALS!

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