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Happy Birthday Gerry!

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Happy Birthday, Gerry! :kiss:

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Stay out of trouble, :worship: you sexy scot! :cunning: Actually, if you're gonna get into trouble, we Gals are here for you. :tasty:



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Happy Birthday Gerry!

Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given to so many, and to me, as your fan this past two years. (I saw you at the LV convention) I admire your ambition, tenacity and perseverence. I think this will be a great year for you! You are a great actor, AND person!


in Connecticut


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May you receive all that your heart desires in the coming year and beyond!

With Love and Devotion...

Always your Fan,

Sharon aka Smog23 aka Dark Angel


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Dear Gerry,

Wishing YOU a Very Happy ... 37th Birthday on Nov. 13th !!!!!!

And remember -- as Mr. Rod Stewart (also a fellow Scott - on his father's side) sang ---

"YOU WEAR IT WELL !! " so don't you forget it !!!

Just wishing you all the Happiness, Love, Laughter, Peace, Contentment and Much Success in

your life and career !!!! You deserve the Best !!!

May GOD Richly Bless and Take Care of You !!!

I would like to Thank You !!! for all of the Love, Fire, Passion, Intelligence, Zanyness, Charm, Wit,

and Honesty that you pour from your heart into your performances. You have truly touched and

inspired my life - (as you have with so many others) ! The fact that you are all these beautiful

things as an actor -- should be more than enough for most fans - but you don't stop there...

You go that extra mile with all of your fans -- wearing your heart on your sleeve and bearing

your soul... giving so generously of your time, sharing, meeting, reading leters, acknowledging

your fans with so much love and respect ! You make us feel like we're your extended friends -

not a bunch of nameless fans ! So Thank You for just being You ... there is so much more

to you than a very talented, charming, funny and drop-dead gorgeous Hot-Scott - of an actor !!! --

you truly have a beautiful Soul !!! and you seem to live your life exemplifying the

philosophy of (a movie that I feel is as beautiful as you are -- "Dear Frankie")


As busy, and "tugged on" in your life endeavers - as I know you must be -- you probably won't

ever see this message but -- maybe the positive energy and vibes from it and so many

other messages of love and good will to you -- might perhaps radiate out into space &

hopefully and kiss you on the face -- (ha ha) -- one day -- I hope so !!

Love Ya & Give Lolita a Pug/Hug !!

Amanda Means / aka - Amanda-T

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:happybirthday: Gerry, I hope your day is special, just like you!! :Yippie:

Thank you for all the wonderful times with friends because of you and for the joy you've brought to so many. With each and every character you portray, you touch our hearts all over again!

Best wishes to you always and to what promises to be a Phan..tastic year ahead!! We'll be there to enjoy it with you!! :clap:



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Gerry, you will never know how much you mean to us, but my greatest wish for you is happiness and health in your life, and that you be surrounded by enough laughter and love to get you through anything that comes your way. We are always here for you, and we appreciate all you have given us through your talent and your time. May the future hold many moments that make your heart swell with joy. Here is the birthday cake we had for you on Saturday night at the L.A. Phantom Feast and Birthday Bash.

Posted Image

and here are the well wishes that went with it - as we all sang Happy Birthday to you.

Posted Image

(my apologies to the rest of the Mod Squad, I know these pictures are larger than we normally allow, but just in case Gerry checks his birthday wishes I didn't want him to have to click on thumbnails to see them)

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Dear Gerry:

I just want to say :happybirthday:

It has been a BUSY year for you, and this next year of your life will be even busier, I'm sure.

Meeting you in Vegas last year was very special for me. Standing next to you, with my sister, while cameras flashed all around, it was so exciting!

I'm looking forward to seeing you again on the big screen next year. You have changed my life in ways that I never thought an actor could. You actually brought my sister and I closer together, as we never had much in common before (we're seven years apart in age).

So have a happy birthday and have a GREAT year!

:wub: Mousie

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Dearest Gerry, ::D: :happybirthday::happybirthday::happybirthday:

A very happy birthday filled with health and happiness. You have done so much for so many we just wanted to show you just how much we care about you. We all want to thank you for being you. May all your dreams come true this year which is going to be one great year for you.

Missed you at your Birthday Bash in New York and hoping that you will be able to stop by at the Vegas convention in June. We all need to meet you! You mean alot to all of us. You bring joy to all that have met you.

With respect, love, and admiration,

Barbara O. from New Jersey :wave:

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Happy Birthday Gerry!


...and I send you my gooiest :lick:, most loving and affectionate :wub: good wishes for a stupendous year to come! You are, and ever shall be, my Hero. :inlove:


( :kiss: ...with much love from... :kiss: )


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Happy Birthday to my favorite actor. :Yippie:

Whether you're playing a king to die for or causing stripping accidents on the set (Where's that emoticon, ladies? ::D: ), you're one hell of an interesting man! :tens:

Celebrate your special day and think about what's to come in 2007. I hope you enjoy your growing fame and a long, wonderful acting career. You deserve it. :party: :wub:



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WOW!! So many birthday greetings already...can you feel the LOVE, Gerry?? :wub:

I'm not going to be long-winded here, 'cause most everything I could think to say has probably been said, but I WILL say, "Amen" to all the thoughts that have been shared.

:happybirthday:Gerry.... "YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE" , and I mean that literally!

THANK YOU for all the joy you've given me over the past two years..you are a beautiful soul, and my life will never be the same because of you. I'm counting the days until your new movies come out..can't wait to see them!

*is it March, 2007 yet?*

Great, boob-squishing hugs, and a snog too, for good measure! :kiss:


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Just wanted to add... Gerry, I feel an unmistakable sense of joy for you today.... and I hope that you too are full of joy as you celebrate your special day with friends and loved ones.

I really hope someone is throwing you a great party tonight, and that you have a blast!

Love to you, you dear sweet man....


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Hey Gerry!

Relax and enjoy your b-day! You deserve it.

I have only been a fan for two months, but I must say your voice stays with me all day. I listen to the Phantom soundtrack on my way into work and back home. That's when I became a fan.

I'm looking forward to your new movies (even though I'm saddened to see that you're not the new James Bond...:bonk:).

But have a good day!



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Gerard: Happy Birthday! I don't know your favorite color, scent, or style, and since all seems to have been said, I wrote this instead:

(Inspired by Gerry's POTO)

Se Lamenter

Mirror, mirror

behind the wall

Qui vous attrapera

Quand vous tomber?

Who will catch you

When you fall?

Piercing shards of memory,

Refracted, contracted,

In prisms of green;

Oui, me retourner.

Darkness creeps within,

A tuneless nightsong;

Sing for me again:

A fallen angel’s sins,

Purged by demonic desire;

That scarlet pain caged,

Bound and bleeding in your breast,

A sacrifice to passion’s fire;

Oui, c’est moi je t’aime;

Me retourner.

A myriad of dreams

Colors my mind,

Like wine through water,

Care less of place or time:

Your breath is warm upon my mouth;

Your tongue silences all doubt;

Your scent seeps into my skin;

Your hands demand complete possession.

Our bodies burn, our souls free

Sweet release

Precious alchemy

Oui, tu m’as retrouve.

Mirror, mirror

Behind the wall,

Je vous attraperai

Quand vouz tomber.

I will catch you

When you fall.


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Hope you have a super B'day with all those you Love and endless blessings fall upon you throughout the coming year!



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