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The Beholder

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The Beholder

Chapter One - The Healer

Rehearsals for the production of Hannibal were over. Carlotta had walked out, the opera ghost had sent his instructions, and Christine Daae had passed her audition and was scheduled to sing that night. As the ballet rats rushed back to the dressing rooms, young Meg took her time. She was Madame Giry’s daughter and Christine’s best friend.

That day, Meg’s feet were hurting more than usual. With blisters on every toe, she could barely walk. When she finally made it back to her room, she sat at her vanity and took her ballet slippers off. Sitting up she took the pins out of her long blonde hair. She picked up a handkerchief and blotted her sweaty face. Looking up in the mirror, she noticed a small bottle on the nightstand next to her bed.

Getting up, she walked over to the bed and picked up the small object. The label said Soda Water on it, so Meg knew it was harmless. She decided to taste it. Raising it to her lips, she took a little sip. It tasted of a heavy sort of mint. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the window open. The noise took Meg by surprise and she dropped the glass bottle on the floor. It broke into a thousand pieces. The liquid splashed all over her bare feet.

For a moment, Meg just sat there on the bed. Whatever was in that bottle was soothing against her pained skin. Pretty soon, she was walking around the room, with ease and no trouble at all.

She smiled and said:

“Thank you.” out loud, and hoped that whoever her mysterious healer was, would hear her.

Then something began to happen. Meg noticed that she was tired. Actually, she felt extremely tired. So tired that she…A few seconds later, she was on the floor fast asleep.

Suddenly, a dark figure emerged. Picking up the sleeping girl, he laid her gently on the bed and covered her with a blanket. He returned to his hiding place. Looking back at her through his white mask, he whispered in a soft voice:

“Sweet Dreams.”

Then with a swirl of his long, black cloak, he disappeared. :rose:

Chapter Two - The Gift

Three Hours Later…

Madame Giry had just finished putting the last star pin in Christine’s hair. Christine looked into the mirror. Madame could see that she was nervous.

“Don’t worry. Meg will be out there with you. Everything will be just fine,” she said.

“Speaking of Meg, do you know where she is? I haven’t seen her since rehearsal, and she wasn’t at supper.” said Christine.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her either. Maybe I should check her room. Put on your earrings, and Meg and I will meet you on the left side of the stage. Understood?”

“Yes, Madame,” said Christine.

Madame Giry quickly searched every room in the ballet dormitories and the storage rooms. Finally, she came to Meg’s own room. There she saw her daughter on the bed sound asleep. Madame let out a breath of relief. Then she noticed something. On the floor next to her bed was mess of glass shards and a light green liquid was splattered everywhere. Before she could say anything, Meg began to stir. Her mother rushed over to her and pulled the blanket off. They both gasped. She was still wearing her slave girl costume.

“Meg, what happened? Do you know how long you’ve been missing? What is this mess? And why are you still in your costume?” asked Madame.

Meg didn’t know what to say. All she remembered was walking to the center of the room. Then everything went black. She looked down at her feet. By now, they were back to normal. The blisters were gone. She was thankful for that. She couldn’t wait to dance in the show tonight.

“Oh my, the show!” she cried.

“Hurry, you must get ready. And here; I found this in my chamber this morning. It is addressed to you.” said Madame Giry.

“To me?” Meg asked.

“Yes, quickly, the show starts in ten minutes.” She said.

“I’ll be ready, mother,” said Meg.

Her mother left the room and shut the door behind her. Meg looked at the black velvet box her mother had given her. It was tied with a red silk ribbon. Undoing it, Meg opened the box. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and looked again, for she wasn’t sure that what she had seen was real. Inside was a pair of ballet slippers. They not were not pink nor peach colored. No. They were white silk and they had ribbons that were a light shade of silver. Meg smiled. She pulled up one of her feet and slid it into one of the shoes. It was a perfect fit. Putting on the other one she quickly changed into her first act costume which was a simple white dress with a blue ribbon around her waist. Leaving her long blonde hair down, she ran out of the room.

Sprinting down the hall in her new shoes, she finally made it to where Madame Giry was waiting for her.

“Where did you get those?” said Madame pointing at Meg’s slippers.

Meg didn’t want to tell her mother about the black box. She was afraid she would become suspicious.

“They were a gift.”

“From whom?” said Madame.

Meg thought for a moment. All she could come up with was:

“A friend.”

Finally, it was time. Meg danced onto the stage with confidence in her heart and admiration for Christine Daae as she sang. Meanwhile, down beneath in the catacombs, he walked and listened. Raoul de Chagny sat in Box Five. Christine sang at center stage. Meg Giry danced in the back. Suddenly, he stopped.

There will never be a day,

When I won’t think of you!!

He suddenly climbed up through a tunnel and looked to see a smiling Christine. The feelings he had for her were indescribable. Then he saw something else. On the side of the stage behind the curtain was a blonde haired girl. He remembered her words.

“They were a gift.”

“From whom?”

“A Friend”

What had he started?

As he stood there looking at Christine, he thought about how she pulled at the strings of his heart every time she sang a note. How he ached for her. But he knew that he could only watch her from afar. Then he looked at the blonde haired girl.

What was it about her? Sure she was Giry’s daughter, but a fire had been lit with a different sort of flame. Something had begun and he knew nothing could stop it.

It was there…

A new obsession…

And it was called…Friendship.

But he couldn’t think about that now.

He had OTHER plans for tonight. :rose::rose:

Chapter Three - The Discovery

After being congratulated by her mother, Meg walked back to her room to change. As she put on her white cotton nightgown, she began to hear something. It was a voice. Stepping out into the hallway she looked both ways. The voice was coming from Christine’s dressing room. Meg left her room to find out what was going on.

As she was nearing the door, she stopped. Raoul de Chagny had come. She quickly ran back to own room, and shut the door though not completely. Just enough to watch Raoul fumble with the elaborate doorknob. Apparently it was locked. The voice continued. It was beautiful. It was singing an almost hypnotic melody.

“Whose is that voice? Who is that in there?” Raoul demanded.

There was no answer. Concerned, Raoul left. Meg guessed that he was going to find help. The voice had stopped. Concerned herself, Meg decided that it was not her business to intervene, though she was still worried about Christine. She couldn’t make out whether the voice belonged to a man or a woman.

“Probably Christine practicing,” Meg said to herself.

Relaxing, she turned around and closed her bedroom door. She blew out her candle and climbed into her nice warm bed and in two minutes was fast asleep.

Twenty minutes later…

Meg woke up shivering. She realized that she’d kicked her blue quilt off the bed while she was sleeping. She looked over on her nightstand. The clock said that only twenty minutes had gone by. She decided to go and check on Christine. She put on her warm winter robe and slippers, and left the room. Walking down the squeaky wooden hallway to Madame Giry’s chamber, she quietly slipped inside. She opened the top drawer of the dresser and took out a skeleton key. She raced back, carefully unlocked the door and quietly snuck into Christine’s room.

“Christine…Christine?” she whispered.

Meg looked around. There was no sign of the lovely soprano anywhere. She couldn’t have been asleep because the bed was still made up. Suddenly, she saw a faint, golden shade of light coming from the mirror at the far end of the room. She walked towards it and noticed that it looked as if the mirror was some type of door that had been left open. She carefully slid it open the rest of the way with shaky arms.

Walking through it, she came to a long dark corridor. It was wet, cold, and the walls were covered with cobwebs. Meg turned around. Looking back she discovered that the mirror was two-way. She continued down the long hallway. She shrieked. There were rats all over the ground. Noticing that her slippers were getting wet, she looked down. Puddles were everywhere. Suddenly, she felt something tighten on her shoulder. She turned her head in fear. It was her mother, Madame Giry. She grabbed Meg’s arm and dragged her out of there.

“That is not for you! Understood?!”

“Yes, mother.” Meg said quietly.

Ten minutes later…

Back in bed, Meg couldn’t sleep. She had so many questions, it was driving her crazy.

Whose did that voice belong to?

Where did that passage lead to?

Or better yet… Where in the world was Christine?”

She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to go back.

Walking down the dark, cold, stone passageway, Meg was freezing. She went down several stairwells, took many turns, and passed hundreds of lit torches. As she went, she touched the wall, wet and cold and made of stone, like a cave of some sort. This was an underground cavern.

A stone labyrinth.


At that thought Meg was spooked. She looked down. Suddenly she noticed something on the ground. There were footprints here and there. Some looked to be the size of her own feet and some the size of maybe a man’s.

Finally, she stopped for she couldn’t go any further.


In front of her was a small dock. Only the boat was missing. The dock itself was made of stone and it lead to a green lake. Meg gazed at it. On the water, she could see her reflection. That was when she realized that she was still wearing her nightclothes. Suddenly, she heard a faint voice coming from down the passage that the lake led through. It was the same voice she had heard from earlier. Maybe it was Christine. Maybe she was down there. Meg had to find her and bring her home. She looked at the lake and made a bold decision. Once again, she had no choice.

Taking off her robe and slippers so she could maneuver better, she cracked her knuckles, tightened her jaw, and stepped into the water. It was freezing. She could feel her legs and arms going numb instantly. She could see her own breath. With a frozen body, she began to swim through the water.

She could tell she was getting close to something because the voice became louder and louder as she swam further and further. The water finally up to her hips instead of her neck. As she listened to the voice, she was fascinated by the sensual, hypnotic words and the haunting melody.

Swimming further, Meg finally came to a huge gate that led to what looked like a large room filled with brilliant lights. Not being able to get through, she climbed onto a ledge and out of the water. She could barely feel her legs as she walked for her body was as frozen as ice. She wobbled down the passage. From what she could tell, it was leading to a large mirror. As she stopped, she looked through it. What she saw would stay with her for the rest of her life.

The room was a large open cavern with many chambers. It was full of candles all lit. The green water led to a stone shore, where there was a black gondola trimmed with gold. All along the stone walls there were drawn pictures of a woman. Looking around more, she saw stage furniture, a mini stage with wax dolls on it, and a beautiful pipe organ. Sheets of music were scattered all over the place. There had to have been at least a dozen large mirrors covered with heavy drapes. Then she saw something she did not expect.


She looked as if she were under some type of spell. Her eyes were not blinking. They were open wide with fascination. Meg looked around again.

The drawings.

The woman was Christine herself!

Then Meg looked back again. Her jaw dropped. Christine was in the arms of a tall man dressed in a black suit. He was singing the song that Meg had heard. It was his voice Meg had heard. She took a closer look at him. He had smoothly combed black hair. His eyes were that of a beautiful green. He wore black gloves. One thing caught her attention more than anything else. He wore a white mask that covered half of his face. As she gazed at the strange man, she concluded that he was quite handsome. A strong jaw line, sensual lips, and perfect clean shaven skin. Her mouth was watering.

Meg watched as he touched and caressed Christine’s body. He put her hand on the uncovered side of his face.

Touch me, trust me

Savor each sensation

Let the dream begin

Let your darker side give in

To the power of the music

That I write

The power of

The music of the night

As Meg listened to his song, the man led Christine over to a small chamber and pulled back the curtain that was covering it so she could see what was inside. Suddenly, Christine fainted. Meg blinked.

What could it have been?

The next minute, Christine was in the man’s arms once again as he carried her to the bedroom and gently laid her on a ebony black bed that looked to be carved in the shape of a swan. Pulling a cord, black lace curtains descended over it. As his song ended, Meg watched him gaze at Christine. She now knew.

He loved her…deeply loved her.

He then turned and walked down the stone stairs. He took off his black jacket, waistcoat, and vest. He unbuttoned his shirt a bit and put on a black velvet robe. Sitting at his organ, he began to play a sweet melody.

After all of this, Meg finally felt herself getting tired. She was still soaking wet, but she was not about to leave until she knew more about this mysterious man. By now, she’d forgotten all about Christine. She sensed something familiar about this man. She just couldn’t figure out what it was. Quietly, she lay down on the cold, stone floor, next to the torches. Propping herself up on her side, she curled up and drifted off to sleep.

Hours later, Christine woke up and sang of what she remembered earlier of that evening.

Meg was still asleep, but she was quickly awakened when she heard a crash. She stood up, looked through the mirror, and watched in horror. Christine was on the ground with something white in her hand.

Oh God.

Meg looked up. Standing over Christine, she saw him.

The other half of him.

So distorted and deformed! It was hardly a face!

A thousand scars and red welts all over his cheek. His other eye was sunken into his flesh which was beet red compared to the other side. You could see that he barely had a right eyebrow.

Meg was tempted to scream or run away, but something kept her there.

His voice.

No longer sweet and hypnotic, but monstrous and angry.

He called Christine cruel names and stormed down the stairs knocking a candlestick out of his way. As he calmed down, he begged Christine’s forgiveness. Christine’s eyes were full of not fear, but of disappointment it seemed. As though, he wasn’t the man she thought he was.

And that she could never love him.

She said nothing as she returned the mask. Putting it back on, he stood up with a stern look on his face and said:

“Come, we must return. Those two fools who run my theatre will be missing you.”

As the boat pulled away from shore with he and Christine inside, Meg then realized that so she would not be seen, she would have to wait until the coast was clear.

She waited patiently until he returned this time alone. When his back was turned, she took the opportunity and waded back into the water. As she swam further away, she heard something. She looked back. He was on the floor crying.

“Oh, Christine, forgive me, please forgive me!” he cried.

As he fell over exhausted, Meg could feel tears coming to her eyes. Then it hit her.

“The mask” she said to herself.

“The mask and the man…the man behind the mask…the…oh my…”

She stopped swimming.

She finally sorted it all out. From Christine’s dressing room… to the two-way mirror…to the candle-lit chamber…to…

The Phantom of the Opera :rose::rose::rose:

I hope you like these chapters! Right now, I am in the midst of editing all of my writing on this site. Read on! More is to come! ~ rivendell :wuv:

Edited by rivendell

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Thank you, more please. I saw Phantom on stage years ago and don't remember much about "Meg". but the movie rather left her character in limbo. Looking forward to more.

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