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Gerard Butler GALS

Pudge VS Stud


Would you rather have the hard bod, or the soft cuddly Ger Bear?  

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  1. 1. Would you rather have the hard bod, or the soft cuddly Ger Bear?

    • 1. Hard bod a la Terry and Atilla!
    • 2. Cuddly Gerry with moobies and all!
    • 3. Don't care, just want Ger!

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Gotta admit, although I started the Poll, and voted for one, like I'd say NO, whatever!!! :drool1::drool1: Gotta agree though, the Marek Bod does take the Cake....ummm, the beefcake that is! :drool1::kisswink:

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I'd take Gerry any day, anywhere and anytime he wanted me! As for his bod, I loved him in Phantom. Not too buff, but still.... so gorgeous and lean. I'm not that mad for the Tomb Raider Physique, a bit too firm for me.

I gotta say it again; it's his posture that drives me wild!

And then there's the soul of the man.... that's where all the mystery lies.


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I'm a hard body gal - I lusted after Terry BIG time but thought Dracula was damn yummy too. Wish I could have seen the Stranger with his shirt off.

I'm hoping we will see more of Beowulf and Leonides :drool1:


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I have to say that I fell head-over-heels in love with him from watching Attila. No matter what other roles he plays (and I love 'em all), I always think of him as Attila -- walking through the forest --- riding into Rome -- stepping into that Roman Bath -- and the tent. Good God Almighty, the tent!!! :pant:

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I like him either/both/always, honestly if I've said it once I've said it 1000 times, bald, flabby and dressed in burlap the man would still be Gerry, one of, or in my opinion the best actor of his age and therefore loveable, hugable, and well... snogable. I guess for me its the heart and soul that does it? I know I know...so lame... and the eyes! Holy crap those eyes!!!! (and that bad boy thing he does so well!) And even though I'm now guilty of controdiction I like the hair/indecent lack of buttons a site better than shiney bald burlap but thats just me. Some Gals are like hardcore "I only like him suuuuper buff" and some gals are like "i wanna make use of those love handles baby!!" me I'm like "OH TO HELL WITH IT ILL TAKE IT ALL!!!" :kiss:

Gerry ur lovely the way you are, whenever, wherever, however--- *shuts up now, blushing as brilliantly rudolf's nose*

:gbflame: is :droolicious:


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