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Gerard Butler GALS

HOW TO: Make a Post! updated 10/10/13

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To enlarge Tutorial images click on them:

to Reply within a thread:

"Add Reply" button, which is at the top of the display page for each topic thread.
-When you click on it, it will open a new display window, in which you may key (type) in your response!

The Reply to This Topic

box is at the bottom of each active thread.


There is also

More Options


-To use the little smilies/emoticons on the edit-ribbon click on the smile ibrary will open in a ribbon at the bottom of text box.
-You can scroll through them to find the one you want to add; to add just click on it!
-To see all of them, click on Show All and a new window will display. It will seem to disappear again when you resume keying in your answer. It has just gone behind the current window...When you're done, close it out (hit the x in the upper right corner)
-If you want to quote something that was said in the last post, click on "Quote" at the bottom of the post you wish to quote. - it will include the previous person's post within 'quotes' and you may edit to pick the part to which you are replying and remove the remainder if you'd like, If you want to quote more than one post click 'MultiQuote" at the bottom of each of the posts.

-To start a topic - look for the forum where it would be most appropriate to post, and click on "New Topic" at the top of the chosen forum, and when the window opens for response, it will include 'Topic Title' and 'Topic Description', and you have to fill in Title, but not necessarily Description, although that's useful for grabbing attention or clarifying title. Please don't use all upper case in titles.

-To edit your post - click on 'Edit' at the bottom of the post; after you make your changes remember to hit 'Save Changes'. An automatically generated notation will appear at the bottom of the post that it was "Edited by *you" with the date.
With a little practice this will all get easier! biggrin.gif You can always go back and edit the posts.

Remember to read the Posting Guidelines :goodjob:

Have fun!

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updated Oct. 10, 2013 for new Forum
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