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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (GALS) continued

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WELCOME to the 7th floor of the 2nd highrise of our clinic!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, GALS are putting up their trees, and getting the wreath on the door, the garland on the mantel, and making their homes beautiful for the season of giving. So, here at GALS it is time to Deck the Halls - with pictures of Gerry!! Let's make it a Merry Gerry Christmas for everyone who visits the Support Center this season.

I'm waiting under the :mistletoe: for this :pucker:

Click here to find links to the floors of Highrise #1

Highrise #2 Floor #1-A Strong Foundation

Highrise #2 Floor #2 - FALL is the season

Highrise #2 Floor #3 - The POWER of 3

Highrise #2 Floor #4 - Four on the Floor - Road Trip

Highrise #2 Floor #5 - Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Highrise #2 Floor #6 - A Verrra Charming Bad Boy!

Yes! This is our GALS Mantra:

Sink the Boat -- Ride the Phantom!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to QAZklh for making the graphic for us..."

Posted Image

AND NOW.... the original thread.

Being the compassionate person that I am, I can recognize a cry for help when I see one. Having said that, I have decided to start a new support group for those of us with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome – from now on, all with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome with be known as GALS.

This group is open to all GALS and non-GALS alike who believe they are in serious need of support and guidance as they realize how serious their addiction has become. This is not a support group which advocates traditional intervention, as the failure rate would be astronomical, but merely a group whom you can turn to who share in your addictions or withdrawals, whichever the case may be. Some of the signs that you have GALS include, but are not limited to:

1. You buy every magazine on the rack looking for photos or articles of Gerry and start to get the jitters when there has been no sign of him for weeks.

2. You drive 500 miles to see a Gerry movie.

3. Your significant other (or just someone you're dating) gives you stark reminders they are SOOOO NOT Gerry.

4. Co-workers, friends and/or family start teasing you for your addiction – people can be so cruel...

5. You become addicted to caffeine because you can’t pull yourself away from GALS...."'cause just MAYBE he'll be on Chat tonight."

6. You obsess with much glee, "Gerry has a computer...and he knows how to use it!!!!"

7. You find yourself asking aloud, "Did he REALLY mean what he said about the 3:00 a.m. thing and does he REALLY wear a size 11 shoe?" Then smile broadly.

8. You catch yourself speaking in a Scottish accent for no apparent reason.

9. You change the decor in your bathroom to accommodate your new yellow towels.

10. The "G-Spot" takes on a whole new meaning.

11. You spend days wondering why a Scot would be named "Andre." :huh:

12. You buy “Mrs. Brown” just for the skinny-dipping scene and play that one scene in slow mo and super slow mo, over and over and over again. (Okay, so maybe that was just me.) :D

13. You have a picture of Gerry in your wallet, and refer to him as “your man, Gerry.”

14. You spend your hard-earned cash assigned for other “non-essential” items (phone bill, power bill, etc.) on essential Gerry related items.

15. You go shopping for your “real-life” man and finding yourself thinking, “OMG!!! Gerry would look so :censored: hot in that!!!

16. You have to buy a new hard drive to accommodate all your pics and videos of Gerry.

17. You search through a couple hundred $5.50 DVDs at Wal-Mart because an employee said Dracula 2K might be there.

18. You can't possibly walk past Starbucks without dreaming that maybe... *sighs*

19. You refer to the Gerry wallpaper on your computer as your “happy place.”

20. While looking up at the clouds you SWEAR there's a cloud in the shape of a "G"...funny thing is, the GAL next to you sees the same thing!!!

21. Multiples (Gerrygasms) are an every day occurrence!!!

This list will continue to grow as you tell me your addictions...

Below is a very simple 10-step program to help foster our addiction.

1. You must admit you have GALS. This is so important to further your addiction. Yes, this support group wants to nourish your addiction, not starve it. We are here for you.

2. Come to believe the Great and Powerful Gerry is greater than ourselves and only our visions and/or fantasies can keep us addicted. To truly become addicted, however, one must at one time in ones life made the Gerry Mecca Journey (GMJ) and meet him in person.

3. Make a decision to turn our will and lives over to our addiction to Gerry.

4. Make a searching and fearless immoral inventory of our fantasies of Gerry.

5. Lend your support to those who have GALS, but are yet unable to admit it.

6. Watch every movie (more than once) in which Gerry has a role. To be truly addicted, you must develop a love of all Gerry genres (yes, this includes “Tale of the Mummy” and “Dracula 2000”).

7. Frequently quote lines from Gerry films. Memorize them, use them, replace old phrases with new Gerry lines. This will prove to all your serious commitment to your addiction.

8. Know Gerry’s biography better than you know your own. True GALS will know all Gerry’s trivia. Study it, soak it in, become one with Gerry's biography.

9. Give generously (money folks) to the website which has fostered your addictions and allowed your fantasies to take flight.

10. Convert all who are convertible to this syndrome. This is the true mark of GALS. Do not judge - for your next recruit may be your boss!

As this is a relatively new Syndrome, the above guidelines are subject to editing, amending or scrapping all together as we GALS deem necessary.

The first step to true addiction is to admit you have GALS!! I will begin the group.

"My name is Dr. Em and I have GALS."

All are welcome to join in our group. GALS, we must not suffer in silence!!! We now have a voice!!! Let it be heard!

*Disclaimer: We GALS appreciate not only Gerry’s royal hotness for which there is no rival, we indeed, also recognize his abundance of talent, soul, passion, spirit, sense of style and humor, sincerity...can I stop now? Our addictions are all-encompassing and we embrace Gerry EVERY WHICH WAY WE CAN!!!*

To Cleobethra for our “Warning Label.”

Posted Image



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Hi to all the Gals. Wow I got the first post :claphands:

Cassie Good luck on the new job

Bethy love the licence plate

Thanks to Irene, Jenn, and phanphorlife for there encouragment for my quit smoking effort. I am going crazy it is very hard but I havn't a cig again today. Nobody wants to be around me :hmm2: but thats ok. I am hopeing for the best.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Gals/Pals

:snowflake: :xmas2: :lights:


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Guest greyeyegoddess

Thanks to Irene, Jenn, and phanphorlife for there encouragment for my quit smoking effort. I am going crazy it is very hard but I havn't a cig again today. Nobody wants to be around me :hmm2: but thats ok. I am hopeing for the best.


Congrats, Erica! A little step at a time. Keep it up! :claphands::claphands:

Just been getting ready for a concert tomorrow-FourHotScots! Just kidding. The band is called FourGoodMen (still a good name, eh?) and yes, they are all from bonnie ole Scotland! Former members of Big Country and Simple Minds. I've been told that a few of the members perform in kilts with a big Scottish flag in the background. We'll see what my camera picks up.

I'll be oozing with Scottish flavor all over after tomorrow....

It will be a nice way to start the month...



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Oooh Alice - wish I lived nearer to your area, I'd love to see FourGoodMen (or FourHotScots, I actually like that name better). Have fun, hope you get some great pictures!

Erica - congrats on quitting smoking. I did it 18 years ago and I know how hard it is, but it is absolutely the best gift you can give yourself and your health. We're here for you if you need support! And Bethy is right - your new siggy is ROYALLY hot!

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Hello, All Welcome to a new floor.

Every have one of those days when you should have stayed in bed. Nothing seems to be going your way. I should be at a meeting right now, but all my babysitters fell through. I burned my arm on the oven rack. Another meeting fell through earlier. Hubby won't be home until gawd knows when. Doctor told me I'm anemic, but we need to find out why (I already take iron pills) My plantars fascitis (bad foot) makes it impossible to walk, knee keeps hyper extending, back keeps going out, and I have major recurring acid reflux. PHEW! Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? The saddest part is that it is all true! Good part is that the medicine for acid reflux is hopefully working (she says with cautious optimism) and that my hear is in perfect working order (they tested that too.

Sorry to unload, I'm finished whining now. don't feel sorry for me. Many have it worse than me, I just had to get it out. :bonk:

Shan, it's so good it's not Crohns. IBS can be bad enough, but a good friend of mine had Crohns and the pain was os bad he kinda lost himself in self medication(pot) Glad you don't have to go through that.

Bethy- LOVE the license plate!

Erica- you keep strong! We ALL have Faith in you! And you will NOT regret it.

Alice- Can I come with? PLEAAAASSSSSE!

Hobbes- we need some Beo on this floor

I am so tired, so if I forgot anyone I apologize

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One note to all who requested Christmas siggies.

Had to clear out the rest of my graphics on my to-do list.

Starting the Christmas requests tomorrow.



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Just a drive by and hi to everyone. :D

I'm finishing up my online shopping so that everything gets here in time, plus making up midterms for 6th and 8th grades. oh yeah, and helping my daughter study for her math test tomorrow.

Hope everyone is well and I'll try to catch up tomorrow!

At least my nights are happily full of sweet Gerry dreams!


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Ah, the pair-fect seventh floor! I just found some really cool Photoshop how-to videos. I am going to spend some time lair-ning this program!

Swannie - you may be able to just right click and save that great video from your friend.

Erica - beautiful siggy! Hugs and kudos to you for sticking to your goal. It's okay that no one wants to be around you - yet. Just think of what Gerry will be like when he quits!

Alice - enjoy the kilts! Er - those highland tunes!

DawnS - ouch! I hope tomorrow goes much better for you!

Isabella - making midterms doesn't sound like much fun... No, wait, maybe it's grading them that isn't much fun.... How about a test with nothing but Gerry trivia on it?

Edited by Lady Trueword
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Hey thanks to everyone for the support in the quit smoking thing. I think I am a little homicidal right now and it is mixed with crying bouts but I am trying to avoid people. You Gals are great.

Thanks to Susan, Bethy, and Irene for the compliments on my new siggy.

Hope everyone had a good day.

I will check in later!


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Hi everyone!

This is my first showing in this thread. I was guided here by a wonderful GALS named Susan Sporran. I love everyone's siggys for Christmas, I think I'll bring mine in after I post this.

I love coming and sharing Gerry with all you wonderful GALS and talking endlessly about him; 2 years and still going strong with this man!! :whome2: YA YOU!!

Ya'll make me laugh and I soooo need that - my husband has been in Pennsylvania for 3 weeks now, and is going to be gone another 2 weeks - right up until our anniversay on the 23rd of December!

I'm going to lose my mind!!

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Guest greyeyegoddess

Oh dearies! You know I'd love to have all of you here with me, enjoying the sights and sounds of great Scottish men and music.

Whoa, someone has finished their shopping? Congrats!

Congrats to you Susan for your new responsibility. You know I'm here for you.

Hi Jacqlyn!

Hey Dawn...unload, unload!

I just settled down to check emails and I found out one of my precious girls from our church youth group is going into surgery tomorrow. She has ovarian cancer and it has spread to her lungs and possibly her intestines. They thought it was only a cyst. She was supposed to go for surgery later this month, but with this sudden news, they are taking her right away. She's only 16.

My sister just got a cyst remove last week from her ovaries. Geez. I have another friend who is pregnant with her second child and she just found out she has ovarian cancer. I'm dumbfounded. I have a lot of prayers going out to these ladies.

I'm sitting here for the moment with the tv on, watching all those old puppet holiday classics. Fun memories!


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YAY ERICA!!!!!!! :party: I'm so happy for you! I quit too, but It was REALLY hard. Hang in there, the first two weeks seem to be the hardest.

Well, I'm off ladies. I'm gonna go watch Hotties of the Carribbean and then hit the hay. Early flight tomorrow.

SUSAN! JEN! NANCY! I'm so excited to see you guys on Friday!!!

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Swannie, what a great, thoughtful thing for your friend to do...loved your video.

Jacqlyn, WOW!! Love your siggie..it's beautiful!

Bethy, hope you're better soon, and your license plate is perfect!

Alice, so sorry to hear about your young friend..so tragic. I will keep her in my prayers. Please let us know how things turn out.

Erica, stay strong...YOU CAN DO IT!!

Susan, Jen, Nancy, Lish...wish I could crash your lunch party..have a wonderful time!!

All the rest of you out there, big hugs...nightey-night, and sweet Gerry dreams!


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Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Did someone say Christmas???

For those who have not heard.... here is a sample from Nathan's Christmas CD


I am sitting here just now, taking a break from my writing. Although the Christmas tree is not yet fully decorated, it is covered with dazzling lights and twinkling in its corner. My cat is asleep on the sofa, and I am completely content on this very early Friday morning.

Bill and I went out Christmas shopping, and I found a wonderful gift for my best friend. My Christmas cards are all addressed and ready to be mailed, and later today, I will put the ornaments, garland and other decorations on my tree.

I love this time of year.

Prayers for those of you going through struggles, and hugs to those of you who need them.



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Guest pilaraquarius

Posted Imageoooooo! tummy!

Posted Imagethis one makes my heart thump!

Posted Image :D Grrrrr.....

Posted Image :pointy:

Posted Image :kiss:

Posted Imagecan U just IMAGINE??

THURSDAY'S THEME..Classic B&W shots of our G.....Love them! Everybody have a great Thursday!! See y'all tonight!! :wave:

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Have I told you lately that I love you? (TNLW of course. :lol:)

You've captured some of my favorite shots of Gerry. He looks so amazing in black and white

(and color........ and real life....... and and and )


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*stumbles in timid and shy* :)

Hello Everyone!

As you can see I'm the newbie..... not fully devoted, obsessed, and addicted to the whole world of Gerry

Oh but plz don't fret....I'm getting there very quickly!! ;)

I have seen only four of the movies that he has been in....Phantom of the Opera, Timeline, Mrs. Brown, and Lara Croft

I have only POTO on DVD

Feel in Love w/ him in Phantom of the Opera, had no idea that sexy Scottish mo-fo was him in Timeline, and almost choked when I saw the skinny dip scene in Mrs. Brown. (I actually have to admit that I did have to rewind and watch it again and again; not sure if I was just caught off guard or.....somethin' else!) ;)

Most of the symptoms of GALS I do not possess.....yet!

Please have faith in me fellow GALS....very soon I will be up there with you all!!!


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Thanks Swannie! I have it playing right now :music: It is wonderful! I can't wait to hear the rest of it!

Thanx Pil- you always know how to start my day

Shimmer- WELCOME! and It seems to me you have all the makings of a full blown GAL. I believe we have all, rewound and watched nekkie Gerry many many many times. Oh and go rent Dear Frankie! After POTO it is my favorite Gerry flick!

Edited by DawnS
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:Welcome2: Shimmer. Another one to watch Gerry in that will mesmerize you as well is The Jury. A british miniseries so it's longer than the movies. But an absolutely breathtaking performance by Gerry.

Full dose of the Gerry Juice in that one. :kisswink:

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You GALS move fast! Wow, 19 posts already on this floor! I got some catching up to do!!!

Thanks for the B/W piccies this morning, Pilar! Oh soooooo :gerrylicious: !!!

Don't forget to check out the blog me and another GAL created, dedicated strictly to Gerry!! The header alone is drool-worthy! If you have any topics you want me to discuss on there, let me know! Feel free to link to us from your websites or mySpace accounts too! The more Gerry exposure :cunning: , the better, I say (in ALL senses of the word! LOL!)


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Ah, Leslie, you're so sweet to point out the banner. I got to stare intently at Gerry for a few hours while creating it. What fun! :tasty:

Ditto from me on the topic suggestions. We have a Bling Bling category and I'd love to post something on Gerry's other necklace. Anyone know anything about it? It looks sort of like a stylized Thor's Hammer.

Gerry's Necklace Photo

A Ghalad

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Most of the symptoms of GALS I do not possess.....yet!

Please have faith in me fellow GALS....very soon I will be up there with you all!!!

Shimmer (love that name!), you are WELL ON YOUR WAY to having GALS if you've watched that scene in Mrs. Brown over and over again! LOL! I, too, have only seen POTO on DVD - but his voice alone sent me straight down into the dirty Gutter world of Gerry lusting!!

WELCOME TO GALS!!!!! :wave:

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DawnS: Thanks for the welcome! I will definitely check out Dear Frankie! :)

discoveringme: Gerry Juice?!? what is this? The Jury.... *adding to the list*

I went to imdb.com and saw all the movies he has been in....

I think the hardest one to get a hold of is gonna be Attila (which this is one that I really most want to see!!)

I absolutely fell out of my chair when I saw that pic of him sitting on the bed in the loin cloth!!!

If ever I decide on a pic for my signature or avatar....that would be it!!!! :tasty:


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Oh yes, that Diaper Gerry look is pretty impressive isn't it? It's the sneer that makes my clothes fall of though.

Actually, I think you can rent Attila through Blockbuster. I know they have it @ Blockbuster Online. Or you can buy it through the GALS Amazon link for about $12 I think.

Oh and Shimmer if you are free tomorrow night you should get your POTO dvd and watch it during movie chat!

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