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The Violin

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The Violin

Chapter One: Erik

(I changed the years so that everything involving the disaster occurred in 1869, and not 1870.)

When: 1870 one year after the disaster

Where: The newly rebuilt Opera Populaire

One year

One long, slow, agonizing year

Without her

Without his Angel of Music

For two weeks, he hid in the deepest under-belly of the Paris Opera House, waiting for the disaster to die down. When it was safe to return, he quickly found Madame Giry. To his surprise, only the stage, auditorium, and parts of the roof had been destroyed. The backstage, ballet dormitories, and even his lair remained untouched. A total of twelve people had been killed. The rest were either badly burned or had been trampled due to the frenzy of the fire. Madame Giry told him about Monsieur Andre and Firmin’s resignation and that the new manager deeply respected the legend of the Opera Ghost. He quickly sent the new manager, Monsieur Phillippe, a note detailing how the opera was to be rebuilt. By the time it was completed, he had settled back into his home designing, building, and composing. Basically, he was doing everything he could to keep his mind off…her.

As time went by, Meg Giry went on to become Prima Ballerina and Madame Giry took up another job as the opera’s assistant manager at the Opera Ghost’s instructions. Then Monsieur Phillippe got permission to put on a season of ballet. The first one would be “Don Quixote.” It had premiered in Moscow, Russia a year before, successfully. Luckily, the Opera Ghost managed to read the script and the music and decided that it would be the best to start the season with. Meg was to play the heroine, Kitri, and Andris, the Guest Artist from Russia would be playing the male lead, Basilio.

One day, as the Opera Ghost was making his way toward Madame Giry’s chamber, he heard shouting. Kicking the door down, all he found was young Meg jumping and smiling.

She’s really coming! How wonderful!” she shouted.

“Who’s coming?” he asked.

Startled, both women looked at him. Madame Giry managed to calm her daughter.

“Please don’t burst into my room like that. What if I was not decent?” said Madame Giry.

“You look decent enough to me. Who’s coming?” he asked again.

“My point is –“ she began.

“WHO…IS…COMING!!” he yelled.

Meg backed away a little.

“Relax, Erik, it’s only my niece, Caroline” she said.

Meg’s eyes widened.

“He had a name?” she thought to herself.

“What? Why wasn’t I informed?” he asked.

“We just found out today. She is to be our new costume designer. Don’t worry, she is talented, and she will not get in your way.” said Madame.

“What is that supposed to mean?” he asked.

“She knows about you and…Miss Daae.” she said.

He rolled his eyes. That was all he needed. But since this new costume designer already knew about him, he quickly decided that “breaking her in” wasn’t necessary.

“Erik?” said Meg timidly.

“Yes.” he replied.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize – “ she began.

“Little Meg, everyone has a name; even the Opera Ghost.” he finished for her.

“Would it be alright if I called you by your name from now on?” she asked boldly.

He turned and with a simple “Yes” he left the room.

Madame Giry stared after him worried. Meg smiled. She couldn’t suppress a giggle. Her mother looked at her.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Well, knowing Caroline, she’ll get on his good side.” was all Meg would say.

“I certainly hope so.” Said Madame :rose:

Chapter Two: Caroline

“Knock, knock.”

Meg sat up in her bed to see who was there. Looking at the young woman standing in her doorway, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“Caroline?” she asked.

“Of course!” said the young woman.

Meg couldn’t believe how much her cousin had grown up. She was beautiful. Her once short brown hair was now down to her waist. She was also a good five inches taller.

“Oh, how you’ve changed!” Meg said.

“That’s what your mother said.” Caroline replied

“You’ve already seen mother?” asked Meg.

“Oh yes.” she said.

Meg ran to her cousin and gave her a hug. Caroline congratulated her on becoming Prima Ballerina. They sat down and talked for about an hour before Madame Giry came walking in.

“Caroline, your room is ready. Come and get settled in. Be sure to freshen up because you still have to meet with Monsieur Dubois and the ballet company.” she said.

“Yes, Auntie.” Caroline replied.

About a half an hour later, Caroline met the people for whom she would be designing costumes. She worked quickly, taking measurements and studying the choreography and sets. She had to determine what fabrics and colors would look good where. As the day came to a close, she began to make her way back to her room.

Suddenly, there was a crash of thunder. A storm had started. Caroline hated storms. Quickly, she ran into the first room she could find and locked the door. She began to light candles. As the light illuminated the room, Caroline could see a large wardrobe with a changing screen and a vanity. At the other end of the room was a full length mirror with a gold elaborate frame. This was a dressing room. As she looked around, she saw a vase filled with a dozen red roses. Caroline froze.

This was Christine Daae’s dressing room.

One hour later…

The storm continued to rage. Caroline stood there in the middle of Christine’s room, not knowing what to do. She couldn’t remember where her own room was, and Madame Giry would be furious if she knew she was in there. As she looked around, she noticed in the full length mirror that her hair was coming loose. She walked closer and pulled the pins out. Her long, brown hair fell down past her shoulders. Caroline was quick enough to catch it and put it back into a simple bun.

On the other side of the full length mirror, Erik watched spellbound. This had to be the famous Caroline. No other woman this exquisite lived at the opera house. He could also tell she was new because she was in Christine’s room. No one had dared to go in there since the fire. As he looked at her, he saw that her dark blue eyes almost seemed purple. She had pale skin and long, brown hair. She also had a beautiful heart shaped mouth, a button nose, and long eyelashes. Her figure was slim with sensual curves. In his eyes, she surpassed Miss Daae with flying colors.

Immediately taken with her, he walked closer to the mirror to get a better look. Without warning, Caroline looked up at her reflection in the mirror. Since the mirror was two way, she did not see him. But that didn’t stop Erik from accidentally tripping over a stone on the ground. He fell forward, and bumped into the mirror. The noise frightened Caroline, and she ran out of the room. Erik got up, cursed his clumsiness, and followed her.

Sprinting down the passageway, Erik quickly found Caroline’s room. He lit a candle, opened the door, and then hid behind Caroline’s own full length mirror.

Meanwhile, as she was running down the hallway Caroline saw the light coming from her own room and ran inside. Sitting down on the bed, she wondered if anyone had seen her in that dressing room. From behind the mirror, Erik watched her as she went behind the changing screen. When she came out she was dressed in a beautiful white nightgown. She went to her desk and pulled out what looked like a sketchbook. That was all Erik could tell from where he was standing behind the mirror. Caroline picked up a pencil and got into bed. She drew for about twenty minutes until the candle burned out. Erik watched as she placed a small kiss on the sketchbook and put it on the night table next to her bed. She then got under the covers and blew out the candle. Five minutes later, she was asleep. Erik looked at the night table. On the sketchbook was a drawing of a dress that looked like it needed finishing. He grinned. Turning his back, he put on a burst of speed all the way back to his lair.

He had an idea. :rose::rose:

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Very sweet romance! I liked Caroline's reaction when she saw Erik's face. That's the way Christine should have reacted. And I can picture Erik playing that violin! I think someone had made a photo manip of this once.

I was confused in Chapter 6--are Sophie and Caroline the same person? I think some of the names were not replaced.

It's obvious POTO has inspired you to write a lot of stories, as it has me. Keep writing! :D

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