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Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (continued)


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Well, it's my first day back at work in 11 days. Where did they all go? Oh, well. I hope all of you have a great year, this year. I know we will all be cheering Gerry on as his career soars after 300! I have not been able to get my son too interested in this movie, so thought I would take March 9 off from work and take a girlfriend to see it.

On Saturday night, my son had 18 friends over to watch the Chuck Lidell (Iceman) fight on Pay-per-view in front of my new 50" TV. My living room is long and narrow (34' x 15') so it is hard to fit 8 in front of the TV, much less 18. The tv has to be on the long wall, so you sit fairly close to it. I went to the bedroom to watch Dr. Frankie 3 times. When I got up the next day and read on here that the Iceman is going to be promoting 300, I told my son about it. Now, he is ready to go see this movie. I've been telling him how good it is for month's, but it took the Iceman to get him interested. Go figure! :confused:

Swannie: I went to bed last night reading the last chapter of Chanson, not knowing you had posted a new one. I read it over twice because I love it so much. I am going to print off the newest chapter and read it tonight. :inlove:

Erica: I am still proud of your non-smoking progress. You are going to do it!

My son has lasik surgery tomorrow so he is getting excited about getting rid of his glasses. His vision isn't that bad (20/40) but he still won't hardly wear his glasses.

I've got to go home and let the dogs out so will try to get on later.

A belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.


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Glad you love my story, Carolyn... because I love writing it!

*Swannie waves to Shan* Hi Shan... I see you down there! I was just wondering last night, where you have been and how you have been doing. In fact, I was about to PM you when I saw you logged on! Glad to see you back on the board.

Oh man... I wish I could get that surgery for my eyes. My vision is awful and getting worse. I have worn glasses since the 2nd grade, and I CANNOT wear contacts at all (due to extra large veins in my eyes)

I spend so much money on my glasses, it's really unbelievable. Recently I bought two pair; one pair for reading and computer, and the other (progressive lenses) for everyday. Wow that took a bite out of the old wallet (credit card)... but still much cheaper than the surgery.

Well I must get off this computer and get some work done.

Hugs to all...


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*Swannie waves to Shan* Hi Shan... I see you down there! I was just wondering last night, where you have been and how you have been doing. In fact, I was about to PM you when I saw you logged on! Glad to see you back on the board.

Heya Swannie! Yes, I'm back! Took me forever to work my way through catching up at the SC - I missed nearly two entire floors! I have been so busy with holiday projects and volunteer work that I haven't logged on for a couple of weeks. Ack!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday - may you all have many, many blessings in the new year! Thank you all for your friendship - I have had such a great time getting to know many of you over the past months.



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:wave:Shan, I feel your pain! It's only been about 24 hours since I was here and now I know why the GALS check in more frequently.... : :dance:

Anna - what a beautiful poem and wish! Thank you so much.

Betts - Oh no...now you tell me this! I worked my arse off yesterday taking down all the Christmas decorations and cooking a big New Years Dinner. Had I known that saying I would have been watching Gerry movies all day! :rotflmao:

Erica - you're my hero. I'm going to Costco today and for the first time I am NOT going to by a carton of cigarettes...I've made up my mind when this cartoon I have is gone...I'm done! I'll probably stay in bed with the blanket over my head for a few days...

Irene - What a doll your baby is! Ahhh...first hair cut...I can remember that...though it's been a long, long time!

Here's a past and present look at both of my men:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Debbie - honey, you can't do it all alone. You love your brother and sister, that's so evident. And I'm sure they both know it and God knows it. God bless you dear.

Alison - How exciting to have a New Year's baby. And a belated Posted Image to Matthew. Oh and you have a verra handsome man sharing that bed with you lady!

Helen - you too...black leather jacket with bare chest exposed...um hummmm

Jenn - Give spot and her crazy man a hug for me. Mike was in chat the very first time I went there and he was so funny! Posted Image

Swannie - I love the new siggie. How wonderful that you and Nathan share so much together. He's not only your beloved son but he sounds like he's one of your best friends...that is very rare my dear. I sent a PM to Susan requesting to be able to get in the over 18 area so I can read your book...I haven't heard back from her yet though. I can't wait to read it.

Carolyn - Hope your son's surgery goes well.

Fran, Pilar, Cassie, Mel, Mousie, and all the others I'm not naming...have a wonderful day. Love you all!



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w00t, nice boys you got there, Irish! :cunning: And don't forget, one must carry superglue like one carries keys, chapstick, bandaids, credit cards.... :kisswink:

Erica, congrats on four-weeks of smoke-freedom! :yippee: :drink:

Alison, *big wave* How the heck are ya? And another hello to Shan!

Oooh, guess what, guess what? I invested in some more permanant storage for my videos!

Not prettied up yet, but storage nonetheless!



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Hey fans...

My sweet friend, Cyndee, sent this to the other site and phoned me about this:

Fandango has survey going on. Vote for your favorite actor and actress in movies for 2007.


Third page is the male actors, and yes, Gerry is there.



Bet you can't guess who I voted for!!! :lol::funnyface:

:finger: Peggy Thanks Alice and also to your friend Cyndee.

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Thanks for the heads up Alice....and YES...I bet you can't guess who I voted for either :tasty: ! What a year we are going to have with 3 Gerry movies!



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Just popping in, a bit later than usual for me tonight cause I had to go for a mammogram (blech) after work. Anyhow, I told the radiologist I'm medical test phobic and said I know you're not supposed to tell me but did you see anything scary, and she told me no, not at all. whew!

Then I rushed home to catch POTO on HBO, which of course makes me feel much better! :whome2:

It's great to see everyone's pictures-I still can't figure out how to do that-I'll get around to it one of these days so I can post my daughter's pic, she's 10 going on 21 it seems.

Fran- :hug: hope you're doing better these days.

have a good night ladies!


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We'll have to wait until 2008 to see PSILY. :doh::bonk:

Does anyone know when BOAW is coming out? (IMDB says that it will be release in the Netherlands in November, but that's it) :finger:

Isabella: I went for my annual womanly exam today :claphands: so I can relate! :bleh2:

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Hello everyone!

Alice thank for the survey it was fun

Pretty boring day here got off work at 12:00 and just been taking care of mom. I complain when the is to much to do and I complain when there is nothing to do go figure.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting me with my quit smoking thing Yep today is 4 weeks day 28 it will be a month on the 5 Yay.

Well I will check in later.

Hugs and Kisses


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*Screeches into the SC*

*Shakes the muck off like a wet Saint Bernard*

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year! 2006 started out pretty crappy, then I found Gerry and finally YOU! 2007 feels like HOPE. Thank you for bringing back the Kristine I always new I could be!

All my love, hugs a prayers to you all.



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Drive by!

Hugs for everyone for the new year!

I am running all over the place.

Siggies and avatars and posters, Oh my! *grin*

I finally got around to do the Moviechat thread!

It's this Friday at 10:00pm EST!

It's mah man!! :heat:

The first MovieChat of 2007!!!

Posted Image

Would love to see tons of ya there!!

Okay.. back to work I go!

Love yas!

*dashes out*

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Hey gals! Hope you all had a good Tuesday. Thanks to all who enjoyed my pic of Jonathan. We got him a baby keyboard toy for Christmas and he loves banging on it.

I'm on vacation but have been busy working on a new web site to house my creative works. I want to have an online portfolio of all of my siggies and other graphics, as well as my writing. I can't wait to share it!

Swannie - Nathan did a great job on your siggy! Have fun building your Chanson web site!

Cricket - I didn't know if I said hello to you before or not. If not, welcome to Gals!

Erica - congratulations on a great 28 days! :claphands:

Isabella - I have to go in for my annual woman exam soon, so I sympathize. I'm glad your technician was understanding.

Alice - thanks for the info, will go and vote for G!

Fran - glad to know that Jonathan cheered you up a bit. :D

Hello to Bethy, Kristine, Carolyn, Marcie, Pilar, Elissa, Sue, Chacha, Cassie, Misty, Risa, Susan, Anna, Jenn, Jill, Shari, Perr, Christine, Betts, Suz, Simone, Zany, Barb, Marianne, Lori, Amber, Lish, Jen, Ina, Leslie, Mel, Alison, Anke, Helen, Debbie, Alyx, Misty, Katie, AnneMarie, Dee, Cheri, and everyone else!



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Alison, your husband is a handsome man, indeed. And a thoughtful, loving one as well. No wonder your son is good-looking!

Thanks for sharing.


P.S. My husband is handsome, too. And he didn't get mad when I wakened him just before midnight to open the champagne.

Posted Image

Wow, Helen...your husband is DREAMY! He could have been a movie star--he certainly has the looks!

Irene, your son is adorable, what a little doll!

I love it when you GALS show pictures of yourselves and your families...it just makes me feel that much closer to all of you. I wish you all would do it more often. I know, I know, if you're like me, you might think, "Geez, I don't wanna show pics of myself...I don't like the way I look right now, etc., etc., but remember, it doesn't matter how YOU think you look, 'cause all the rest of us think you're BEAUTIFUL!! Remember how it was last summer in Vegas? We came in all shapes, sizes, and ages, but we looked wonderful to each other because we saw each other through the eyes of our "Gerry love", and that was the great equalizer. So I say, post those pics whenever you get the urge, ladies...(gee, maybe that could be a new thread?? :confused: ) Just remember the guidelines for posting pics, which I'm not sure if I followed correctly...hope I didn't post them too big..I'm still learning how to work photobucket! I can't wait to see your pictures, Fran!

Swannie, OMIGOSH! Your new siggie is breathtaking...it made my heart do flip-flops! Can't wait to see the new website!

Mel, you and Mousie have twin brothers? That is so cool! I guess by the picture that they were the ones on the far left and far right...I wish them great success with their band!

Jenn, hope you weren't hurt in the fight??

Cassie, so you think Saddam's really still alive and whisked away somewhere to a hiding place? You just never know, do you? Stranger things have happened...

Carolyn, I know what you mean...I've been telling my family about 300 for months, and just a couple weeks ago, one of my sons sent me a link to a 300 trailer that he'd come across..I had to tell him I'd already seen it NUMEROUS times, but I was tickled that he now wants to see the film too! Hope your son's eye surgery went well.

Shan, yes, it doesn't being away from here too long before you're so far behind you can barely catch up! If I can't check in at least once a day, I have to just skip to the end and try to pick up where things are, then go back later and read all the posts I've missed...

Sue, thanks for the compliments for DH and son, they're much appreciated.

Alice, thanks for the link on the Fandango survey!

Let's see, Chachababy and Sue, I'm gonna guess you ladies voted for....GERRY?? Or could it have been...hmmm...GERRY?? Or possibly even....GERRY?? :dance:

Fran, congrats on the mammogram...I had my very first one this past year...

Erica, keep on keepin' on with the no more ciggies..we're rootin' for you!!

KB, we're glad you found us, too!

Shout out to all of you lovely GALS, mentioned or unmentioned...I luvs ya ALL!! (TNLW, of course!! :D )

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It's been a long time since I've posted in the vanilla support center and I apologize. (I do read, though). It makes it all the more awkward to make a post soliciting money -- especially after an expensive holiday. However, duty calls and I'm going to re-post my "first of the month" message:

We have a lot of "newbies" who weren't around during the big "server crash" of April (?) '06. Some may recall that we had an emergency fund raiser to keep GALS up and running on our own designated server. At the risk of bringing back horrific memories -- I will mention to the newbies that the site was actually DOWN for 2 days (Spot takes a deep breath in recollection...) [EXHALES] At that time, several indicated they'd like to make monthly payments towards the "cause" since we'll have to renew our website contract annually. I know money is tight ... especially saving for Vegas. However, if you have the means, please donate to the GALS general fund so that when renewal time comes around (I THINK it will be March or so) it will not be so stressful for admins and members. If I'm not mistaken, we'll need to come up with about $2k (don't quote me on this...) At the very least, I'm bringing this up now so that those that may get a year-end bonus or something might be able to plan to contribute at that time. As it's the beginning of the month (the time when I personally contribute), it occurred to me that a lot of newbies may not even be aware of this impending expense. It does NOT have to be a big amount ... every penny will help! Thanks, y'all!

How to Support GALS

Thanks, y'all. We have a big bill due in a few months -- we don't want to loose GALS right when 300 is opening!

Happy New Year to you all!


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Good morning everyone! :wave:

I'm here at work waiting on word how my son got through his surgery.

Swannie: I read your new chapter last night and it was awesome. I could so see Gerry there! Big surprise, huh? I love how the two of them are becoming closer and more in tune with each other. :bow2:

Erica: Keep up the good work. We're here for you!

Irene: Just wanted to let you know that I play the new Josh Groban cd everywhere I go. I play it at work, in my car and at home. I seem to play "Don't Give Up" over and over and over. What a great song.

Just got a set of lessons in the mail on learning Gaelic. Don't know if I will ever learn anything, but it will be fun listening to it. :cunning: I also bought a Gaelic dictionary. I look up words from the Outlander series but don't find very many of them. Guess they are too specific.

You all have a great day!

I love you all,


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Hello everyone!! Just wanted to drop in and say hi! I'm still working my way around the site, but I have to say it's FANTASTIC!

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