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MySpace & 300

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At the official 300 MySpace page, there are now new photos from the movie - check it out!


Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Ya'll need to look at the main page of MySpace.com - it's completely 300-ified! LOL It's cool that they're working with MySpace for advertising - now they're allowing members to host "300" photos in their profile due to the partnership with "300" the movie.

Thanks so much to Noelle Joseph for letting me know and for sending me the pics for our gallery! :dance:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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I went into my myspace page this morning and I saw the ads as I was logging in and I yelped at my desk. WAHOO!!!! Advertising is advertising and myspace is an Excellent avenue to advertise this movie. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pics.


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I loged in to Myspace at 6:30 this morning and just sat with my mouth hanging open until about 7:00

I was bombarded with IMs this morning from people wanting to know if I saw it. It was not showing up in other parts of the world, because I got messages from other countries wanting to know what I was freaking out about. I sent them screen shots! Gerry was right, THIS IS HUGE!!!!

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I just went to log on at Myspace, and the entire opening page is 300!!! :heat: The background, the ads, everything!!


There is a flash ad that is sooooooo hawt!! (It takes you to the 300 MySpace page, which most of us are already friends of.)

I just had to drool and share the glory that is Gerry & Leo & 300!!



Bella - just merged your post with the already existing thread about 300 and myspace. :dance: myspace looks awesome doesn't it? :D

- Stef

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I only have a myspace to keep up with bands, but I added the 300 the minute I found out it was on there, and I'm so glad I did, I am literally counting the days until this movie opens-Gerry plus Ancient History plus this Graphic Novel, it's a combination for combustion!

Yes, I am so going on that first day and I can't wait!

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