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Blessed and Cursed

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This is my fourth fan fic. It is short but worth reading. I’m a big fan of Greek mythology. I was trying to think of a new story, but my mind was completely blank. I’ve had writer’s block since I was sixteen or seventeen. I’m just now coming out of it, thanks to the story Phantom of the Opera and the fan fiction of the Gerard Butler websites.

Back to Greek mythology, this is not an actual story from the Grecian times. I put it together myself. The information on the muses and gods is all true, according to the Greek records of mythology. I put my own story and Phantom of the Opera together. You’ll see what I mean.




Blessed and Cursed~Where It Began~


As you all know, in Greek mythology, there were nine muses who were blessed with the Gifts of Art. They are as follows:

Terpsichore – Dance

Erato – Lyrics

Polyhymnia – Hymns

Calliope – Epics

Clio – History

Euterpe – Music

Thalia – Comedy

Melpomene – Tragedy

Urania – Astronomy

And last but not least, their little mortal brother, Orpheus. I also made a new muse for my story:

Fauna – Song

There is also Eris, the Goddess of Discord. Then there is Hectate, The Witch-Goddess.

Now that you know all of this, let’s get back to the story.

Long ago, in the times of the great gods of Greece, many wonderful things were created. Unfortunately, like the other side of a coin, horrible things were created as well. One of the most infamous curses placed on earth as well Mount Olympus was ordered by Eris. She was a goddess, and her specialty was quarreling (discord). One day, she found herself longing for companion, a husband. She already knew all of the other gods and knew none of them would ever really love her. She decided to go earth in disguise to find a mortal to love her, for she was aware that some mortals married for life. When she left Mount Olympus, she had love affairs with many men, yet none of them were faithful to her. Desperate, Eris went to visit The Fates. When the three of them saw Eris coming to meet them, they knew exactly what she wanted. But they knew the truth.

Eris would never find what she was looking for.

Her soul – mate

Eris was furious when she heard this. She then questioned them. The Fates said it was not because she was a goddess, but because of her occupation.

You all remember what that is: Arguing, Quarreling…Discord.

The Fates said that no man would stand for her or love her.

In a rage, Eris stormed out, swearing revenge. She went to the nine muses who with their gifts could bless anyone they wished. For her revenge, Eris would force them to place a curse. A special curse. On any mortal who wished for a certain to be their soul mate.

The curse would go like this:

A certain man would fall in love with a woman. He suffers from heartbreak, because the woman loves someone else. The certain man would have no soul mate and would be alone for the rest of his life, while the woman and her lover lived in peace and happiness.

Regretfully and reluctantly, the muses set work. Terpsichore and Fauna created Christine Daae, a young woman with an exquisite singing voice, dancing talent, and ethereal beauty.

Next came Raoul de Chagny, a handsome young man. Fauna gave him a good voice with goods looks to go with it. Clio gave him a good background as a Vicompte as well a crime – free record. Calliope was the epic muse, but she decided to give a little story like poem he would share with the beautiful Christine. It was called “Little Lotte.”

Lastly, came the wishful lover: Erik, a man blessed by Euterpe with the gift of music along with the gifts of Lyrics, Song, and Hymns, all by Fauna, Polyhymnia, and Erato. But unfortuanately, he was also cursed with tragedy, meaning he would be the rejected one. The one that had no hope of finding true love…his soul mate. Calliope, gave him a bad history making him a murderer, a felon, blackmailer, prankster, and a fugitive. Eris ordered Melpomene, the muse of Tragedy to be extra cruel on Erik. Sadly, Melpomene was forced to give Erik’s face that of a deformity. One that no one would ever be able to look beyond.

However, when Eris wasn’t looking, the Witch – Goddess, Hectate came to the crying muses. She told them that Zeus, king of the gods felt pity for Erik, so he gave Hectate something that would change everything. It was Pandora’s Box. The story as we all know now only contained Hope inside. Hectate held out the object and gave it to Fauna. As soon as she took it into her hands, it took on a special disguise. It was that of a monkey music box. With the blessings of Polyhymnia, Erato, and Fauna, the box would come to Erik later in his life. But the curse of Eris was a bit too strong, meaning that Erik would have to endure much cruelty, pain, and heartbreak, before he found what was he looking for.

All that was left for the Love Triangle to be completed was Urania’s gift. She gave the three lovers a place, or constellation, in the night sky…a triangle. She was able to delay the special story for many years…all the way to the nineteenth century. The year 1870 to be exact.

And the curse was place on three people. Or actually just one.

Christine Daae, the loved woman

Victompte Raoul de Chagny, her lover

And lastly…

Erik, The Phantom of the Opera

To all fan fiction writers,

Can anyone write a story as to what happens after disaster when Christine leaves with Raoul? Does anyone want to write about the monkey music box containing Erik’s hope for a soul mate? Does anyone want to provide true love for Erik?

I’ve written the Prologue. Now I invite you to help me write the story that follows. Let me know if you’re interested and send me your ideas!


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