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Thanks Aimee..I'm wondering if there will be a big push..I don't know if I have it in me..oh Cassius he needs to show his appreciation even more.

Now if he survives and he's up against say..jackie..well, then he's on his own.

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Mooney, Mooney... :funnyface:

Come to think of it, - the two of them strangely resemble two present celebrities:


overcompensates lack of masculinity by uniforms and flashy accessories

squeeky and weak speakingvoice

questionable sexuality ( yuchy pervert, some claim )

never been accused of rescuing children, investigated to the contrary

obsessive about his looks



manliest actor today

a voice and a burr to die for

oozes testosterone

childrescuer (awarded for it)

often seen sporting long curls, scruffy - easygoing in the warderobe

funnybone de luxe


If it was a celebrity-survivor today, - who would YOU give a swift and decisive kick in the butt??


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You know that was very well thought out..be it wrong, but yet, it was well thought out..

Now it's my turn.


Doesn't have to over compensate..THE UNIFORM WAS MANDATORY..and plus, he likes it when I polish his armour.

The voice may have been a little higher, but that man KNOWS HOW TO GO DEEP.

No question about that sexuality..none NOPE. Creedy on the other hand..oh I'll get to that one in a second.

He rescued tons of Children HE TOOK DOWN THE EMPEROR OF ROME..which right there proves he had more FORTITUDE than Creedy, and REMEMEBER he was really easy on TAXES TOO, giving the families more money, thus, more to eat and better housing.

He can be obsessive about his looks..even though I don't know where that came from..hmmmm.....all he wants..HE'S HOT.

Concerned with women's health issues..especially after all those deep deep..conversations (oh if this was just the over 18 thread):cunning:


Nope not Creepy at all..as opposed to CREEDY.

Now we come to Creedy.

Having to be regaled to SIDEKICK, must have really BURNT him up.

And then to fall to what, THIRD, now that really must have burned his arse. :cunning:

He liked to play with his LIGHTSABER infront of the children..I don't know, now that's a little creepy to me.

A failed rescue so he could be remembered..not the way to go.

Wait, when was Creedy a MANLY ACTOR..oh that must have been when he was PLAYING WITH HIS LIGHTSABER INFRONT OF THE CHILDREN.

Notice how much time he spent with those kids?

Remember you opened the creepy door..I'm just usherin Creedy through.

I will give you points though..You were really scraping for it "Darling" How about oh, I don't know, CRISPY.


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I am in no way desperate, I have faith that Cassius shall be successful that his true hotness will shine through and poor Creedy with end up with a case of sunscreen and a tent on the island, I just had to retort..it had to be done. :kisswink:

The funniest thing about this is: I do like Creedy, but not nearly as much as Johnnie, and imagine THAT defense. That's all I'm saying.

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I know, it's always..who will the be up against..if it's Erik..it's a no brainer..but what about say Drac or Chuck? It's getting harder and harder.

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Mooney: Chuck is not hard ( :rotflmao: ):arrangements are made, you know! ( :scared: )

*And Jilly, - I KNOW! Go figure the hold he has on those gals... Mindboggling...* :bonk:

Hobbes, we know that you are among the unenlightened...

IF you should come to your senses we'll all applaude you: So step away from the dark, honey!

There is still time... :pointy:

*I do wonder why QB mentioned Jenn and her love for Creedy, - beating was even a possibility... Well, the day is far from over...!*

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I'm Back!!!!!!! I'll not go down without a fight (and yes I could make something gutter like out of that for some gutter snipes that sneak up stairs once in a while) but why poor sweetheart Creedy would even be a consideration is beyond me!!


:wave: Fran

Hobbes there is still time for you I just know it.......... :rose:

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Okay... Okay... I'm here to save my Creedy :inlove: Hopefully better late than never...

My vote is for CASSIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We shall see..oh we shall see. Misty..we shall see. :)

Now I'm wondering how your precious Creedy would fair next week if he's up against CHUCK.

Me I have no problem with voting for cha-cha vs. Chuck..(love ya Cha Cha, it its Chuck..come on) but poor CRISPY yet another disappointment, I don't know if HE'D be able to take it.

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I don't know who my vote will go to if it is Chuck vs. Creedy. Now if it was Johnnie or Erik vs. Creedy...Creedy would be in BIG trouble! :lol:

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"....but why poor sweetheart Creedy would even be a consideration is beyond me!!...."

Ladyfran, - Creedy was suggested by Bella and then QB hopped on the train and it was all put in a VERRA bad motion.... :doh:

Cassius MUST go!

*in case someone is wishy washy...*

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Jenn...I was hoping you were going to come here and save Creedy!!

Eva and moonglow - you two crack me up! :rotflmao:

Posted Image


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The only way Cassius is going is...Right after CREEDY!!!


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Posted Image *Carries poor Irish away for some..er...kiss of life Posted Image

Posted Image- Now Mooney, - that was NOT nice!

Posted Image - Will this madness only increase?!?

Be aware...

Perhaps... Chuck will be the next man ...?Posted Image

Posted Image We are getting stronger!

*Posted Image Warming up...*

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