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Over 18 Guidelines Effective Jan. 25, 2007


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OVER 18 GUIDELINES (as of 01/25/07 to be amended as needed)

If you don't think you can contain yourself to PG-13, we have two separate Over 18 sections for people to enjoy. One area is restricted to GALS only; the other is "Unisex" (open to both PALS and GALS). These Forums are only visible to those having Over 18 access. (You must meet certain criteria, detailed below, in order to obtain Over 18 access).

While members are allowed to "push the envelope" a bit in the Over 18 areas, that doesn't mean R-rated (or above) material will be allowed. These areas were created to protect our Wee-GALS from inappropriate adult discussions. They were not created so we could pop the envelope wide open.

Administrators of our beloved site have entered into an agreement wherein they have contractually bound themselves to obey certain parameters. Of utmost importance is the prohibition of graphic and explicit use of sexual language. When role-playing or fan-ficting, using "Gerry" or "Gerard" is a HUGE No-No due to opening the site-host up to libel and slander liabilities. (The only exception here is when role-playing involves a character literally named "Gerry" as is the case with Gerry's character from PSILY. However, it MUST be clear that you mean the character and NOT the Man himself.)

Other than adult topics consisting of "harsher" language and "randier innuendo," all other board rules apply in the Over 18 Forums. The following are also considered UNACCEPTABLE acts:

~Use of harsher, sexually-derived words (such as "f**k"), used in any context.

~Use of obscene, abusive, racist, defamatory or threatening discussions, posts, materials and/or images.

~Use of overtly sexually-suggestive and/or sexually-graphic images. Images or screen captures which show nude buttocks are acceptable. With the exception of a male chest, absolutely no frontal nudity of any kind will be tolerated.

~Use of overtly sexually-suggestive and/or sexually-graphic writings or audio. If it can be read in a romance novel widely available at your local mainstream bookstore, then it should be acceptable in the Over18 Forums, so long as the other guidelines regarding language are not violated.

In addition to exercising some sense of decorum, our Guidelines concerning nudity, sexually explicit writings and/or audio have been developed to meet the needs of numerous members working at institutions employing extremely conservative internet filters. None of us would like to learn that a member lost a job because he or she innocently surfed our site while at work and, through no fault of their own, ran across material the employer's filter found objectionable. Furthermore, posting of such material is in direct violation of our Terms of Service with Invision and can get our site shut down – immediately. Any material/images/audio deemed inappropriate by a moderator/administrator will be immediately removed.

Innuendo and double-entendres are keys to the success of the Over 18 Forums. If you have to question whether it's too risque for posting, then it probably is -- please edit yourself accordingly.

Obtaining Access to the Over 18 Forums

Due to recent discoveries of "imposters" and/or "spammers," we are having to institute written guidelines applicable to the Over-18 "GALS Only" portions of our site. It is an unfortunate safety measure, but one that needs to be implemented. Every effort is being made to maintain this integral part of our site as we grow commensurate with Gerry's success. Those that partake in the GALS-Only portion of the forum do so with a degree of certainty that those granted permission to the Over 18 GALS-Only section are, in fact, Over 18 GALS.

Therefore, effective immediately, to obtain access to the Over 18 Forums, you must:

~provide your date of birth.

~have at least 12 full posts to your history. The 12-post Requirement does NOT include "gaming posts." "Full posts" being defined as posts of a typical length, not emoticon filled nor those of one or two sentences. We'd like to get to know you before granting access to an area where GALS feel comfortable and safe posting about more private matters. To that end, your 12 posts should be of such a nature to lend additional insight as to your character, age and sex. Once you have made 12 posts that you believe meet the requirement you may request access by PM'ing a moderator or administrator. Your request will then be reviewed by the whole Mod Squad and you will be notified of the decision. If you are not granted access on your first request you may be asked to post a bit more until we feel we have gotten to know you better. Please don't take this as a personal slight, because once you gain access to the forum we expect you would want us to protect you the same way we want to protect those who are there now.

You may also obtain Over 18 access by way of "sponsorship." Various members come to our site by way of relationships with pre-existing members. It is possible that you may not be required to meet the 12-post Requirement if you are "sponsored" by a pre-existing member who has a well-established history and is well-known by the moderating/administrative team. In the event that you are personally known by pre-existing member, then you should have your sponsoring member contact a moderator on your behalf. The Sponsoring Member's PM should include a brief description of how she/he knows you and why the Sponsoring Member believes you should be granted access.

The PM's will be kept on file. If a complaint is received that someone is underage OR not the gender proclaimed, then that individual will be immediately banned from the Forum and possibly placed on some sort of "probation."

If the "Official Spanker" has to spank you, please don't get offended. The rules for posting are here for a reason. If you want to get a little wilder, please do so via phone calls, PM's or e-mail. Also, it's not advised to intentionally provoke the Official Spanker. Though we try to take a lighter tone by "reprimanding" this way, we are still serious about the need for all members to post in accordance with Guidelines.

If a topic suddenly disappears from the open forum, you may want to check to see if it was moved to the Over 18 area.

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