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  2. Hi Rayna. Remember, you were gone for 6 months! Just pace yourself. I know we have a tendency to want it done all at once but then you would need a hospital stay! This is RNR, One Two to Mumbles about the first job for Stella. Next quote: "Only if he's wicked" (woman to man) Back later. Lyn
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  4. Morning, girls. I'm so glad Benita is going to visit you this week, Lyn! So much fun! Hope your weather cooperates, Pat. I haven't taken a walk since Tuesday, I think! I need to go back to my workout group. There's a class tomorrow at 9:30 am. We're still meeting at the parks and not inside the gym just yet. CA is back to indoor masks again. Just when I was getting used to not wearing one inside the grocery stores in PA. Oh well. This is RnR, Johnny to Lenny, down at the river. Next:"You know that lady? That posh pup?" Man to man. So, I'll be busy cleaning today. I can't even begin to describe this house. It'll take some time this week to get back to normal. Rayna
  5. Hi Pat. Yeah, I forgot. My bad. RNR, One Two to Stella when she arrives at his apartment. Next quote: "Nice wheels, daddy" (man to man) Back later. Lyn
  6. Morning, Lyn. Just got my chicken on and I'm going out to walk before it gets unbearable. I haven't been able to walk for 2 day....so hot and humid. So gotta get dressed. Rayna, so sorry about everything you are faced with at home. I remember that a couple times after I had been gone for awhile.....not fun. Lyn, so glad Benita is coming to stay with you for a couple days. You'll have her all to yourself! So fun! Lyn, I'm hoping you forgot to type "switch" and it's RnR....Lennie to Archie on the phone about the painting. Next: "Well, you'd better come in then!" (man to woman) Later, Pat
  7. Morning ladies. Well, my microwave died. So I either starve or but another as I never really use my stove. So went on Amazon and ordered a new one which comes Tuesday. It was 12 yrs old and the way I use it, it was just tired out! Dracula, Mary to Simon when he gives her the cross with the blade inside. Next quote: "I've been robbed!" (man to man) Heard from Benita. She's coming to stay Mon-Thur by herself. With Tracy in Texas, seeing her other sister and Donald working, it will be just the 2 of us. Can't wait! Be back later on. Lyn
  8. Have a good evening. We were out for five hours shopping for our new fridge. And also looking for a new dishwasher. Found a nice fridge, that will be delivered on Wednesday afternoon. We can't buy a new dishwasher till we have someone come out who will inspect our water/electric lines. New codes here in CA. So we have to wait to see if we can move forward. Meanwhile, I only have half a floor in my kitchen. Welcome home, Rayna! This is D2000, Simon to Van Helsing, when they're driving away from the fight in the makeshift morgue. Next:"Point and pray." Woman to man. I'll stop back before I shut down. Gonna be cleaning all day tomorrow. What joy! Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
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  10. Solina to the robbers at Van Helsing's vault trying to rob Dracula's casket. Next quote: "What just happened in there?" (man to man) Back later. Lyn Donald is here. Shutting down. Talk tomorrow.
  11. That's ok. It's hard to remember past quotes sometimes. This is D2000, Drac Baby to Simon, when Simon is holding up the cross. Next:"I said he guards it like it was gold." Woman to small group of men. Rayna
  12. Opps! Sorry about that. Dracula to Lucy when he first meets her. Next quote: "Propaganda" (man to man) Later. Lyn
  13. Hi girls. Lyn, I used that quote Wednesday. Guess it's hard to remember, isn't it? D2000, Drac Baby to Mary, when he comes out of her closet in her dream. Next:"And such beauty!" Man to woman. I'll be back. Rayna
  14. Dracula to Simon when he who shows him the bible to protect Mary. Next quote: "You are real" (man to woman) Later. Lyn
  15. Hi, ladies. You guys are so sweet to be so concerned. Yeah, it's crazy. Ed and I will be out today shopping for a fridge. I wanted to go tomorrow (quieter day) but he has a gig tomorrow, believe it or not! So, I guess I'll be cleaning the house tomorrow while he's gone. That'll be perfect. He won't get in the way! haha! My brother handled things really well yesterday! He had to help my mom take a shower! By himself! He did it, although he doesn't want to do that all the time. That's what the home helpers are for. He'll have more help starting tomorrow. He was able to set up a helper for this Sunday, and after this, every day. Two different agencies. This is a good thing! This is D2000, Drac Baby to Lucy, when she asks him his name. Next:"You think you can protect her with .........?" Man to man. I'm around for the morning. Ed has a zoom meeting at 11, then we should be able to head out. Rayna
  16. Morning, Lyn. Slept in a little this morning. I was up late listening to Josh Groban....I love his singing. Rayna....you poor thing, you sure have had your problems. I don't know how you've kept it together these past few months. Having to buy two appliances would be the icing on the cake. Just take it one day at a time to get things done. It's just so overwhelming sometimes you feel like screaming....I'm sure. Keeping you in my prayers. Hang in there! From Dracula.....Dracula when he's looking on the wall in New Orleans. Next: "We're all so much more complicated than our names." (man to woman) Later, Pat
  17. Morning ladies. I feel so bad for you. Looks like you never stop dealing with problems. BTW, did you call your brother to see how he did? Dracula to Mary on the roof as he bites her neck. Next quote: "Brilliant!" (man speaking) Be back later. Lyn
  18. Last week
  19. Well, we knew the fridge broke down back in May. Set up a repair that didn't happen till about 2 weeks ago. They pulled the fridge away from the wall to work on it, and left it sitting out, cause the dishwasher leaked and ruined the floor, so the floor needs to be replaced anyway. The house is a total mess. I need everything under the sun. I'm about to leave. Had to wait here for an edible fruit delivery for Ed's b'day. Didn't want that to be left outside. You wouldn't believe all the things I have to do! This is D2000, Drac Baby to the doctor who is observing Val through the glass. Next:"Let me show you what I have shown no other." Man to woman. I'm heading out. You'll probably be shutting down soon. It's 5pm for you. Rayna edited for: I cannot believe it! I typed this reply about 3 hours ago, and forget to hit "reply." How stupid is that??? I'm sorry I left you hanging. Just got back from shopping. I guess I'm just a little frazzled today. I'll stop by before I shut down. edited for: see you all in the morning.
  20. Hi Rayna. My cleaning lady is here. She finished the back area and now she's doing the front so I'm able to come into my office. I told you the first 2 days, you would be dealing with cleaning the house and doing laundry, sheets. Didn't expect a new fridge and dishwasher. Like we say, the hits just keep on coming. Have you talked to your brother today and see how he's doing? Dracula talking to Christ on the cross on the roof. Next quote: "Dignity doctor" (man to man) Later. Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow.
  21. Hi girls! I'm home! And I just finished setting up my computer. Took a few minutes, cause I had to reset the wifi connection, but I'm good! Flight was fine. Watched some great tv and a good Benedict Cumberbatch movie. In seat entertainment! Feel great, except my house is a total mess (don't ask). Need a new dishwasher and fridge. We'll be shopping on Sunday, you can be sure! This is D2000, Mary to herself, when Drac Baby comes out of her closet. Next:"Now I make it in mine." Man to image. I don't know caireen's quote either. I hope she can come back and leave us another clue. I'll just check my new emails. I really have so much shopping to do, you wouldn't believe it here. oy! Rayna
  22. Lucy to Dracula in Mary's house on the stairs. Next quote: "Wake up, its only a dream" (woman talking) Back later. Lyn
  23. Morning, Lyn. Was going to the grocery but it's pouring down. There's a break later this morning or it's OK tomorrow early. Think I'll wait till 7a tomorrow morning. It's just so crowded during the day at Meijer.....it's maddening. I'm assuming you made it home safely, Rayna. From Dracula.....the camera man to the woman reporter when they're covering the plane crash. Next: "So, you haven't told me your name!" (woman to man) Later, Pat
  24. Hi Careen. Sorry, don't know this one. Will leave another for the ladies. Next quote: "No one's looking at the sunset" (man to woman) Back later on. Lyn
  25. D2000, Mary to Dracula when she wraps the steel rope around his neck. You can't see me. (man to man, woman present) clue: two-way mirror
  26. Hi careen. Dracula, Simon to Marcus in the garage, I think. Next quote: "This is how you die" (woman to man) Back later. Lyn
  27. D2000, Matthew to Dracula about Mary in the upstairs hallway of her house. God loves you anyway. (man to man) Internet connection was barely non-existent for a few days. Seems to be working again now.
  28. Hi Rayna. Have a safe trip. I will be tracking you, as usual. Yeah, you'll be doing laundry and cleaning the fist couple of days, going through mail that you received if Ed hasn't already. Seeing Shane will be at the top of your list. I know how much you missed him. Mary to Simon about Dracula knowing Armoric. Next quote: "You can't have her...ever!" (man to man) Lyn
  29. Morning, girls. Thanks for the good wishes. Yes, it's been a really long time. There's so much to do at home, I won't know where to start. I don't know if I can Skype here. But it doesn't matter. I'll call everyday. This is D2000, Drac Baby to Lucy, describing Mary's home. Next:"No, but he can." Woman to man. I'll be shutting down in a minute. I'll be back on tomorrow. Have a nice day, ladies. Rayna
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