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  3. POTO. I think its the Opera owner to Firmin and Andre. Next quote: "I ordered box five to remain empty" (man speaking) Later. Lyn Post 289 Shutting down. Talk tomorrow.
  4. "I am there inside." POTO, the Phantom to Christine, in her dressing room. Next:"I remain, gentlemen, your obedient servant." Man to two men. Rayna
  5. Hey Rayna. POTO, Phantom to Raoul in the lair. Next quote: "Look at your self in the mirror" (man to woman) Later. Lyn Post 287
  6. Aaand, she didn't answer my quote! Busy girl! This is POTO, Christine to Raoul, on the roof. Next:"Be my guest, sir." Man to man, woman present. Rayna Post 286
  7. POTO, Phantom to Christine in the lair the first time. Next quote: "Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime" (woman to man) Back later. Lyn Post 285
  8. HaHa.......I was hurrying to get back outside!
  9. Hey, Pat! You must be really frazzled! You just answered your own quote! haha! So I guess I'll leave another one. Next:"Come. We must return." Man to woman. Rayna
  10. Hey, Rayna. First of all this will be short.....cutting back ivy and making sure the garden is ready. Yesterday up north it was 79 and beautiful and not cold at all....and sunny. From POTO.....Christine to the Phantom when she walks into the water at the Lair and just before she kisses him. Next: "Take her....forget me...forget all of this!" (Man to Raoul when they're sailing away!!!!) Pat Post 282
  11. Hi Lyn. POTO, the Phantom to Christine in PONR. Next:"The tears I might have shed for your dark fate, grow cold and turn to tears of hate!" Woman to man. Rayna Post 281
  12. Hi ladies. Pat, I'm exhausted just reading your post! So glad you guys had such a good time. POTO, Phantom to Raoul in the lair. Next quote: "Our game of make believe is at an end" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn Post 280
  13. What a wonderful trip!! All that food sounds so good! And so Southern! I have to admit, I don't think I've ever had grits. Never really spent any time in the South, except one week in Orlando, but we were in Disney World, so I don't think that counts! So glad you had such a nice vacation. Good to get out of the cold weather, huh? Ha ha! This is POTO, the Phantom to Christine, MOTN. Next:"The world showed no compassion to me!" Man to man, woman present. I'm around pretty much today. Rayna Post 279
  14. Morning, Lyn. We had a wonderful time.....no time limits....just did what we wanted to do. Did some shopping. Because Michigan grows so many red cherries...they have a store called The Cherry Republic. Got a couple things for my kids which I now have to box. We visited some wineries and had a wine tasting at the one. I'm not really into wine but it was fun! We ate Sunday dinner at Pearl's a cajun restaurant. I had Crawfish and Grits in a delicious cream sauce and a side of Fried Green Tomatoes! Delicious! Then we came back to our room. It was beautiful....very beachy and f
  15. Morning ladies. POTO, Phantom just before he goes to do his opera. Next quote: "Now let it be war upon you both" (man speaking) Back later. Lyn Post 277
  16. Yesterday
  17. Have a good evening, Lyn. POTO, the Phantom, in the Final Lair, telling Raoul and Christine to leave. Next:"Seal my fate tonight." Man to himself. Back later. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning. Post 276
  18. Hi Rayna. That's ok, I started watching Who Killed Sarah again as the second season starts on Wednesday. POTO, Phantom to Raoul when he shows up in the lair. Next quote: "Go, leave me, forget all of this" (man to man and woman) Later. Lyn Post 275 Shutting down. Talk tomorrow.
  19. This is the fan of Christine, asking Carlotta to give her his flowers. Next:"You have truly made my night!" Man to man, woman present. I had to go out. I'm home now. Rayna Post 274
  20. Hi Caireen. I have no idea. Need a clue. Lyn Later
  21. POTO, MOTN, the phantom to Christine Would you please give this to Ms ...? (man to woman, other people present)
  22. POTO, Phantom to Christine in the lair with Raoul. Next quote: "Slowly, gently, night unfurls its splendor" (man to woman) Later. Lyn Post 271
  23. POTO, Meg to Christine, after her debut. Next:"And now how you've repaid me, denied me and betrayed me." Man to woman Rayna Post 270
  24. POTO, Raoul to Madame Giry asking about Phantom and Christine. Next quote: "Where in the world have you been hiding" (woman to woman) Back later. Lyn Post 269
  25. Morning, Lyn. POTO, Firmin to Andre, the morning after Christine disappears. Next:"Where has he taken her??!!" Man to woman. Rayna Post 268
  26. Morning Rayna. POTO, Carlotta to Firmin after the scenery fell on her. Next quote: "Gossips worth its weight in gold" (man to man) Back later. Lyn Post 267
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