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  1. Thanks Diane for letting us know. Bettes was such a sweet lady. May Bettes rest in peace.
  2. You're Invited Presented By Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation Join Us For The Party Of The Year! ANNOUNCING SPECIAL GUESTS.....
  3. We are excited to announce the preliminary details of the 8th Annual Gerard Butler Fan Convention and 2013 Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation Gala!! Mark your calendars for June 6-8, 2013! Your early bird registration fee of $275 (registration fee goes up to $299 March 1st) provides: - Admission to all convention activities - Goodie bags, t-shirts, hospitality suite, etc. - Friday night deluxe buffet with carving station (this is still a seated dinner with set tables etc.) and a choice of water, iced tea and coffee. (Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks may be purchased at the b
  4. It is with great pleasure that we announce some big changes to GALS Charitable Foundation GCF has changed its name to Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation™. With this name change comes many more exciting developments that will, undoubtedly, produce more funding for our Foundation, which in turn, benefits our given charities. Our "core" will always be GALS -- that is not changing! Thanks to GCF's extremely generous core base, our ability to help "Envision. Encourage. Empower." has increased each year since our founding in 2007. As we have grown in stature, reputation and viability, we have
  5. Hi Tammy ~ When I spoke with Marlene, she said they have plenty of school supplies, that it's shoes that they need desperately. Thanks for your very generous spirit! ~ D
  6. A Visa Gift Card would be fabulous! But a Gift Card to Walmart, Target, or other "all purpose" super stores would be great as well. Thanks so much! ~ D
  7. Hey all. The Shade Tree is in desperate need of gift cards to buy their children shoes for school. Due to gang activity, schools only allow a particular color of sneakers to be worn by the kids, so a gift card is the best way to go. Please send to: The Shade Tree Shelter PO Box 669 Las Vegas, NV 89125 Make sure you let the shelter know you're from GALS! Thanks much! ~ D See note in Post #5
  8. On behalf of GALS Charitable Foundation (GCF), we are pleased to announce the following amounts raised for Angels of East Africa (AEOA) and The Shade Tree Shelter (TST) at the 7th Annual Gerard Butler Fan Convention. Our Friday night event, as well as AEOA specifically donated auction items, raised a total of $12,510 for Angels of East Africa. Our Saturday night event, as well as TST specifically donated auction items, raised a total of $10,215 for The Shade Tree Shelter. Total for both events and GALS' amazing Virtual Con is $22,725 raised for charity! A heartfelt to all of those
  9. Dayna, I just published a modern adaptation of the Phantom story. The title is Ghost Song. Is it possible to have this title added to the list of my novels on the boutique page? I appreciate it! Thanks much, Sadie Montgomery

  10. Hi dear friend It's my pleasure

  11. thanks for sending personal conversation entitled "Happy Anniversary message. I enjoy being a member here for 2 yrs ! Great web site, keep up the great work !

  12. thanks for sending personal conversation entitled "Happy Anniversary message. I enjoy being a member here for 2 yrs ! Great web site, keep up the great work !

  13. Thank you that you have, I like that you are stylish and discreet, I like how the new and Events Thank you!

  14. Thank you for the congratulations on being a member for four wonderful years! I still love this site just as much as I did four years ago when I joined!

  15. Thanks for marking my 1 year with this group. I have enjoyed reading everything about one of the best (and gorgeous) leading men out there today. Looking forward to more. MB

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