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    Teaching, learning, reading, creating, loving, grandmothering, (ok, mothering, too!), and being a respectful, compassionate, loving wife.

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  1. Stupid question: is it $160 plus a room?
  2. I vote off the Raider and send the Stranger to Exile Island.
  3. I vote off Jackie Jr. ? Vote to send Mike Banning to Exile Island with me! ?
  4. Only in dreams! Sweet sleep. My hubby is bipolar as well. He takes good care of himself and me. He also likes Gerry and is so wonderful to watch with me on many of my marathon movie days. ❤
  5. Aaaaaahhhhh! Finally found relief for my Gerry-addicted life! Today I did Gerry ...I mean did the - what did I do? Oh! Watched LAC, 300, and TUT for the umpteenth time. I'm fulfilled for the moment. I need new stuff!
  6. ABCs of Chasing Mavericks A) Abs! B) Bully C) Charismatic D) Deep water E) Eager student F) Friends G) Great surfing scenes H) Hesson, Frosty I) Indomitable spirit J) Jealousy (mean kid) K) Killer waves L) Lovers M) Mavericks N) Neighbors O) Ocean P) Preparation Q) Questions R) Risk S) Self discipline T) Tides U) Undertow W) Wetsuits X) X-rays Y) Young protege Z) Zingers . ABC's of Playing for Keeps A) adorable .
  7. I 1. Song.... I'll be Seeing You 2. Famous person.... Itzhak Perlman 3. Household item....Iron 4. City.... Indianapolis 5. Movie.... In the Heat of the Night 6. Plant or flower... Iris 7. Food item....Irish Stew 8. Mood....irritated 9. Something sweet....ice cream 10. Something you would like.....icicle J 1. Song.... 2. Famous person.... 3. Household item.... 4. City.... 5. Movie.... 6. Plant or flower.... 7. Food item.... 8. Mood.... 9. Something sweet....jam 10. Something you would like.....
  8. The ABCs of Spooky Horror Movies (or Stupid Horror Movies) A) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter B) Bride of Frankenstein C) Corpse Bride D) Dracula 2000 E) Evil Dead F) Frankenstein G) Grindhouse H) Hold that Ghost I) It J) Jeepers Creepers K) King Kong L) Leprechaun in the Hood M) Mummy Returns (The)
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