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  1. I'm inquiring about how to get my book, The Whisperer of Storms, listed in the GALS Books section of the Boutique? I was unable to find any directions on how to do it in the forum and haven't heard back from the admins. Thanks! Veronica
  2. Thanks for sharing the long-anticipated set photos! I've been looking forward to these! He looks good and playing a villain, too! Well worth the wait! Veronica
  3. I love the idea of Gerry stepping into the role of a villain!! I am curious how he'll look in this one. Are there any sneak peeks of his wardrobe? Veronica
  4. Here's a short story I wrote about a hero in need: http://veronicarwinters.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-firefighter.html This could actually take place in the distant future of my work in progress, The Whisperer of Storms. Even though Gerry wasn't an inspiration for my firefighter, I did imagine him as one. I'd like to see him do a movie as a fireman. That would be sweet! Veronica
  5. Regency

    Me again...

    Glad to hear your test came back negative, Swannie. Hope they find out what's going on with you. Take care, Veronica
  6. Does anyone know where I can find the clip of Gerry and Jimmy Fallon singing Roadhouse Blues??? I've done search engines, checked Youtube, gb.net, nbc.com. Nothing! I swear it's lost in cyberspace! Thanks, Veronica Edited to add: Never mind, I found it on here under downloads!
  7. Nice pictures - just feel bad he has to be accosted by the paparazzi every time he goes out. Could you imagine that?
  8. Thanks, Sue! I appreciate you reading it and providing feedback! I know what you mean about imagining Gerry. The fellow in my childhood nightmare reminded me of Bela Lugosi! Not good! I'm glad you liked it! Veronica
  9. Here's a little sample of my writing - I got the idea from the Writer's Digest Weekly Writing Prompt and a dream that I had as a child. Halloween may be past, but I thought it was worth sharing. http://veronicarwinters.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-never-ending-dream.html Enjoy! Veronica
  10. Here I was, afraid to say anything about his hair because I feared being lynched, so I suffered in silence. And here I find I am not alone! I don't mind him growing out his hair, but that darn sea water lightened it! I've been waiting for the day of change and it's finally arrived. It's nice to have Gerry back! Regency
  11. Welcome to GALS Regency :)

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