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  1. Hey Barbara, I'm sorry we lost touch. I'm mostly on Facebook site but I wanted to send you best wishes and prayers. I was sick in November 2020 spent week in hospital. No fun Luv you Bea
  2. Bea

    Table Sponsorships

    Thanks Kristine, I did not understand the rules I was reading to fast. I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job as always Bea
  3. Bea

    Table Sponsorships

    I still dont see my sponsership dont forget me. Did you get my mom's picture I sent to you gmail account Bea
  4. hi Barb, Wow this was hard to find but I promised to visit...... Love the topic will be back soon. See ya in vegas
  5. The Lion King sounds great Balloon ummmm I will have to think about it fear of heights!!
  6. Bea

    Gamer DVD

    The extras are on the blue Ray also
  7. Bea

    Gamer DVD

    I must confess when I saw Gamer in the theater I didn't it. But like Lisa I put on the subtitles and I understood the movie better. I was excited to be loving the movie. Gerry is great in this. He goes thru so many emotions and they all are conveyed by his beautiful Eyes like no one else. I can't wait too watch it again!! And the extras OMG hilarious I don't know if I was excited or scared his clothes might fall off!!
  8. I don't believe I have any more words I could add to encourage everyone to come to our little Vegas getogethers... I too had never been on a plane by myself or traveled anywhere alone. Until a few years before I had been the main care giver to my parents and after they were gone I became depressed and anxious. Discovering Gerry in Phantom opened a whole new world for me and brought me here to GALS. I am still prone to panic attacks but I try to control them and being with all my friends online and in our GB adventures gives me alot of pleasure. I did make a video of the first convention in '06 when we had the pleasure of a visit from the Man himself. http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c291/ger...rry_0001wmv.flv
  9. After reading all of these I had almost all the same feelings as I watched POTO. Admiration, passion and a little sadness. Holly as Lisa said at the LAC premiere Gerry was on and had a wonderful exchange with us. At Craigs, and Leno again he was on... I have been curious about your time with him because you have said in your routines what you would like to say to him. I get the feeling you did not and I am really sad about that. I think if he would have heard your passion he would have felt better. We can not know what was going on with him that night I just hope he knows how much we support him. All I can say for myself with a bit of humor. My GB relationship is the longest one I have had in all my life LOL!!! But, I believe it is because of all the friendships I have made here. As the "main" man in my life he has not disappointed me and I hope to keep it that way by realizing he is only ours thru the movies he makes and the precious moments we are in his company.
  10. I am gonna see it again tomorrow
  11. Why do I love Gerry... Let me count the ways Gerry came in to my life at a very crucial time in my life. I had been very lonely and depressed since my mothers death. When I first saw Gerry as the Phantom on Mother's day weekend 2005 (coincidence). My whole world changed. I immediatly got online and looked him up. I found a world of Gerry Juice!!! I learned how to make music videos and I joined a whole group of ladies who loved him too. I had never traveled on my own and I came to Vegas on a plane by myself and later went to Scotland.... The rift between my sister and I healed due to the fact we both admired Gerry. Gerry, thank you. My whole life changed for the better. I have lots of friends now and I have places to go and people to see. Happy Birthday Gerry, You have brought me to life
  12. I will be there it is my birthday gift to me!!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes
  13. Hi Susan, Count me in I will mail the check today. This is just for the dinner right? I still have to pay for the movie separatly?
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