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  1. I have no idea what I'm going to wear. I hope by then I'll be a smaller size, so it wont do me a bit of good shopping yet.
  2. The pics from Comic Con..... OMFB! He's back to the shaved head look! Not GAL DOWN...... PAM DOWN! PAM DOWN!
  3. OMG.... Meeeee toooooo! I had to go directly to work from Vegas so I didn't get to unpack my big suitcase. I just took stuff out and washed clothes as needed. It's still sitting here... packed. I suppose I should actually do that today. I think its some subconscious way of not wanting Vegas to actually be over. Yep, I definitely have PVB. I miss laying out in the sun. I miss getting dressed up at night. I miss dancing. I miss everybody! I miss not having Lish and Sporran to wake up to laughing about something or other. I miss getting cute boys for Lish. I don't seem to want to w
  4. As a 3rd year alumni, I have to admit that the conventions keep getting better and better. This year, I was so blessed by finally meeting my sister, Lish! Do you know we have been friends for almost 4 years, talking on the phone 4-5 times a week, and we finally met in person at the convention? I just bawled seeing her arrive and bawled again when she left. I will definitely be coming out to Iowa, my Lish, so I can meet my nephew Brayan too. Sporran, roomie extraordinaire, it was great to spend time with you too. I spent most of my afternoons out at the pool, and I loved being with Lish
  5. One thing I was wondering was how long ago the original story happened? Was it back when he was a nobody, or now... oozing his uber hotness? Silly girl.
  6. Swannie, SURE! Give me one more reason to cry when I hear you sing. Fantastic job. The weekend was a spiritual inspiration for all of us. Love You!
  7. Hello to all my GALS. I waited until the last possible moment, hoping we'd get a few more interested in seeing Chippendales, but since there are only 12 of us, the Mod Squad has decided that there aren't enough people to warrant going through all the trouble of getting and arranging group tickets. If you'd like to still attend the show that night, you will have to contact the box office and purchase your own tickets. Pam
  8. Swannie, please tell Nathan I'm proud of him. I truly see him making it big very soon. Hugs to you both. Pam
  9. Oh Lish, I added your name to the list too. You ARE going as well. Come on GALS, who wants to go to Chippendales? I think you have to have at least 10 people to get group rates. 1. Football Princess (Pam) 2. redroseblackribbon (Amy) 3. lugerry (Barbara) 4. Poppy (Linda) 5. Deetz (Donna) 6. Cleobethra (Bethy) 7. Framolamdu(Moira) 8. Susan~Sporran 9. Lish (Lish)
  10. Bethy, I'm putting you on the list cuz you don't have a choice Darlin! Seeing Jace and Nathan just wouldn't be the same without you. 1. Football Princess (Pam) 2. redroseblackribbon (Amy) 3. lugerry (Barbara) 4. Poppy (Linda) 5. Deetz (Donna) 6. Cleobethra (Bethy)
  11. Attention any GALS who are going to the Vegas Convention: A bunch of us are reeeeallllyy in the mood to go to Chippendales. I'm going to get an unofficial count of how many of us are interested in going. It's not an official GALS sponsored event, but if you'd like to go, I'll arrange for group tickets. We are shooting for Thursday, June 12, the late show which usually starts at 10:30 pm. I know some people have had things come up and won't be attending the convention any more, so I'm just getting a head count so we know how many people I'm getting tickets for. When I know, I'll post how
  12. You know what I love? That we all read the same article and are all thinking the same wonderful things, making our hearts melt, and that I'm not alone in my Gerry-dom. YOU ALL GET IT!
  13. Loved the reference on dealing with the middle east.
  14. I suppose that's better than the other way around. Oh Geez! You're absolutely right!
  15. Alice, I was thinking the exact same thing when I was reading it. They didn't mention 300 again. Hmmm, in MY mind being on the naughty list was because of all the six-pack eye candy. Yep, sure enough, verra verra naughty thoughts there...... :tasty:
  16. Have you ever noticed how Gerry, sometimes in interviews, doesn't quite finish a thought? I think his brain moves so fast his mouth can't catch up. (Now THAT took me to a unique place in my gutter mind)
  17. That's OK snowbunny, I was just reading that thread, so your comment went right along with my thoughts. Something else I just realized-- James Marsters of Buffy the Vampire fame is in PS I Love You. This movie just keeps getting better and better.
  18. GALS, all you have to do is watch the scene in 300 where Gerry is eating the apple, to know the man CAN do comedy, and is dang good at it!
  19. Well said, Zany Dear. Gerry, if you want my 2 cents, here it is. When you meet the right person, somehow the mountains that seem to be in the way become little molehills. I'm trusting myself to take my own advice. I've got a huge list of qualities I want my next man to be, and sometimes I honestly think there isn't anyone out there that fits the mold... too many obstacles to be overcome. When I start feeling like that, I take a deep breath, enjoy the wonderful friendships I've been lucky enough to make, and I feel grateful for all that I have been given. I take the future and put it all
  20. I'm with you Moonie! All I could think about was being smack dab in the middle.... :tasty: and I see that I'm not the only GAL thinking on those lines. Sheesh, do WE all think alike or what!
  21. Oh be still my heart! I adore Milo, as I'm also a huge Heroes fan. This is fantastic news!
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