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  1. Ahh Mike...you just have to hand out numbers LOL yeah, even better idea. i will ask the front desk for 100 copies of a key to MY room and we will put one each in the "welcome" goodie bags!
  2. that's right. don't adjust your set< this is not a trick. big mike is actually making a post after about a year. it might be another year before i get on again, so take a picture.
  3. where can i get a list of all the ladies who are going to be there? (and their room numbers)
  4. one of my favorite memories of last year's Con was someone paying me good money to give Landa a Lap-dance but she wouldn't sit still for it. she ran around the convention hall squeeling and giggling like a school girl.
  5. Libby, Holly has promised my body to susan sporan. I am scheduled to be her personal slave and pack mule. hopefully, she will spank me. but if you see me standing around and you need something done, i am at your beckon call
  6. Big Mike


    Can i solicit some GALS for roomates?
  7. I'll push you around, mare.
  8. That's 150 days! YEP, I counted! What am I gonna wear?? I know what i am going to wear. the only question, is SPOT going to let me wear undies under the kilt. i tried to go comando as long as i could last year, but a man my size starts to chafe after a while. KB, i'll give you a pigy back ride if you wear your ropers. but leave the spurs at home.
  9. Maybe i should start a thread just for this topic, but i am looking into things for guys to do if i get a big enough group of PALS going to Vegas. I am already going to play golf, obviously we could all go hit the tables and there are always some of the finer establishments in the world for gentlemanly entertainment. But there are other things like a place where you can go shoot full automatic machine guns as well as skeet shooting. we can even go repelling and/or rock climbing. I know i am not built for it, but i am game for anything.
  10. I am already making plans for 09!! I am hoping we go see 300 in the theater. If we do, i am going to invite all the hubbies to sit in one row together. We will cheer like crazy for the oracle and the queen getting nakie. And i will bring magaritas and we will have a drinking game where everyone has to take a drink everytime there is blood splatter!
  11. none of the guys at work believe me when i tell them that i was getting paid for lap dances. Go figure! if anyone has pics, i need them!
  12. Big Mike

    post Vegas Blues

    Well, apparently, the Post Vegas Blues are not gender specific. I have a full blown case. My research indicates that the symptoms differ slightly for men. I have not been weepy or inconsolably depressed. But I have been totally unable to focus on my normal daily tasks or pay attention in meetings when I needed to. Several times today, co-workers caught me staring blankly at a wall with a silly grin on my face. Also, I seem to find GALS related topics everywhere I look. When reading an e-mail from my boss in regard to his Personal Time Off schedule (PTO) I kept seeing POTO in my mind
  13. OK, I paid for 14 spots out of my own pocket. I only counted 12 people on the list, but i guess Binks had two more people in mind. Anyway, you all owe me 50 bucks! i will get what is coming to me, THE EASY WAY, OR THE HARD WAY.
  14. I'm in Jenny. i'm sure you are faster / better jogger than me, but i'll try to keep up.




    Love ya my friend!

    zany xoxo

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