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    READING – Books are my passion. I read every chance I get. I’m into romance novels mostly but I do enjoy the Harry Potter series and stories of it's kind. My favoite author is NORA ROBERTS. I read as many of her book that I get my hands on.

    MUSIC – I find pleasure in all forms of music from all over the world. I enjoy everything from Chopin to Metallica to Garth Brooks. I am also starting to get into talk radio.

    MOVIES/TV - The greatest invention in my eyes was the motion picture. I can’t get enough of movies both on the big and small screens. I LOVE all things SCI-FI =time travel to vampires to alien to ghosts- I love it all. I also am intrigued by mysteries – the WHO DONE IT. I like nothing better than to try to solve the crime before the good guys do. And being a GIRL I also get a giggle out of chick flicks- it fits in with my reading preferences nicely.

    FOOD – Being a culinary major has it’s own rewards. I love food so I get to try all kinds. I have to say though my favorites are Chinese food and pasta- all kinds.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that the sixth one is out in The Phoenix of the Opera series. If you have a chance, join my group page at Facebook. It's Sadie Montgomery The Phoenix of the Opera series.

    Cheers, Sadie

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