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  1. I just have to figure out who can do payroll on Wednesday so that I can get there earlier. I don't have a back up...which is stupid, I think! I used to, but she got laid off two years ago and she's headed to UC Santa Cruz in September (it was my little sis).

    Early checks maybe? Hmm...



    Hey Alice,

    I, too, do payroll on Wednesday and when I take vacation, I run payroll early and estimate each person's time and give the checks to the Office Administrator so she can give out the checks on payday. Of course, when I return I have to check the actual time worked from that week and the time for the new payday. Yuch!!! But, it's worth it because I'd never get a full week off if I didn't do it this way. No one's complained yet. I can't think of anything worth more than making everything work out so I can be at the con and Vegas. There are so places to see there and I hope to do more next year.

    I came in on Wednesday and left on Monday, but I'm thinking of Tuesday, too, just to give me an extra day.

    Please entertain us with another dance. Your hula was amazing and the song was so beautiful.


  2. Dang, Susan, I wish you'd hollered. I had a little tool kit with me, and I always include a level! I also had wire, tacks, floral tape and a wee hammer! Anyway, my tool kit and I ditto Swan. If you need help, please call on me!


    Susan, this is true. I never saw anyone so prepared for anything as Suzie was. The only thing she didn't have with her was dental floss!!!!

    Next year, or during the coming year, just let me know what you, or anyone else, need help with. I'm semi-retired and have lots of extra time and will be glad to help out.

    All the suggestions are great. Also, I agree with Swannie, Pam should be our unofficial official hostess. She is so full of energy.

    The mods and admins did a fantastic job..what is the saying? Grace under fire!!! The con was so much more than I had expected. GREAT JOB!



  3. As WE all know, Gerry has been flying under the radar of hollywood hotness for quite some time. The more movies that come out, the more popular and A-list the man will be. Is he hotter than Matthew McConnohhowdoyouspellit? YES! Ask any GAL and we will tell you that. He's just less well known at the moment.

    Gerry is WAY hotter than Matthew...WAY hotter than anyone mentioned. By the way, I guess I'm feeling my age because there are 5 names on the list that I do not know - NO CLUE!!!

    And it's about time the People people woke up. I haven't spent a dime on People in several years because of their apparent ban on Gerry, but I will buy this issue.

    Hi Pam. :wave: Glad to see you've "recovered" from Vegas.


  4. I'm going to admit to a "blonde" moment (and since I am a blonde - or not-so-much blonde anymore - it's OK). I nearly posted the question"What channel are they on?" :doh: Hmmmm...The MTV Movie Awards, wonder what channel they are on? :doh: Do I need to ask who is buried in Grant's Tomb as well??? :doh:


    :doh: That would be Cary Grant. Right? (Am I a blonde? I was when I was much younger and I will be again tomorrow!!)

    I love Gerry's answer....run and outta there!!! Don't you just love this man???


  5. I went on line to McCarran Airport and got the following info:

    You can enjoy Flamingo's renowned service the moment you step off your plane. By utilizing the Caesars hotel check-in facility at McCarran you can check into your room and receive your room key - all before leaving the airport. Our airport check-in facility is located near Carousel One in the south half of the main baggage claim area, within close proximity of the exits from Terminals C and D. (I don't know if this check-in will work for us since we're trying to stay in rooms as close to each other as possible. But, the hotel transportation should be great - and cheap compared to the other options.)


    Expeditious check-in

    Transportation to the hotel is available via shuttle. The cost is $7.00 per person one-way and $14.00 per person round trip. You may charge this to your room upon check-in at the airport.

    Hours of Operation: 10AM to 10PM daily


  6. TERRIFIC!!! OK!!! WOW!!!

    My co-workers came running when I yelled....I was having trouble catching my breath, so one had to bring me a glass of water!!!!!

    This is just soooooo fookin' spectacular!!!

    Gerry following in Sean's footsteps (well, Sean's Oscar-winning role) - How great is that??

    GO GERRY!!

    Hey Alice.... :mopboyjackie: did I get your attention? I just mailed my letter with my gift yesterday, can you toss the letter and I'll get another in the mail tomorrow?


  7. Susan,

    Mailed today!!! Sending DVDs, CD, and a "special" gift card. Also, please be sure and read note.

    Wish I could be there to help because I love working with gift baskets!


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