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  1. I am amazed that the woman in the row in front of Gerry is actually watching the game! I would not have known what was going on in the room except that Gerard Butler was within touching distance!!!!! Heaven at a hockey game --- who would have guessed?? :tasty: Dee
  2. Libby Since we all "arrive" at LV within about 20 minutes of each other (you and Connie, Bonnie and Nathan, and me) we could all meet at the baggage pick up. A limo would be great because it's not that much more expensive than a taxi. Also, some hotels have vans at the airport. Talk to ya later. Dee
  3. Oh, I hate to admit it, but this is exactly how I feel. My fantasies of Gerry run the gamut from friend to lover. Susan - I love the word dichotomy: something with seemingly contradictory qualities. Does this describe our boy or not? Dee
  4. Not working for me today, either. Worked fine yesterday. Dee
  5. I've read this about 5 times and I am amazed and astounded that you can get everything in a carry-on. My 2 large suitcases will be FULL!!! How do you do it? Dee
  6. I quit buying this mag a long time ago. I honestly believe someone or several someones at People don't like Gerry for some reason, so they go out of their way to ignore him. Well, it's their loss...money-wise. Hey, People, just think of the tens of thousands of fans who would buy your mag if Gerry was in it. Dee
  7. OK. After my cold shower and 2 days to think about it, I've made a decision. I flipped a coin. Heads for Sly, tails for Julian. Both are drool worthy. :tasty: Julian won. Dee
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. This :funnyabove: has always bothered me, too. Christine and Raoul are running up the stairs to the roof to hide and her hair is flowing and all around her face, but when she steps out onto the roof, her hair is neatly pulled back! When invited to a ball where the dress is black, white, silver, and gold, be sure and pick out a pink dress. And, yes, a movie CAN change your life. Dee
  10. Arrive June 6 at 1:10 PM Depart June 11 at 1:10 PM I got my ticket at Southwest.com. $165.58 round trip. With taxes it comes to $203.60. Since I didn't get to attend last year, I am soooo excited and can't wait to meet everyone. And meet again those I met in Austin last year and Addison this year. Dee
  11. Fluffer. Don't you just love that the word sounds exactly like what it does er, uh, means? Sue----sweet and innocent??? :angel2: Oh, I get it. You're describing me, right? Dee - Another member of "Over the Hill Dirty Old Ladies" Hi Sally...have fun! Rowdy...well-equipped? Oh yeah!
  12. Yes, Anna, these are my six choices, too!!!! Oh, I guess if we have to pick only one it would be: 1. Julian 1. Sly 1. Jason 1. Bill 1. Ozzie 1. CJ Sorry, can't seem to think right now. Be back in about 15 minutes. Dee
  13. What a perfect Christmas present and a belated (Dec. 13) birthday present, too. Alright, Gerry, way to go!!!! Dee
  14. Yes, Lois, he absolutely is the WHOLE package. Yes, Sweetie, you, you, you. I'm so happy for Gerry. So many wonderful things coming his way......and about time!!!! Dee
  15. Susan You are amazing. Thanks to you and thanks to your friend. And, of course, thanks to the Phantom actor/actors. A group shot would be great. Dee
  16. When I first saw this while watching a hockey game on tv, I just sat there with my mouth open. I think it is awesome. I don't know if awards are given for this type of ad/marketing, but it should get some sort of recognition. Dee
  17. I ordered two and received them last week, but the post office ruined them. They won't take all the blame. Told me the packaging was not sturdy enough. A round cardboard mailer just like the post office sells????? I am sooooo mad. Dee
  18. Beachie, you know you can always depend on a GAL to give an opinion!!! I also like the idea of the Z in designs. Dee
  19. Beachie, the word "jazzy" is perfect. I like JazzyDesigns. Dee
  20. Do I like this movie? Would I recommend it? YES!!! YES!!! The acting, cinematography, directing, music...superb. I'm going Saturday to see it for the 6th time, but first time for IMAX. One of the comments I've heard several times is that Gerry yells all his lines to his men and they're right beside him. Well, come on, he's talking to 300 soldiers. Would they all have heard him if he was speaking to them in a normal voice? I don't think so. This movie is way over the top, and perfect as far as I'm concerned. This young 61 year old GAL finally has a movie to praise, and it is far b
  21. Gerry's on top of the world right now and appears to be having a ball. We're probably going to see pictures of him with a different girl everyday from now on. (Kind of like a sailor with a girl in every port.) Go for the gusto, Gerry. You deserve it. Dee
  22. Finally found a dress that will hide my upper arms. (To make a long story short -- lost a lot of weight, but not the extra skin!!!) I do sew, but will not have the time, nor inclination, to make a dress, but I will probably change this one up a little. Kimber, I thought shoes would be easy, too, but I'm not having much luck. Try to find a 5 1/2 Wide in a Greek style sandals. Sue, I almost ordered your dress last week. Glad I didn't, we have a lot in common, but I don't think we want to go as twins!!! Dee edited to correct spelling!!
  23. Will be seeing it for the 6th time on Saturday (2nd time for IMAX). This movie is perfect for IMAX. And IMAX was made for Gerry!!! Dee
  24. I, too, had to learn these things little by little over several months after joining GALS. I'm not real good with a lot of info all at once -- call it Gerry Overload!!!!! :spontaneous: Susan, thanks for this resource, not only for the new GALS, but all of us old older GALS!!!! How about a mention of his favorite scents? Dee
  25. Hey Sue - Guess what? I'm a whole inch taller than you. I hope we don't get lost in our room in Vegas with our two 12" tall roomies - Gerry & Scotty. Dee
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