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  1. Voted. I must say that the pictures of Gerry and Russell are HOT!!!! Dee
  2. Stef -- I am always in awe of what you do. Don't think you have to apologize about something that was obviously not your fault. I've said this before - you are amazing. Dee
  3. On tonight 10pm Central The History Channel "The 300" Examining the film "300" This was on earlier this month and it was really good. This is not the retelling of 300 that the history channel has had on this month, but OUR "300"!!!! Edited to say Thanks Stef. Gerry on 3 times this week???? Dee
  4. Thanks, Swannie. I needed that!!! Dee
  5. I just e-mailed my review of EW's review!! The reviewer probably won't "get" my letter, just like he didn't "get" the movie. What can we expect? (When your elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor.........) I was going to send an e-mail to People Magazine, but I didn't want them to think I had spent my money on their stupid mag!! I haven't bought one or read one in years. So far, it looks as if the bad reviews aren't hurting the movie. I've heard that the theaters around my area are still showing to full houses. I'm going again tomorrow evening so I'll see for myself. Dee
  6. WOW Connie posted!!!! Come on, girl, keep it up. Had a great time in Dallas. Kristine, I wasn't going to attend Medieval Times, but you made it a blast!!!! Thanks, Binkie, for all you did. And thanks to everyone who made this a memorable weekend. Dee
  7. Swannie and Sally, save a seat for me and I'll supply the popcorn!!!!!! I am more than ready for this fantastic ride. Dee
  8. Wow, Ashley. I'm sitting at my desk at work and tears are rolling down my face. My co-workers are just staring at me!! What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing. Dee
  9. For me Gerry is the epitome of imperfect perfection. I love him just the way he is....wouldn't want to change a thing about him. What a MAN!!!! Dee
  10. As one of the above mentioned "older" fans, I agree wholeheartedly. We know how much you appreciate your fans and want to give of yourself, but we understand that it is going to be more difficult. We love you and we appreciate you! Dee
  11. This was my choice, too. I guess we "old" GALS think alike!!!!! :spontaneous: I see this happening all over the theater....maybe we should take a fire-extinguisher with us. And probably several of these: 13 days and counting down. Dee
  12. Bethy - please sign me up. With the basics, maybe I can figure out the rest. I'm just not a very computer friendly GAL!! Dee
  13. Libby, I also hope Vegas will push Connie over the edge!!!! She's already crazy and a lot of fun to be with, so she will fit in just perfectly with all the GALS. She already has my admiration because she loves to play the slots as much as I do!!!!! Maybe we can get her up on the stage with the Chippies (Oh, I forgot, you're the one that lap-danced with Englebert.) Dee
  14. Xan and Alice.... I bought 5 copies of MH and I saw 3 copies at Kroger yesterday. I'll be happy to mail a copy to anyone having trouble finding one. Dee
  15. And gorgeous, breathtaking, sexy, delicious, wonderful, beautiful, cute, darling, and just WOW!!!! And, those eyes.....my-oh-my!!!! (My co-worker is watching me, and shaking her head, as I melt and slip from my chair.) Swannie. Dee
  16. Susan - your review only makes me want to see it NOW. I was afraid I would have to see it alone, but I'll be with the group in Dallas. 26 days? How will I make it?? (And I will have a big box of tissues with me...I get verrry emotional.) Dee Edit - I wonder what happened to Dayna's quote? As per usual, I did something wrong!!! admin edit - I fixed the quote for you, Dee
  17. Bethy, I sent you a PM a week or so ago to let you know we (Libby, Connie, and I) would pick you up at the airport. Let us know your flight schedule and we will take care of you!!! We are so excited you are joining us crazy Texans. Luv, Dee
  18. Susan, I just got an e-mail from Sue about this. Please add me to the $119 list. Check will be sent Monday. Can I be with Sue (Texas Gramma) & Lady Elissa, or Libby (Touchmetrustme) and Connie? Thanks Dee
  19. Betts - WOW. Thanks for the info. The guy in the commercial sure does look like Gerry. Have you noticed that we've all gone over the edge a little while we "patiently" wait for "300"? I have the feeling we all need to invest in Valium!!!! Can't you just see the headlines - Valium stock rises "300" %. (LMAO) I think I'll call my doctor and ask if I can take my Valium with Gerry Juice!!!!!!!! Dee
  20. Sue - my doctor told me that nicotine addiction is harder to get over than cocaine addiction. I'm so very proud of you, and Erica, too. If your doctor is talking about Chantix, I can recommend it. It's expensive, but worth every penny. Over the years, I've tried everything on the market...even hypnosis. After my heart attack last August, I had to quit, so my doctor talked to me about this new "miracle" drug....and for me it has been a miracle. And I was also able to stay on my diet. Please keep trying. If you need another GAL to talk with, please PM me. We are ALL here for you...and
  21. I've been away for 10 days and I'll never get caught up. I'll be back by the end of January. This is always my busiest time at work...closing December, closing the year, and starting a new year, W'2's, 1099's, and contribution statements. HELP!!! You all have been in my thoughts and prayers. I just want to brag a little...I have made my 100# weight loss goal. My next goal is the last 30#...please keep me in your prayers. I'll be checking in as I can. Hope everyone is having a great 2007. :hugsnkisses: Dee
  22. I forgot to add my favorite Gerry in a kilt pic. Not, pink, but very hot. Here's one of Sean. Still looking good!!
  23. I had hoped to post at midnight, but I will probably fall asleep before then, so... To all my GALS and PALS: This was me during my party years! Be safe, and come back to the forums NEXT YEAR. Still my fave: Love to all. Dee
  24. Been away for a day and a half and had 4 pages to catch up on! Anna - loved the kilt poem. You have a treasure trove of great poems and I've enjoyed them all. Erica - I am so proud of you. You've got it made now. Sue - You can do it, too. I was a pack and a half to two packs a day smoker until my heart attack on Aug. 31. It's been 4 months now and I feel sooo much better. There are times when I think I really want a ciggy, but it passes. The cherry flavored Commit lozenges help. Cassie - what an adorable story about your son. Your husband is a sweetie. to all who are hav
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