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  1. What a day!!! Thanks for all the gorgeous Gerry pics. I needed them. Cassie and Irene - what adorable boys. I bet they're ready for Santa. Erica - Look for a PM. Katie - thanks for the poem. I miss my Mom and Dad so much during the holidays. I have received so many beautiful cards and everyone has a handwritten message. All you GALS keep me going day to day. Whatever you celebrate this time of year may you and your family and friends enjoy this time together. Love and hugs, Dee
  2. I found the above picture and this one on GB.net. This one is listed as "cast" and captioned as Jennifer Esposito and Danny Masterson with Gerard Butler. Is this the same girl? Dee
  3. Isn't she one of the D2K actresses? Thought I read that somewhere. Anyway, she IS a lucky girl. Dee
  4. A friend from England sent me a copy of the last 4 episodes of Lucy Sullivan. The sound is awful, and the first 30 minutes is very grainy, but I enjoyed watching. Gus is a womanizer, and the kind of guy our mothers warned us about. But, he is so gorgeous!!! I watched it this past weekend along with JOTS, and Fast Food (bought these 2 from E-bay) and I hope someone who has seen Fast Food can explain this movie to me. I just don't get it!! Keep trying, Patsy. I would love to see the whole series. Dee
  5. Love the screen caps. Gerry is such a tease. Can't help but love him. Thanks Barb. Dee
  6. Dawn - you and your son are in my prayers. There has got to be some medication, diet, etc. for a young boy. The Imetrex (thanks Irene, I could not think of the name) works for a lot of people, but it made me feel like a zombie. Marianne - praying for you and Andreas. Hope he's better soon. Erica - I am so proud of you. I just remembered this emoticon my cousin sent me a few months ago. Dee
  7. Irene - sorry, I somehow missed your post about the contest. Congratulations. Dee
  8. Sue, I like Irene's suggestion: Gerard Butler..He's the Real Thing. I also like both of yours. Decisions...decisions. OK, now where are you getting the frames? You find the most wonderful internet sites. Dee PS. Scotty's shoes came today, but I haven't had a chance to try them yet.
  9. Swannie, Your husband is amazing; one-of-a-kind. I do so wish there were more like him around. Dee
  10. Carolyn - Wow! Wonderful news. Erica - Way to go girl. One week down. I am so very proud of you. Keep it up. Finished my gift buying today. Must have been the right day to go to the mall. No long lines, no shoving, no pushing, no screaming kids...makes me wonder what plant our mall is on!!! Received my charms that I ordered from Annette. She does beautiful work. I already have a bracelet, but these charms aren't going to fit so it looks like Santa is going to have to get me another bracelet. Be back later. Dee
  11. :dance: :dance2: Way to go Erica. Suz - Prayers for you and your family and especially for your Mom. Lish - glad you had a good time and that you're home safe and sound. Fran - vent all you want. I've seen Hilary twice lately and she did not mention PSILY on either show. On my way back to the office for our office party. Always a snoozer!! (Need a yawn emoticon.) Dee
  12. Pilar... thanks for the pics. Can't get enough of those legs - - looking at them, I mean!! To all the newbies Erica...you are in my thoughts everyday. Remember: YOU CAN DO IT!!! Leslie...visited your blog. I will be back! Bethy...wonderful license plate. I want one, I want one!! Mel...congrats on the high grade for your play. Wish I could have seen it. Hobbes...I, too, have e-mailed Craig. Maybe one day he'll read one on the air. Swannie & Susan...loved your reactions to my favorite pic. (Swannie, hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fainted.) That was the cover for The Ne
  13. Debbie, I think we may survive the movie IF we can survive until March!!! I hate for time to pass by so quickly, but in this case I can hardly wait. I've watched this trailer about six times so far!!! This movie is going to be fabulous... and Gerry? There are no words in the dictionary to describe him and his talents. Dee Oh, Debbie...love your siggy. Those are two of my favorite scruffy pics.
  14. Just a quick drive by. I'm at work and this is our open house day. Welcome Shimmer. Love your name. You seem pretty addicted already. Join in the fun!! Here's my verrrry favorite and it's black & white. I have the magazine with this picture on the cover. It is my pride and joy!!! Love to all my GALS. :tree: Dee
  15. Cassie - Good luck on your new job. HR? Yes, been there, done that. I hated it, too. So, I tried running my own antique business for a while. Some people make good money, but I was not one of them. So, I moved on to bookkeeping about 16 years ago. Love it!! Hobbes - love your pressie. With Barb's help I think I can do this now....so here's my verrrrry favorite pic. That mouth...those eyes...that look that says "Yes, I know I'm sexy!" :rudolph2: :stocking: Dee Barb...I did it! :yippee: Thanks so much.
  16. Shan, What wonderful news. It seems this time of year more miracles happen than any other time. Hooray for you. Dee
  17. Congratulations Barb, Holly, Jill, Susan and Katie. You already do an excellent job, don't see how you can get any better!!! Don't pay any attention to Hobbes and KB. They're just worried about the extra eyes that will be on them in the gutter. LOL Dee
  18. test test test Barb, you are a genius. I was using the little tree to insert. Boy I never would have figured that one out. Give me a finance program and I can have it up and running in no time flat. But, I'm handicapped on anything else. Thank you for being so patient with me. I owe you. Have a terrific holiday.
  19. Well, I tried it again. Followed directions step by step. Am still getting the error message: Sorry, dynamic pages in the This looks different than yours. I don't see that beginning on yours. Could this be the tag that the error message is talking about? I just hate being so computer-stupid!! Dee Am sending you a PM with my Photobucket user name and password. Maybe you can see something I'm missing.
  20. What a day!! I'm off today and have worked harder than if I had been at the office. Getting my house all decorated and shopping and baking. Yesterday we had 2,97? something members. Last night we had 2,945 and today 2,944. Are we going backwards?? There goes my timer. Be back later. Hoping Barb can figure out my problem with posting pics. Dee
  21. Here's what I get when I choose IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards-recommended: then copy, then paste. Then I tried preview post. I got the following: Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed. Barb, I guess I still haven't got it!!!! Sorry. Dee Edit: I've tried several pictures, and I get the same message.
  22. Barb, I'm at work and I will try your instructions when I get home. I'm usually good at following instructions, however it took me almost an hour to get my Xmas siggy and avatar up!!!! Thanks. Dee
  23. When in "reply" I've tried to show a picture, but all that shows up is the URL. Help! And remember I'm computer Dee
  24. Barb - I don't remember the taxi-driver part...I thought he was a limousine driver. (In the movie, not the book.) Dee
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