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  1. Must be something in the air (Christmas?) because everyone seems so happy and in a good mood today. And, yes, I love being an "Auntie" and spoiling the little ones. My cousin says that Leslie (she's 6 months old) has to be de-auntied everytime I leave!!!LOL My house is clean and ready for decorating. Hoping to get to the store room this afternoon and bringing all my Christmas boxes to the house; empty them, then take the empty boxes back to the store room. Wait - does this sound like fun or work??? Wish I had a Gerry Xmas CD to listen to while decorating. Guess I'll have to settle for El
  2. Lish I am so happy for you. I was not blessed with children, and it never really bothered me. But, now that my cousins and friends are grandparents, I realize I'm missing out. So, I've become "Auntie" Dee to 8 little ones!! Congratulations to you and your hubby. You'll be in my prayers. Dee
  3. Dana Welcome to GALS. You will love it here. And feel free to gush about our Gerry. It's what we live for!!!! Dee
  4. Susan, I agree with you 100%. I only listen to what the critics say so that I will know what movies to see...if they pan a movie, then I know I will more than likely enjoy it!! I really like Michael Crawford. I've seen him in POTO and in Vegas (the name of the show escapes me right now) and I think he's a great actor. However, I've never been crazy about his singing voice, but it works well for the stage. Dee
  5. Hope this gets some GALS attention..LOL. Hilary and Harry Connick Jr are supposed to the on Insider today to talk about PS.ILY. Comes on here at 3pm Central, so I won't get to see it. Hope someone can watch it and report back. Carolyn - My aunt went through a similar procedure. Her thoughts were the same as yours, but it worked. However, it took about 2 weeks, and she was in pain almost the whole time. Hopefully, this won't be happening to you. You will be in my prayers. Dee
  6. Hello to everyone. Suz - praying for you, your Mom, and your family. Hobbes - great pics. Thanks. Isabella - hope you feel better soon. Elissa - Don't want to be a tattler, but I heard there was a wild party at your house while you were away!! Went shopping at Macy's after work. Bought a new dress, some blouses, and a new coat (which will be my Christmas present from my aunt) and........a sampler of 5 scents of Burberry. The cutest bear came with the purchase! I had never smelled Burberry before and love them all!!! :xmas: Dee
  7. For those who get @MAX on cable...POTO is on at 10PM Central. :erikicon: I'm usually off on Tuesday, but have to work tomorrow. Going to bed and watch POTO. I'll probably fall asleep, but maybe I'll have Gerry-dreams!!! Luv ya all. Dee
  8. Hobbes, How in the world did I miss that? Must have been having a senior moment!!! I was worried about you...should have been worried about me. LOL Dee
  9. :yippee: What a wonderful Mom you have. She is a very special GAL. Welcome afreakforGerry. Hobbes, are you okay? Where's your Favorite Pic? Did you forget??????? Dee
  10. Leslie - Welcome. You will love it here. This is the best of the best. All the GALS & PALS are terrific. I only want to add...just don't do what I did. I lurked for months before posting. This is the first on-line fan club, or any kind of club, that I have joined and was a little leery. I wish now I had just jumped right in because I've had a ball. For me, the support center is the best place to get to know everyone. I hope the TX in your name means you are from Texas. We need all the Texas GALS we can get!! Enjoy. Dee
  11. Celine & Risa - thanks for the play by play. Wish I was there. Irene - Debbie - love the pic of your family doing the Phantom thing. What a wonderful tradition. Isabella - I, too, do most of my shopping on-line. Just can't take the crowds. Anna - good to see you back. Hugs to you and MacWilley. Hi to my dear friend Libby. I know you're loving having your grandkids with you. Oh, there goes my timer...making my cousin's fave cookies for her birthday. Be back later. :ornament: (Love the new emoticons.) Dee
  12. Thanks Celine for letting us know you arrived safely. And thanks Risa for confirming. Sounds like your adventures have already started. Please keep us informed. Have a blast. Dee
  13. Hi Risa...you are still in my prayers. Thanks for the Marek pics. Love them. I hope you and Celine have a fun-filled weekend. Cheri...what beautiful sentiments. Swannie...you always know the right words to say. You and your family are such an inspiration. Since my heart attack a couple of months ago, I find I am grateful and thankful everyday for everything and everyone. Hope all of you had, or are still having, a great Thanksgiving. Love ya, Dee
  14. To all my Gals and Pals: Have a fun-filled Thanksgiving, and lots of good food, parades, football and whatever makes you happy. Take care and be safe. Bethy, I've made 2 casseroles, and 2 cakes and a pie (all from scratch...my family hates storebought on holidays!!), and breadsticks. Oh, and a ham because we don't really care for turkey. Can I send you something to take to your Father's house? If all a woman needed to know was how to cook to get a husband, I would have been married a dozen times...no thank you, I enjoy my life too much to clutter it up!!!! (However, if Gerry needs a l
  15. Risa, As always, I love your pics. Sorry you're not 110%. And, Anna, so glad to see you back. :hugsnkisses: to you and MacWilley. Bethy, your siggie is awesome, but your new slice is Dee
  16. Bella - How have I missed the fact that you are in the military? How exciting!! I wish you a very birthday tomorrow. Luv your Top 10 list. Dee
  17. Eva Mari - just staring at your avatar is a verra nice way to kill time. I still get the giggles about our previous conversations about it. Dee
  18. Great ending to a great movie. Very well done, Irene. You are a very talented lady. Dee
  19. HELP!!! Wrath of Gods, parts 1 & 2, will be seen on CBC. Can someone tell me what CBC is? Thanks. Dee Betts - your calendar only has you & Gerry together on Mon., Wed., Fri. Are you resting-up the other days?
  20. :headspin: :yippee: Gerry, You are loved and admired by so many fans who are enjoying watching your dreams come true. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it. Have a splendid day. Dee
  21. I've stared at that avatar until I'm about crazed. I, too would like to discuss it. (Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?) Dee
  22. Betts...I care. Your GALS love ya! Hope tomorrow is better for you. Dee
  23. Zappos is great for shoes. I wear a 5 1/2 W, and Zappos is about the only place I can find this size. Silhouettes is also one of my favorites. They have beautiful blouses. I've lost almost 90 pounds in the last year and a half and I need to lose at least 25 more. Right now I don't have a clue what size I wear. My closet has had 24's all the way down to 10's. I just gave away everything 14 and up, so my closet is pretty bare. On-line shopping here I come!!! :yippee: Thanks for this thread. I am excited about trying all these new on-line stores. Oh, for good prices on drug sto
  24. I can not get the Will Farrell POTO link to play. Anyone else having this problem? I really want to see it. Several people called me to talk about it after seeing it on Letterman. I very seldom watch Letterman and I just do not like Farrell. Help?? Never mind...caught it on YouTube. I laughed so hard, I got the hiccups!! Dee Testosterone? So, that's what I was smelling!!!!
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